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Season Three is a competitive time frame that Identity V Identity v.png began hosting on on November 15, 2018.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Can save up to 100 4-Sided Dice
  • Memory spheres from last season

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Points: A players' EXP is composed of survivor's EXP and hunter's EXP
  2. Playing: Players receive survivors' EXP or hunter's EXP when they play either Quick Matches or Ranked Matches as a survivor or hunter.
  3. EXP Level: The EXP level increases when a player's EXP reaches a certain amount. Each time a player's level increases, they will receive a corresponding reward for that level.
  4. Calculation: When playing as a survivor, the survivor's EXP will be calculated according to the players' current survivor's EXP and their expected performance in the battle; the same applies when playing as the hunter.
  5. Season Rules: There's a limit for both survivor's EXP and hunter's EXP and the speed at which one receives EXP decreases greatly after the limit has been reached; the EXP limit and EXP level are reset when the new season begins.
  6. Supplemental Rules: Players cannot earn EXP if they don't have enough deduction points.

Characters Released[edit | edit source]

Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png[edit | edit source]


Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[edit | edit source]


Appearance Decoration[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]


Standby Motions[edit | edit source]


Special Blocks[edit | edit source]


Essences[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Time Limit Open 1 Open 10 Content
S3 Essence 1 2018.10 - 2018.12 96 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png 960 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png
[Costume] Seer - Night Owl

[Costume] Doctor - Rhizotomist
[Costume] Gamekeeper - Forest Hunter
[Costume] Gardener - Herbalist
[Costume] Forward - Good Mushroom
[Costume] Geisha - Autumn Red
[Costume] Perfumer - Maple Red
[Costume] Cowboy - Frosty White
[Accessories] Cowboy - Snuff Bottle
[Accessories] Geisha - Cherry
[Emote] Priestess - Mourn
[Emote] Seer - Mourn
[Emote] Doctor - Mourn
[Emote] Coordinator - Mourn
[Portrait] Cute Clown
[Emote] Doctor - Provoke
[Emote] Explorer - Provoke
[Emote] Lawyer - Provoke
[Costume] Smiley Face - Green Hat
[Costume] Gamekeeper - White Wax
[Costume] Lawyer - Coral Red
[Costume] Mercenary - Stealth
[Costume] Hell Ember - Black
[Costume] Mind's Eye - Autumn Green
[Costume] The Ripper - Leaf Knight
[Costume] Soul Weaver - Golden Scarlet
[Costume] Lawyer - Matcha Green
[Costume] Mechanic - Stylish Violet
[Costume] The Ripper - Rose Knight
[Standby Motion] Magician - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Thief - Ready
[Standby Motion] Coordinator - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Lawyer - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Magician - Wait
[Graffiti] Thief - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Mercenary - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Doctor - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Lawyer - White
[Graffiti] Rugby Ball - Colored
[Graffiti] Golden Tentacle - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Spring Hand - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Geisha - Silhouette
[Graffiti] Goldsmith - Silhouette
[Graffiti] The Feaster - Silhouette
[Graffiti] Soul Weaver - Cute
[Graffiti] Geisha - Hannya Cartoon
[Graffiti] Forward - Silhouette
[Graffiti] Hell Ember - Cute
[Graffiti] Travels - Colored
[Portrait] Hell's Perception
[Portrait] Gamekeeper
[Portrait] Doctor

S3 Essence 2 2018.11 - 2019.1 96 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png 960 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png
[Costume] Mad Eyes - Enraged

[Costume] Gardener - Spring Demon
[Costume] Mind's Eye - Mongol
[Costume] Magician - Snowless Peak
[Costume] Wu Chang - Waterless Stream
[Costume] Doctor - Frostless Cold
[Costume] Cowboy - Soulless Body
[Costume] Thief - Rhythmless Tune
[Accessories] Wu Chang - Parchment
[Accessories] Cowboy - Mandolin
[Emote] Dancer - Dance
[Emote] Cowboy - Dance
[Emote] Geisha - Salute
[Emote] Smiley Face - Salute
[Portrait] Cute Gamekeeper
[Emote] Doctor - Lie Down
[Emote] Gardener - Lie Down
[Emote] Mercenary - Lie Down
[Emote] Thief - Lie Down
[Emote] Explorer - Lie Down
[Costume] The Ripper - Coffee Knight
[Costume] Soul Weaver - Camouflage
[Costume] Explorer - Verdant Green
[Costume] Thief - Celestine
[Costume] Soul Weaver - Rose Satin
[Costume] Hell Ember - Blue
[Costume] Soul Weaver - Cyan Weave
[Costume] Magician - Olive Branch
[Costume] Doctor - Bordeaux Red
[Costume] Hell Ember - Purple
[Costume] Lawyer - Space Black
[Standby Motion] Forward - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Explorer - Ready
[Standby Motion] Mercenary - Ready
[Standby Motion] Lawyer - Ready
[Standby Motion] Forward - Wait
[Graffiti] Soul Weaver - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Lawyer - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Forward - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Scythe - Colored
[Graffiti] White Tentacle - Silhouette
[Graffiti] Spring Hand - Silhouette
[Graffiti] