Wildling Partner

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Wildling Partner
Wildling Partner.png
Characters: Murro

Wildling Partner is an external trait in Identity V Identity v.png. This trait is unique to the Wildling.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Growing up in the jungle,Murro met a loyal partner. Murro can actively guide his partner to switch interaction states. Following state:

Murro moves slower than other Survivors in this state. He can command his partner to Howl, disrupting the Hunter's hearing, causing Tinnitus and Listen to lose effect temporarily for 10 seconds.

Riding State:

Rage:In this state, the partner gains Rage by moving around, and its movement speed increases as Rage accumulates. When Rage is full, the partner will unlock the Bump ability in a fixed direction. Bump will not stun Hunters (when the Hunter ballooning a Survivor is hit, the ballooned Survivor will be released). Bumping the Hunter into an object will reset the skill's cooldown and regain a large amount of Rage.

Bumping the Hunter directly will dramatically increase the partner's Rage accumulating speed.

Relax: When Murro's stops moving, the partner will calm down, causing Rage to drop rapidly.

Fatigue: Murro's partner will feel fatigue, and it can't be ridden for more than 90 seconds. If there are many Wildling Partners in a match, the partner will feel fatigue faster.