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Traits are unlockable abilities that players can use for Survivors and Hunters in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. They come as active, passive, and external traits.

Active traits[edit | edit source]

An active trait's availability is based on the player's level. At player level one, a player begins with 1 trait to choose from. Then as a player reaches new levels, they unlock new Traits, up to level 60.

They are chosen in the lobby or under the "Shapeshift" tab in the Notebook. Each player is allowed one active trait chosen from a list. Traits can be used in game to aid a player in various ways as each trait has a unique effect. They do not have any cost other than their cooldown.

Icon Name Description
Listen When listening, the hunter can detect survivors when they run or vault objects.
Abnormal Cooldown: 90 seconds

Nothing remains the same. Can be used around undecoded cipher machines to recover 60% of a cipher machine's progress. Each successful recovery will reduce the effect | of subsequent recoveries down to a maximum of 3% as the game duration and the number of uses increases.

Duo Hunters Mode: Default Cipher Machine decoding progress is 35%

Excitement Cooldown: 100 seconds

Defiant prey adds to the excitement. Removes current control effects and becomes immune to control effects for the next 5 seconds.

Patroller Cooldown: 90 seconds

Just wait around long enough and trouble will find you. It never gets lost. Controls a high-speed mini-patroller to a nearby survivor and bites them. The outline of the survivor will be highlighted for 20 seconds and the survivor will be hindered every 5 seconds.

Teleport Cooldown: 100 seconds

Fear spreads, affecting everything. Long-tap to select a target, then teleport to the target area instantly after a brief chant. You can select: undecoded cipher machines, rocket chairs, Hell Ember puppets, available exit gates.

Peeper Cooldown: 30 seconds

There are eyes everywhere. Places a peeper that lasts for 80 seconds on the ground and Survivors nearby will be highlighted. Their movement speed and interaction speed with pallets and windows will be slightly decreased, while their interaction speed with the rest of the map will be greatly decreased. Peepers can be dismantled.

Blink Cooldown: 150 seconds

Creating panic and fear requires but a flash. Tap to blink in the direction the camera is facing. Drag to blink in the direction you're dragging.

Potential traits[edit | edit source]

Main article: Talent

A potential trait, or Talent, can be obtained with talent points in the Intrinsic Persona Web.

Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png[edit | edit source]

Survivor Talent
Icon Name Class Mastery Description Requirement
Mech elite.png
Mech Elite Tranquility 1

Increases the scope of success by 10% when a calibration is triggered.

Get yourself some rest.

Points required: 5
Survivors Instinct.png
Survivor's Instinct Tranquility 1

Self Decoding Speed is increased by 5%/15%/30% when 1/2/3 Survivor(s) have been eliminated.

In the dark you can see the light

Require 1 Mech Elite
Healing Tranquility 3

Teammates heal you 15%/20%/30% quicker.

Strong willpower will take you to the dizzying height of success.

Require 1 Survivor's Instinct
Air walk.png
Air Walk Tranquility 3

Trail disappears 1/1.5/2 seconds quicker.

Tread carefully, as footprints will blow our cover.

Require 1 Survivor's Instinct
Sticker Tranquility 3

When incapacitated, self healing speed increased by 10%/15%/20% and movement speed increased by 100%/125%/150%

One can be hurt but not defeated.

Require 1 Mech Elite
Hawthorn effect.png
Symbiotic Effect Tranquility 3

Movement Speed is increased by 2%/4%/6% when running towards Survivors in Rocket Chairs within 30 meters.

Perhaps you can save more than just yourself.

Require 3 Sticker
Spectator Tranquility: Final Talent 1

Movement Speed is increased by 10% when running towards a Survivor who is injured or knocked down within 30 meters. The speed of healing others increases by 20%. Displays wounded survivors except for those tied to balloons.

Save no one, and in the end, no one will save you.

Require 3 Symbiotic Effect
Obsessive Tranquility 1

Displays chests within 16 meters.

Don't miss any opportunity to rifle through some chests!

Require 1 Mech Elite
Curiosity Persistence 1

When you are moving freely and not decoding Cipher Machines, the outline of the nearest undecoded Cipher Machine will be displayed.

Who can conquer the curiosity of decoding?

Points required: 5
Distraction Persistence 1

The hunter is displayed for 5 seconds when the exit gate activated.

Don't lose hope. Remember, the night is darkest before the dawn.

Require 1 Curiosity
Snooze Persistence 3

Slows the countdown of rocket chair by 3%/6%/9%.

Pretense alone will change nothing.

Require 1 Distraction
Self deception.png
Self Deception Persistence 3

You have 100% chance of not being detected by the Hunter when shocked by the Cipher Machine. Level 2 Talent will no longer interrupt the decoding progress when shocked by the Cipher Machine, and Level 3 Talent will decrease shock action by half

If you can't hear it, then no one can.

Require 1 Distraction
Escape Persistence 3

Movement speed is increased by 4%/6%/8% for 120 seconds when the exit gate is activated.

If you know only how to run and escape, then run!

Require 1 Curiosity
Compensate Persistence 3

The location of the hunter is displayed for 3/5/7 seconds to you when you fail a calibration while decoding a cipher machine.

There is a fine line between winning and losing.

Require 3 Escape
Borrowed time.png
Borrowed Time Persistence: Final Talent 1

Instantly heal one health state and dash speed is increased by 50% for 5 seconds when the exit gate is activated.

To what end will the last gleam of hope lead?

Require 3 Compensate
Cold Persistence 1

You will be notified of the direction of the hunter when is looking at you from behind and is within 36 meters.

Targeted prey will always feel a trace of dread.

Require 1 Curiosity
Drawbridge effect.png
Drawbridge Effect Friendliness 1

Displays survivors within 18 meters.

When faced with the same peril, you feel the heartbeat of others.

Points required: 5
Sneak Friendliness 1

When a survivor is placed on a rocket chair, running within 18 meters of the rocket chair leaves no trail.

No one will ever hear the person I am at this moment!

Require 1 Drawbridge Effect
Doctor trait.png
Doctor Friendliness 3

Healing speed is increased by 15%/20%/25%.

Prolonged illness makes the patient a doctor, and there is no magic bullet for chronic illness.

Require 1 Sneak
Shelter Friendliness 3

After saving a survivor from a rocket chair, healing speed is increased by 20%/30%/40% for 60/90/120 seconds. This effect can multiply.

Survivors will beg for healing and comfort from you.

Require 1 Sneak
Catfish effect.png
Catfish Effect Friendliness 3

When you are placed on a rocket chair, other survivors within 12/18/24 meters gain 4%/6%/8% movement speed.

Competition promotes the continuation of species.

Require 1 Drawbridge Effect
Herd effect.png
Horsefly Effect Friendliness 3

When there is a Hunter within the range of 12 meters for 8 seconds, Pallet dropping speed will increase by 8%/14%/20%.

You can be faster than this.

Require 3 Catfish Effect
Tide turner.png
Tide Turner Friendliness: Final Talent 1

After saving a survivor from a rocket chair, both you and the survivor will be invincible for 20 seconds. During this time you cannot be knocked down or healed. The damage taken within this time will be applied instantly when the effect dissipates. This ability can only be used once.

Don't give up! That is how miracles happen.

Require 3 Horsefly Effect
Distress Friendliness 1

When you are placed on a rocket chair, other survivors can see each other.

There is yet some value that can be squeezed from your tragedy.

Require 1 Drawbridge Effect
Risky move.png
Risky Move Bravery 1

Rescue speed is increased by 40%.

The pair of hands could even remove the crown of thorns from poor Jesus' head.

Points required: 5
Prisoners dilemma.png
Prisoner's Dilemma Bravery 1

When a survivor is being carried by the hunter, both of them are displayed for an extra 5 seconds. This effect ends when the survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

To save or not to save? You have already made up your mind, haven't you?

Require 1 Risky Move
Great power.png
Great Power Bravery 3

Your mighty strength decreases the stunned hunter's recovery by 10%/15%/20% when you hit the hunter with a pallet.

True potential is unleashed just before death.

Require 1 Prisoner's Dilemma
Will to survive.png
Will to Survive Bravery 3

Struggle speed is increased by 10%/15%/20% when balloons are tied to your survivor.

Like a stranded whale, there is no struggle, just despair.

Require 1 Prisoner's Dilemma
Bad example.png
Bad Example Bravery 3

When you are within 12/18/24 meters of rocket chair with a survivor on it, movement speed is increased by 4%/6%/8%.

An example has been made of someone already, would you like to be the next one?

Require 1 Risky Move
Knee jerk reflex.png
Knee Jerk Reflex Bravery 3

Dash speed is increased by 30%/40%/50% for 3 seconds after vaulting a pallet. Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds.

A feeling of impending doom is but a type of intense stimulation.

Require 3 Bad Example
Broken windows.png
Broken Windows Bravery: Final Talent 1

Dash speed is increased by 50% for 3 seconds after vaulting a window. Cooldown: 40 seconds.

The window is broken, what are you still trifling about?

Require 3 Knee Jerk Reflex
Exit path.png
Exit Path Bravery 1

When incapacitated, you can ignore the self-heal limit and recover to a state of being wounded. Available only once.

In this dangerous game, you need to rely on yourself.

Require 1 Risky Move

Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[edit | edit source]

Hunter Talent
Icon Name Class Mastery Description Requirement
Deteriorate Tough 1

Reduces wounded survivors' decoding, healing, and destroying speed by 5%.

It's not only the wounds that are worsening, but also the fear that perpetually infiltrates your mind.

Points required: 5
Panic Tough 1

When a survivor is wounded, incapacitated, or placed on a rocket chair, decoding, healing and destroying speed for all survivors is reduced by 3%. This effect can multiply.

The panic that approaches despair infects. One, two, four...

Require 1 Deteriorate
Rage Tough 3

The iron-blood trait increases the hunter's rate of recovery by 10%/15%/20% when stunned or a survivor struggles free.

Angered the existence that you shall not provoke, not even a chance to regret.

Require 1 Panic
Berserker Tough 3

Attack recovery speed is increased by 15%/20%/25% when a survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

The panic of gradually worsening blindness will drive you to despair.

Require 1 Panic
Fallen misfortune.png
Wither Tough 3

When a Survivor is placed on a Rocket Chair and the Hunter is 18 meters away, the Hunter's normal attacks will reduce Survivor's acceleration effect by 10%/20%/30%

Rush to the ending.

Require 1 Deteriorate
Destructiveness Tough 3

Pallet destroying speed is increased by 20%/30%/40%.

Only constant destruction can serve as a release. Let no one escape!

Require 1 Wither
Confined space.png
Confined Space Tough: Final Talent 1

When vaulting windows, the hunter can block the window for 20 seconds, preventing both survivors and the hunter from vaulting the window.

Boxed prey can never escape!

Require 3 Destructiveness
Restraint Tough 1

Reduces the fear radius by 15%.

Arbitrary acts will only expose your existence. Learn to hold back, to restrain yourself.

Require 1 Deteriorate
Owl Vigilance 1

Reduces the survivor's scope of a successful calibration within the fear radius by 30% when they are decoding, healing, and destroying.

Under the owl's gaze, no one remains calm.

Points required: 5
Announcement Vigilance 1

Survivors are highlighted for 5 seconds when the exit gate is activated.

Before the curtain faills, no performance-pursuing devotees will miss the final announcement.

Require 1 Owl
Wanted order.png
Wanted Order Vigilance 3

When a survivor is placed on a rocket chair and the remaining 3 survivors are healthy or injured, the outline of a random survivor will be shown and the Movement Speed is reduced by 4%/2%/0%. The debuff will disappear when the Survivor on the Rocket Chair has been rescued, but the outline will last for another 20 seconds.

I've got my eye on you!

Require 1 Announcement
Impact Vigilance 3

Healing time for survivors who are hit is increased by 15%/20%/30%

It will make a difference, sooner or later.

Require 1 Announcement
Raven flock.png
Hunter's Instinct Vigilance 3

Each uninjured Survivor will increase the Hunter's Movement Speed when not in pursuit by 0.5%/1%/1.5%. However, once Tier I Skill is unlocked, it will no longer increase the Hunter's Movement Speed.

How do sharks hunt?.

Require 1 Owl
Hospitable Vigilance 3

Movement speed is increased by 5%/10%/15% when balloons are tied to survivors

Hospitality is a courtesy, but that depends on the person.

Require 3 Hunter's Instinct
Wicked hound.png
Trump Card Vigilance: Final Talent 1

You can change your hunter's active trait after the battle has started for 120 seconds. The cooldown time is refreshed in proportion and can only be changed once.

A crafty player will never reveal his Trump Card

Require 3 Hospitable
Desperate Fight Vigilance 1

Stunned again after 15 seconds, and Stun recovery speed is increased by 20%, with a maximum increase of 60%

Unnecessary resistence will only cause the Hunter to be more excited

Require 1 Owl
Inertia Dread 1

Increases attack recovery speed by 10%.

Faster! Faster! The inertia of tearing and breaking!

Points required: 5
Eye for an eye.png
Cat And Mouse Dread 1

Gain 20% bonus on windows vaulting speed after continuosly pursuing a Survivor for 12 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails or when interacting with other objects, attacking or stunned

Agile prey attracts even more agile Hunters

Require 1 Inertia
Control freak.png
Control Freak Dread 3

Speeds up rocket chair's countdown by 3%/6%/9%.

Lives without freedom fade in a flash.

Require 1 Cat And Mouse
Giant claw.png
Giant Claw Dread 3

The struggling effect by survivors tied to balloons is reduced by 25%/50%/75% and struggling speed by 5%/10%/15%.

Struggle, distort. Powerless resistance is quite a sight.

Require 1 Cat And Mouse
Mock Dread 3

Movement speed is increased by 3%/4%/5% when a survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

Teasing one's prey is not just for sport, but also to attract more moths to the flame.

Require 1 Inertia
Carnival Dread 3

Gain 5%/7%/10% attack recovery speed and 3%/4%/5% movement speed when the exit gate is activated. The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

How could you miss the last carnival before parting?

Require 3 Mock
Detention Dread: Final Talent 3

Lethal strikes are activated when the exit gate is powered on. Can incapacitate survivors with one shot. The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

What's the hurry? Stay here forever.

Require 3 Carnival
No Survivors Dread 1

Within the range of 10 meters from a knocked down Survivor, each free-moving Survivor will increase the Hunter's attack recovery speed by 10% with a maximum of 3 stacks.

Any closer and you'll be the next.

Require 1 Inertia
Deer hunt.png
Deer Hunt Deceit 1

Displays incapacitated survivors within 18 meters.

When people become prey, they cease to be people.'

Points required: 5
Tinnitus Deceit 1

Receive a prompt when a survivor is within 36 meters.

Could the tinnitus be a sign? A hint?

Require 1 Deer Hunt
Hunt Deceit 3

Gains 10% movement speed after continuously pursuing a survivor for 12/10/8 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails, vaulting obstacles, attacking, or stunned.

Never stop moving forward...

Require 1 Tinnitus
Street sweeper.png
Street Sweeper Deceit 3

Displays survivors who are healing or being healed within 20/26/32 meters of your location.

The scavenger never sees eye to eye with the humanitarian spirit. All diseases shall be eliminated.

Require 1 Tinnitus
Possessive Deceit 3

Reduces the speed at which survivors decode, heal, and destroy within the fear radius by 3%/5%/7% seconds.

Targeted prey has no right to move free.

Require 1 Deer Hunt
After effects.png
After Effects Deceit 3

Reduces the self-healing limit of incapacitated survivors by 10%/20%/30%.

You will never get up...

Require 3 Possessive
Insolence Deceit: Final Talent 1

Hunters can increase their in-game presence to unlock their special abilities. Presence stops increasing after skills are unlocked.

Such a freak!

Require 3 After Effects
Claustrophobia Deceit 1

If there are four active survivors (survivors that are knocked down, have balloons tied to them or are sitting on a rocket chair are considered non-active) within 20 seconds after the exit gate has been activated, it opens 70% slower.

While confined in a room, every minute and second makes the fear feel eternal.

