Servais Le Roy

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Servais Le Roy
Servais Le Roy Portrait.png
Gender: Male
Career: Magician
Prop: Wand
Clues: 1988
Echoes: 488

Servais Le Roy, or the Magician, is one of 29 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V.


Servais Le Roy.png

Servais Le Roy began his magic career in Belgium and moved to London to open his own magic shop. Despite his proficiency in disappearing tricks, he has not gained approval from the public. In Oletus Manor, which has produced countless famous artists, could he find some new inspiration?


External Traits

Icon Name Description

Carries around a wand that can be used to create an illusion. When used he will become invisible for several seconds. If the Magician is struck when invisible, he will be Terror Shocked.


Due to the Magicians's proficiency in magic, his movement speed is increased by 40% when invisible.


Has extremely dexterous hands. The chance of triggering a calibration is decreased by 20%, and the scope of success is increased by 20%.

Real or fake.png
Real or Fake

The Magician's deceptive performances lead his teammates to question the identity of the man on the chair. Rescue time is increased by 60% when rescuing the Magician from a rocket chair.

The Magician will instantly use Escape Artist upon being rescued from a Rocket Chair and leave an illusion on the chair to make himself invisible for 2 seconds.

Deduction Target

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Grow
    You'll never know what you're gonna see next.
    • Basic Objective: Open 1 chest
    • Advanced Objective 1: Open 2 chests
    • Advanced Objective 2: Open 3 chests
    A photo: a young boy standing by a theater door with his parents. A poster for a magic show is on the door.[1]
  2. Learn
    A true educator will set you on a path to liberation, but not everyone understands this.
    • Basic Objective: Successfully heal 1 teammates
    • Advanced Objective 1: Successfully heal 2 teammates
    • Advanced Objective 2: Successfully heal 3 teammates
    A photo: a white-bearded magician showing some cards to a young man in a hat.[2]
  3. Assistant
    He's not a real magician, he just plays one.
    • Basic Objective: 50% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 1: 70% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 2: 100% co-op decoding progress
    A photo: a young man in a hat is standing next to a white-bearded magician, who has a look of gloom on his face.[3]
  4. Growth
    Well, Rome wasn't built in a day.
    • Basic Objective: Complete 1 calibration
    • Advanced Objective 1: Complete 3 calibrations
    • Advanced Objective 2: Complete 5 calibrations
    Well, no one wants to spend their life as a prop in a show. Everyone wants to take center stage.[4]
  5. Completeness
    You'll light up the stage one day, Servais. You were born for this. That's what the old man once said.
    • Basic Objective: Complete 1 perfect calibration
    • Advanced Objective 1: Complete 2 perfect calibrations
    • Advanced Objective 2: Complete 3 perfect calibrations
    A photo: a young man wearing a hat is performing card tricks on stage.[5]
  6. The Path to Success
    Which is more important, hard work, or talent? For those lacking talent, hard work is all they've got.
    • Basic Objective: 100% decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 1: 200% decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 2: 300% decoding progress
    A photo: a young man in a hat is arranging his magic props.[6]
  7. Outlaws
    A great swindler is also a great magician.
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 2 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 3 time(s)
    A report: Great Magician Injured during Performance.[7]
  8. Escape Artist
    Calmly unbind your partners under the audience's gaze. This is a common trick.
    • Basic Objective: Rescue 1 partner from a rocket chair
    • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue 2 partners from rocket chairs
    • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue 3 partners from rocket chairs
    As long as there's nothing wrong with that lock.[8]
  9. Thurston's 3 Rules in Magic
    An over-enthusiastic audience may cause problems. As a performer, you should know how to handle one.
    • Basic Objective: Stun the hunter with a pallet 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Stun the hunter with a pallet 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Stun the hunter with a pallet 3 times
    One must never tell the audience what is about to happen, never perform a trick twice during a performance, and never reveal the secret of a magic trick.[9]
  10. Close-Up Magic
    Deceiving the audience up close isn't easy. It takes a little effort.
    • Basic Objective: Escape the dungeon
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape the dungeon
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape the dungeon
    Such as vanishing into thin air in front of an audience.[10]
  11. Asrah Levitation
    From nothing to something, from here to there, Servais Le Roy is the greatest escape artist of the last 100 years!
    • Basic Objective: Avoid being hit by the hunter while in Stealth mode 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Avoid being hit by the hunter while in Stealth mode 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Avoid being hit by the hunter while in Stealth mode 3 times
    A newspaper: Servais, the successor of the great magician John, is expected to embark on a tour soon.[11]
After deducing Node 11: Asrah Levitation, Magician's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Full Conclusion

