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Tarot is one of 5 game modes featured in Identity V Identity v.png. It can be found under the Violent Struggle category.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Tarot is a game mode that requires 8 players' participation at the same time. Players are divided into two factions, "Upright" and "Reversed." Each faction consists of a King, a Knight, and two Squires. The Knight will be played by Hunters, and the rest will be played by Survivors.

The gameplay will utilise a new waiting lobby where a maximum of 4 players can select their Role as one faction during the matching process. The two Knights from both factions can't choose the same Hunter character. When matching as a Survivor, players are deemed to have allowed the switching of Roles between the King and a Squire by default.

Together with the new pre-matching interface function, the Matchmaking Interface now supports adjustable window size (players can access most of the actions in the lobby while matching).

Maps[edit | edit source]

Tarot Mode will randomly select between the Arms Factory, the Red Church, or the Sacred Heart Hospital as the scene. The spawn points for both factions in each game are fixed.

Time-Limited Battle[edit | edit source]

Tarot is available daily during 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00, and 21:00-24:00 (Server Time).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players can obtain Logic Points Logic points.png and EXP by participating in the Tarot mode. The Logic Points Logic points.png obtained will be accounted for in the Weekly Limit.

Tarot Special Rules[edit | edit source]

How to win: The Squires must protect their King from the enemy Knight's pursuit. The game ends when either side's King is eliminated on a Rocket Chair.

  • Teammates in the same faction won't be affected by each other's collision and attack judgment when they're in a neutral status.
  • The game will record each faction's decoding progress. Once your faction's decoding progress reaches 300%, your King and Squires' Borrowed Time talent and your Knight's Detention talent will be triggered (for characters with such talents only).
  • The King can take an additional normal attack than a Squire.
  • When a Squire is within a certain range from the King, the King will receive a small movement speed boost.
  • When the King is rescued from a Rocket Chair, the King and the Squire who saved him will receive a Shield that lasts 10 seconds. The shield is able to resist one damage.
  • Squires can't be placed on Rocket Chairs, and they can ignore the self-healing limit after they are knocked down (for characters with such talent only).
  • Knights can quickly help their King and Squires get back on their feet when they're knocked down. The ability's cooldown is adjusted to 40 seconds. Knights could only help their Kings get back on their feet once in each game. However, there's no limit to helping their Squires.

Tarot Shop and Item Rules[edit | edit source]

Players can gather Stars through the game to purchase items at the Star Shop. The new Tarot Mode exclusive items have strategic functions such as delivering Stars, revealing a King's location, and such.

There is a Star Shop in the game's battle interface. Players can gather Stars in the game and purchase items in the Star Shop.
Stars are in-game tokens that players can obtain by decoding Cipher Machines, pursuing Survivors, and containing Hunters.
This mode features various game items available for purchase in the Star Shop. Kings and Squires can carry two items while Knights can carry one.

Exclusive Items[edit | edit source]

Use it to deliver a specified amount of Stars to your teammates.
Use it to reveal the enemy King's location for 20 seconds.

Other Items[edit | edit source]

Strength Potion
Speed Potion

Character Abilities/Items Adjustments[edit | edit source]

Mad Eyes, Photographer, and Dream Witch are currently unavailable to play in this game mode.

Item Adjustments[edit | edit source]

Rugby Ball
The duration is adjusted from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
Elbow Pads
The number of use is adjusted from 4 to 2.

Character Ability Adjustments[edit | edit source]

Placing the coffin will grant your King "Rebirth" by default.
Remove the debuff when more than one Wildling is in play. The Riding duration is limited to 60 seconds.
When lassoing an enemy character in this mode, the lasso's depletion is increased as appropriate.
There is no limit on the number of treasures in this mode. The Explorer's treasure excavating speed is increased as


The Mind's Eye
She can sense all nearby enemy characters' locations when she's running and striking reveals the outlines of all enemy characters.
The Hope Letter won't be refreshed. The chances of getting the Tranquility or Bravery Letter are reduced.
The number of Elbow Pads he carries at the start of the game is adjusted to 2. Remove the debuff when more than one Mercenary is in play.
The accumulating duration for staring at the enemy's Knight is increased to 30 seconds.

Rules Regarding the Effects of Faction Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hell Ember
The Phantom and puppets won't affect or attack your teammates. The puppets can't detect your teammates.
The Chain Hook will go through your teammates. Hits land on the enemy Knight will be deemed as misses. Suffocation won't affect your faction.
Dash Hit won't target your teammates.
Soul Weaver
Teammates won't trigger the cobweb used by your Knight in the scene. Spinning can be blocked when it hits your teammates and the enemy Knight, and it won't deal damage or reduce their speed.
The Ripper
The Fog Blade can be blocked by your teammates and the enemy Knight, but the Fog won't remain.
Teammates can't contribute to the Feaster's accumulation progress. The Feaster can't stare at his teammates. Tentacles won't target teammates.
Bloody Queen
The outline of your teammates and the enemy Knight near a mirror image won't be shown. The Mirror Rotation will only target enemy Survivors. The Tier 2 ability, Into the Mirror, won't reflect your teammates' mirror images.
Axe Boy
Resentful Souls will go through your teammates without dealing damage. Resentful Souls won't attract your teammates and the enemy Knight and their speed won't be reduced when they go through Peaceful Pine territories.
The Tier 1 ability, Demon Notes, will go through your teammates without adding debuffs.
The Flare Gun can be blocked by your teammates. In this case, it will be deemed as a hit and collision without stunning them. The speed boost effect from Army Bond will only be triggered when your King is on a Rocket Chair.
The Cipher Machine decoding debuff will only take into account the number of injured characters in your faction.
Dash Hit can be blocked by your teammates without repelling or stunning them.
When he's in a shrunken state, the indicator will only be triggered by the enemy Knight.
Attracting and repulsing your Knight won't stun them.
Your Knight won't contribute to the Enchantress' accumulation progress.
Bumping into your Knight will be deemed as a collision and will not repel them. Your Knight won't contribute to Wildling's Rage accumulation progress.
First Officer
Hypnosis caused by the Poseidon Watch is only effective against the enemy. Allied players are still able to see the First Officer.
The passive ability, Prophesy, does not affect your Knight. Staring at your Knight won't accumulate progress.