The Red Church

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The Red Church is one of 9 maps in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. It was added on July 18, 2018.


There was once a unfinished funeral that happened on the red church and its ground. Rumors say there are still strange footsteps in the dark.


Garden Ruins[edit]

The garden ruins is a relatively small area, so don't stay too much in this place.


This area of ​​the cemetery is a rectangular area. The terrain is long and straight, and there are some long walls nearby.


At the center of the church, a cipher machine may spawn. There are many chairs next to it as obstacles.


The garden is just in front of the gate. There are two machine spawn points in the vicinity. It is a very friendly place for the survivors. There is also an invincible point near the ruins of the garden.

Dungeon Spawns[edit]

  • View the church as the center. Go out to the church's wedding hall, then take a left turn and continue forward to see the first wooden board. The position of this board is the spawn point of the dungeon.
  • This dungeon is also centered on The Red Church. Go to the wedding hall of the church. Then, turn right. Turn right again, then go straight. There is a wooden board in front of the ruins. This is where the dungeon may spawn.
  • The position of the third dungeon is far from the first two, but it is very close to an exit gate. Just find the location of an exit gate, look around, and see the front of the wall with a torch and cabinet.





A Halloween version of this map exists

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