Servais had a mentor with a white beard named John. Servais did not enjoy being shadowed by his mentor and wanted to be in the limelight. He performed small stunts such as card tricks. One day, John was in an accident during one of his performances.

Appearance Decoration

Icon Name Series Description Cost
SLR Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. 488 Echoes Echoes-2020.png Or 1988 Clues Clues-2020.png
SLR Worn Clothes.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 11 Asrah Levitation to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Treasure Hunter Magician.png
Treasure Hunter N/A Desert, tombs, and pharaohs. It's an exciting adventure, and it'll be even better with treasure. 2888 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 12888 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
SLR Blue Aladdin.png
Blue Aladdin S1 Memory Sphere A Stories in One Thousand and One Nights are the inspiration for many fantastic tricks. Will this exotic type of music, the blues bring me luck this time? N/A
SLR Platinum Aladdin.png
Platinum Aladdin Logic Path reached 1528 (S1) Stories in One Thousand and One Nights contain one thousand and one deductions. Platinum Aladdin is just one of the interesting derivatives among them. N/A
Merlin Magician.png
Merlin Memory Sphere Season 2 Magic tricks and sorcery are fundamentally different, make sure not to mix them up. N/A
White Beard Magician.png
White Beard Memory Sphere Season 5 The mysterious and wise sorcerer leader of white magic is powerful, kind, and gentle. He vowed to protect the inhabitants and children of the city. N/A
Optical Mirror Call of the Abyss II N/A
Mr. Gentleman Halloween 2018
SLR Silvery Tech.png
Silvery Tech S1 Essence 4 The theme of this lecture tour is: Silver Miracle! N/A
SLR Wedding Host.png
Wedding Host N/A The host, who has never met the newlyweds, tried to salvage the embarrassing situation with his performance, but he could not utter any well wishes. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png
SLR Party Host.png
Party Host S1 Essence 1 During any celebration, hosts are very energetic. N/A
Zebra Shadow Magician.png
Zebra Shadow N/A When the freak show lost its popularity, he became a magician for the circus. And what would the parade be without him. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Azure Ceremony Magician.png
Azure Ceremony Memory Sphere 2 Elegant blue stripes are as classic as it gets, and every gentleman should try them at least once. N/A
Joyless Dance Magician.png
Joyless Dance N/A One of the charms of power is that it makes people blind and deaf. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Snowless Peak Magician.png
Snowless Peak Memory Sphere Season 3 Perhaps it's not a miracle of divine grace, but the punishment of wrath. N/A
Distinguish Magician.png
Distinguish Memory Sphere Season 5 When the king finds his true self, the game will end. N/A
Master of Illusions Magician.png
Master of Illusions Memory Sphere Season 6 Magic is a great deception, and he doesn't mind performing it in life. N/A
SLR Olive Branch.png
Olive Branch N/A Please don't let this olive branch fall from my hands. N/A
SLR Red Coat.png
Red Coat S1 Memory Sphere B There is an unconfirmed rumor: The industry status of those in red robes is unreachable. 108 Echoes Echoes-2020.png Or 438 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Charming Purple Logic Path reached 502 (S5) N/A
Wine Magician.png
Wine Memory Sphere Season 11 N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Magician Tome.png
Tome N/A The Treasure Hunter learned nothing from the disaster caused by the Scepter of Destiny. It remains to be seen what fate this new Tome has in store for him.

Special Effects: Added Decoy special effects.

1888 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 8388 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Umbrella S1 Memory Sphere B He has a series of exquisite collectibles, especially this black umbrella, which once used by a princess to defend herself against an evil painter. 258 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 968 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Rabbit Doll.png
Rabbit Doll Memory Sphere Season 2 A basic skill of any magician is to pull a bunny from their hat. 258 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 968 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Accessories Magic Cat.png
Magic Cat Memory Sphere Season 8 Last time, I magicked up a rabbit, and it wasn't very happy. This time, I'll magic up a cat, and I hope you'll like it. 258 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 968 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Magician Starry Sky Pillow.png
Starry Sky Pillow Memory Sphere Season 13 Put the pillow down and tap it lightly. You'll fall right asleep and dream of the brilliant starry sky. 258 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 968 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Icon Type Name Series Description
Muse Mark.png
Graffiti Muse Mark Already Equipped The Graffiti content for all survivors and hunters, Muse Mark
Magician Cartoon.png
Graffiti Magician - Cartoon Rank Treasure Magician's exclusive Graffiti, Cartoon
Magician Customization.png
Graffiti Magician - Customization N/A Special Magician Graffiti. The graffiti demonstrates the personality of the character.
Graffiti Magician - Animal Abyss Treasure Magician exclusive Graffiti - Animal
Flashlight Grayed.png
Graffiti Flashlight - Grayed N/A Flashlight Graffiti, Grayed
Magician Silhouette.png
Graffiti Magician - Silhouette Memory Sphere Season 7 Magician's exclusive Graffiti, Silhouette
Graffiti Wand - Colored N/A Wand Graffiti, Colored
Graffiti Wand - Grayed N/A Wand Graffiti, Grayed
Graffiti Aladdin - Cartoon Magician's exclusive Graffiti, Aladdin Cartoon
Graffiti Aladdin - Silhouette Magician's exclusive Graffiti, Aladdin Silhouette
Graffiti Aladdin - Cute
Emote Agree Already Equipped A motion that means agreement.
Emote Hush Already Equipped A motion that means hush.
Emote Advance N/A A motion that means advance.
Emote Confused Rank Treasure A motion that means confusion.
Hurry back.png
Emote Hurry Back S1 Memory Sphere B A motion that asks teammates to hurry back.
Emote Provoke S1 Memory Sphere B A provoking motion, exclusive to Magician.
Emote Shout Rank Treasure A shout motion, exclusive to Magician.
Lie Down.png
Emote Lie Down N/A A lie-down motion, exclusive to Magician.
Emote Throws Snowball Abyss Treasure Throws Snowball Motion, exclusive to Magician
Emote Dance Memory Sphere Season 4 Dance Motion, exclusive to Magician
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast

60 Echoes Echoes-2020.png

Rolls 4-Sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Magician
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Default Already Equipped Male survivor's default motion in matching room
Ready S2 Essence 1 Magician's motion in matching room, Wait
Snooze standby.png
Snooze S2 Essence 1 Magician's motion in matching room, Snooze
Stand S1 Memory Sphere B Magician's motion in matching room, Stand


  • Magicians are known to use their wands to "trick" the hunter if they are catching up, sometimes resulting in a Terror Shock. Instead, try standing still, so that the hunter might think you used your wands to escape and travel some distance away from you. When the hunter is distracted by the "invisible Magician", use the wands to make your way out of the situation.
  • Remember that Magician's illusion has its own collision, so you can force the Hunter to hit your illusion by using the wand near small passages like the entrance of a building.
  • Magician's skill is effective against Joker's dash.


  • Servais Le Roy was a real person. He was a Belgian magician, illusion designer, and businessman.
  • His birthday is on the 4th of July.
  • He is skilled in magic.
  • He is interested in suits and magic.
  • He hates being threatened.
  • He likes making sophisticated canes and suits.


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