Require 1 Deer Hunt

External traits[edit | edit source]

An external trait (or ability for Hunters) is a power or handicap that a survivor or hunter has.

Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png[edit | edit source]

Survivor Traits
Icon Name Description Character
Lucky guy.png
Lucky Guy

It is perfectly natural for someone with nothing to rely on luck. Wishing for an item before you open a chest will significantly increase your chances of receiving it.

Lucky Guy
Lucky Guy Portrait.png

With the memories of the past, the Gardener is able to block one incoming damage during the first 50 seconds of the game. This effect will be lost when attacked by the Hunter or when the duration ends.

Emma Woods
Emma Woods Portrait.png

Carries around a toolkit that is used to destroy Rocket Chairs. Hunters are able to repair destroyed Rocket Chairs. The toolkit has a 12 seconds cooldown after each use.

Emma Woods
Emma Woods Portrait.png

Due to her familiarity with the structure of Rocket Chairs, Gardener is less scared and is able to locate Rocket Chairs nearby. When she's near the Rocket Chair, her Vaulting Speed is increased by 10% and Rocket Chair's Takeoff Speed is decreased by 10%.

Emma Woods
Emma Woods Portrait.png
Old friends.png

Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.

Emma Woods
Emma Woods Portrait.png
Emily Dyer
Emily Dyer Portrait.png
Freddy Riley
Freddy Riley Portrait.png
Lucky Guy
Lucky Guy Portrait.png

Carries around a map that can be used to check the location of large buildings, undecoded cipher machines and escape exits. The map displays his and his teammate's location and will display the hunter's location when their outline appears. It's a hand drawn map, so it's far from perfect. Due to his good reading habits, maps are not depleted when used.

Freddy Riley
Freddy Riley Portrait.png

The lawyer has a silver tongue and convinces his teammates that they will ultimately be rescued by him. Thanks to him, the rocket chair countdown when his teammates are on rocket chairs is decreased by 5%. Also, survivors within 8 meters of him will be inspired, increasing their decoding, healing and destroying speed by 10%.

Freddy Riley
Freddy Riley Portrait.png

Physically weak. Vaulting speed is decreased by 15%.

Freddy Riley
Freddy Riley Portrait.png
Emily Dyer
Emily Dyer Portrait.png
Med elite.png
Med Elite

Can detect and heal even the slightest injuries. The speed of healing others is increased by 60% and self-healing speed increased by 20%. All teammates' healing speed is increased by 5%.

Emily Dyer
Emily Dyer Portrait.png
Med master.png
Med Master

Carries around a syringe and can heal herself when wounded. Due to her medical background, syringes are not depleted when used.

Emily Dyer
Emily Dyer Portrait.png

Carries around a flashlight and can incapacitate hunters by shining light on them for a certain time. An ample power supply allows him to use flashlights 100% longer.

Kreacher Pierson
Kreacher Pierson Portrait.png

Flexible body. Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 15%.

Kreacher Pierson
Kreacher Pierson Portrait.png

Old habits die hard. He often steals parts when decoding. All teammates' chance of triggering a calibration is increased by 10%, and the scope of success decreased by 10%.

Kreacher Pierson
Kreacher Pierson Portrait.png
Lock Pick.png
Lock Pick

Talented lock pick. Thanks to him, all members' chest opening speed is increased by 100%.

Kreacher Pierson
Kreacher Pierson Portrait.png

Carries around a wand that can be used to create an illusion. When used he will become invisible for several seconds. If the Magician is struck when invisible, he will be Terror Shocked. Due to the Magicians's professional skills, his movement speed is increased by 30% when invisible.

Servais Le Roy
Servais Le Roy Portrait.png

Has extremely deterous hands. The chance of triggering a calibration is decreased by 20%, and the scope of success is increased by 20%.

Servais Le Roy
Servais Le Roy Portrait.png
Real or fake.png
Real or Fake

The Magician's deceptive performances leads his teammates to question the identity of the man on the chair. Rescue time is increased by 60% when rescuing the Magician from a rocket chair.

