Siphon Soul & Wavering

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Siphon Soul & Wavering
Siphon Soul & Wavering.png
Character: Wu Chang

Siphon Soul & Wavering Soul is an ability in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. It is unique to Wu Chang.


The White Guard's body moves with ease, and when it fully enters the spiritual realm it won't be able to interact with anything for 5 seconds. However, its movement speed is greatly increased and it will siphon the souls of nearby Survivors. If it manages to fully siphon a Survivor's soul, their soul will be lost.

Lost Soul

Bedazzled and unable to interact with the environment.

When the Black Guard rings thr bell and casts Wavering Soul, all Survivors that hear the ringing have to steel their resolve and calibrate with precision. Should they fail the calibration, the will become horrified for 60 seconds; if they fail another calibration during that time, their soul will waver.


Movement directions will be reversed.