Servais Le Roy
Servais Le Roy Portrait.png

Carries around the novel Gulliver's Travels and can turn into a tiny Lilliputian after reading it. He is undetectable by the hunter's radar after shrinking, but cannot perform most actions. Treasure will be activated after shrinking. The location of the Treasure is recorded in the book, and Password Page can be found when you arrive at that location. The password can be used to quickly decode half of the Cipher Machine, but finding the Password Page or activating the Treasure Hunt while in a shrink state will expose your location to the Hunter. The Explorer is allowed to carry a maximum of 2 passwords, and leaving the Manor will cause players to drop them on the ground. Other Survivors are able to pick them up and use them. Maps generate up to 3 locations with hidden treasure. Due to his love for books, this item is not depleted when used.

Duo Hunters Mode: A single Password Page will only grant 35% Decoding Progress, and up to 6 locations with hidden treasures will be generated on the map.

Kurt Frank
Kurt Frank Portrait.png

Possesses superior survival skills and knows how to hide his tracks. His tracks last for 1s less. Also, vaulting obstacles will not alert the hunter.

Kurt Frank
Kurt Frank Portrait.png
Curiosity ability.png

Can hardly control his curiosity and tends to attempt risky operations when decoding. The chance of triggering a calibration is increased by 30% and scope of success decreased by 30%.

Kurt Frank
Kurt Frank Portrait.png
Energy reserves.png
Energy Reserves

After plenty of rest the Explorer is ready to Dash Hit. Stop moving for 10 seconds to increase your movement speed by 40% for 1 second. This effect can only be triggered once every 80 seconds

Kurt Frank
Kurt Frank Portrait.png
Iron dash.png
Iron Dash

Possesses elbow pads, which triggers upward Dash Hit boost when he propels himself off a passing wall. Players can choose to turn it "On" and "Off", and running over a wall while in "On" will trigger a Dash Hit. The Mercenary's excellent technique makes it so elbow pads lose less durability and can be used more times.

Naib Subedar
Naib Subedar Portrait.png

Military trained. Vaulting speed is increased by 10%.

Naib Subedar
Naib Subedar Portrait.png
Martha Behamfil
link:Martha Behamfil
Steel will.png
Steel Will (Mercenary)

The Mercenary has tempered his spirit through battle. The countdown speed of rocket chairs he is fastened to is reduced by 30% and the increase of fear is delayed by 15 seconds. He cannot be incapacitated until his fear exceeds the limit. His reaction to normal attacks is delayed by 15 seconds.

Naib Subedar
Naib Subedar Portrait.png
Shell shocked.png
Shell Shocked

Scarred by the effects of war, the Mercenary panics when he hears the noises of cipher machines and his decoding speed is decreased by 25%. Warfare has also left the Mercenary with refractory wounds that will be aggravated by new wounds. Healing time is increased by 20% and can reach 100%.

Naib Subedar
Naib Subedar Portrait.png
Precise aim.png
Precise Aim

Carries around a flare gun that she uses with deadly accuracy. The speed at which hunters recover when stunned after hit with a flare gun is decreased by 30%.

Martha Behamfil
link:Martha Behamfil
Steel will.png
Steel Will (Coordinator)

Hardened military training. The rocket chair countdown is decreased by 10%.

Martha Behamfil
link:Martha Behamfil
Army bond.png
Army Bond

Appreciates camaraderie. The speed at which she decodes ciphers and opens exit gates is decreased by 30% when a teammate is placed on a rocket chair.

Martha Behamfil
link:Martha Behamfil

Carries around a life-size doll, which can be destroyed with a single strike. Love for the doll reduces depletion when using doll by 50%. The Mechanic can control the deployed doll when incapacitated or when placed on a Rocket Chair, but at a higher cost. Control will be interrupted if the Mechanic is rescued.

Tracy Reznik
link:Tracy Reznik

Physically weak. Obstacle vaulting speed is decreased by 30%.

Tracy Reznik
link:Tracy Reznik
Helena Adams
link:Helena Adams
Mech master.png
Mech Master

Her proficiency in machine manufacturing and various mechanical traps increases her cipher machine decoding speed by 25%. When operating a doll, its decoding speed is also increased by 25%. The Mechanic's teammates also learn some mechanical skills from her and become 3% faster at decoding cipher machines.

Tracy Reznik
link:Tracy Reznik

Years of indoor work have exacerbated the Mechanic's timidity. The mechanic becomes scared when a teammate is wounded or placed on a rocket chair, therefore her decoding and gate-opening speed is decreased by 45%. This effect can multiply.

Tracy Reznik
link:Tracy Reznik

Carries around a rugby ball. He dashes forward with his rugby ball, but will be stunned when exhausted. The Forward's superior physique allows him to knock the hunter off balance after dashing for a short distance. If the hunter is knocked into other objects, they will be stunned for a longer period of time.

William Ellis
link:William Ellis

Athletically gifted and monstrously strong. Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 20%, and pallet pulling speed is increased by 50%. The recovery time of hunters stunned by the Forward is decreased by 15%.

William Ellis
link:William Ellis
All thumbs.png
All Thumbs

Clumsy and terrible with machines. Decoding speed is decreased by 30%.

William Ellis
link:William Ellis

His strong physique makes it easier for him to escape the hunter's clutches. Struggling speed is increased by 10%.

William Ellis
link:William Ellis

Continuosly detect nearby Hunter's location while moving. Using the skill will allow players to know the Hunter's location on the enitre map and will reveal moving teammates and primed cipher machines to The Mind's Eye.

Helena Adams
link:Helena Adams
Minds eye.png
Mind's Eye

Blindness has sharpened the Mind's Eye's other senses. When she decode cipher machines, almost no calibrations are triggered and her decoding speed is increased by 30%.

Helena Adams
link:Helena Adams
Door key.png
Holy Key

The Priestess carries the Holy Key around (she can't carry other items) and can choose to generate either a Straight Passage or an Ultra-Long Passage. Both passages created will not lead to contaminated earth or areas, and Hunter can destroy passages.

Straight Passage: Both Survivors and Hunters can pass through. Passages entered by Hunters will be destroyed after they squeeze through. At the same time, the Hunter will be stunned for a period of time, and the stun duration increases with the passage's length.

Ultra-Long Passage: Survivors entering the portal will be quickly transported to the other side after a few seconds. A residual image of Survivors that use the Ultra-Long Passage will remain at the entrance of the passage when using it. The time they remain is determined by the length of the portal. The Hunter can attack these images. The damage incurred and special effects are transferred to the Survivors. Hunters cannot pass through the Ultra-Long Passage.

How to use: Tapping the Holy Key skill button will create a Straight Passage to the selected location. Long pressing the button will cause the Priestess to send out a call that lasts a few seconds. When a teammate answers the call, the Priestess will create an Ultra-Long Passage between the two of them, which takes a while to complete.

Fiona Gilman
Fiona Gilman Portrait.png
Fragile (Priestess)

Physically weak. Obstacle vaulting speed is decreased by 10%.

Fiona Gilman
Fiona Gilman Portrait.png

Not good with machines. Decoding speed is decreased by 10%. Chances of triggering a calibration and difficulty of performing a calibration are both increased by 30%

Fiona Gilman
Fiona Gilman Portrait.png
God bless.png

Prays devoutly for blessings. Time needed to healing teammates is decreased by 10% and time needed for the Priestess is decreased by 30%

Fiona Gilman
Fiona Gilman Portrait.png
Worriless fragrance.png

The Perfumer sprays some Euphoria perfume and enters an immersed state. She is able to remember her condition and position at that very moment. While the skill is active she can choose to forget what has just happened and return to the moment when she sprayed her perfume. As the maker of this perfume, she can use this item more than other survivors.

Vera Nair
Vera Nair Portrait.png

The Perfumer often wears Euphoria. If she has a blackout and fails to calibrate a cipher machine, calibration progress will be reduced 3 times as much as normal characters.

Vera Nair
Vera Nair Portrait.png
Smell sensitive.png
Special Physique

The Perfumer is very scentsitive and doesn't like the smell of medical equipment. Healing time is increased by 30%.

Vera Nair
Vera Nair Portrait.png
Lasso skill.png
Lasso Skill

The Cowboy is good at using the Lasso. When a teammate is lassoed, they are placed on the Cowoby's back and the Cowboy receives an acceleration boost. If the Hunter is lassoed, the Cowboy will fly past the Hunter's head and land on the other side of the Hunters. The Cowboy can lasso and save teammates tied to baloons and Rocket Chairs. The energy spent when using the lasso depends on what is lassoed. Lassoing teammates tied to Rocket Chairs and balloons requires a large amount of durability, but hitting anything else only subtracts a small amount.

How to use: Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy's lasso. Long press to choose your target and aim. After taking aim, release the lasso within the target area to hit the target. Aim progress will be reduced if the player moves away from the target area when aiming.

Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy's lasso. Hitting a teammate will drag them towards you and bind them to your back; whereas hitting a hunter will drag you towards them. The Cowboy can lasso balloons or a survivor on the rocket chair to rescue them, which expends a large amount of durability, but hitting anything else only subtracts a small amount.

Kevin Ayuso
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The hero on horseback is both brave and tough. When he hits a hunter with a pallet, it is stunned for 20% longer than normal.

Kevin Ayuso
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As he is free, undisciplined and dislikes complex machines he decodes 10% slower than other survivors; however, when he decodes together with a female character, his urge to impress garners him 10% increased decoding speed. He feels exceptionally exhausted while decoding with males and decodes 30% slower.

Kevin Ayuso
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Protective trait.png

If hit by the Hunter while carrying a female, his strong protective instincts will kick in and the Cowboy will take damage twice (the teammate won't take damage). If carrying a male, both survivors will take damage once.

Kevin Ayuso
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Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[edit | edit source]

Hunter Traits
Icon Name Description Character
Rocket modification.png
Rocket Modification

Joker can collect parts scattered around the map to modify his weapon. Modification is lost after an attack or a Rocket Dash. 1. Wind Wings: Increases Attack and Rocket Dash speed; 2. Drill: A survivor hit by a basic attack or a skill suffers increased recovery time; 3. Propeller: Adds a long-lasting Rocket Dash effect, but as the weight is increased, dash speed is reduced slightly.

Foggy night.png
Freezing Fog

The fog's chill can be felt in one's bones. Fog Blades are created as fog collects onto Jack's bladed hand. When a certain amount of fog has been amassed, Jack's attacks trigger additional Fog Blades, expending fog. Fog Blades will leave fog in their wake which increases Jack's movement speed and greatly reduces the cooldown of Hidden in Mist. Survivors hit by Fog Blades will leave a trail behind them as they move around.

Cocoon death.png
Cocoon Death

Soul Weaver can wrap up a survivor in a cocoon with 80 threads, and eliminate them on the spot directly without rocket chairs. Any talent or trait affecting the eliminate time will work on this ability too.

Three-phase Body.png
Triple Phases

Michiko has three different moods and forms. She assums the Beauty form when calm: in this form her fear radius is smaller, but has higher movement speed; when angry she assumes the Prajna form: in this form her fear radius is larger, but has lower movement speed; she enters Panic form when her face is seen by a survivovr: her fear radius remains unchanged, but has lower movement speed.

Shape of terror.png
Shape of Terror

Survivors will experience terror if they remain in the fear radius for too long, is attacked, bitten by a patroller, fails a calibration, when a teammate is knocked to the ground or when tied to a rocket chair. After absorbing their fear, Hastur can use Touch of the Abyss to strike nearby Survivors. Tentacles deteriorate quicker around rocket chairs with survivors on them.

Infernal soul.png
Infernal Soul

When Leo pursues a survivor, is stunned or when the survivors decode a cipher machine with none of the survivors incapacitated, he becomes furious. When he has accumulated enough Fury, it will turn to Rage, and he can use it to activate his Awaken skill.

Leo Beck.png
Dual Soul.png
Dual Soul

The White and Black Guards had their souls imbued into an umbrella and their souls can be switched by using Summon. The White Guard excels at patrol and pursuit and moves swiftly but has slow stun recovery and attack speed; the Black Guard excels at melee combat and has fast stun recovery and attack speed, but moves slowly.

Wu Chang
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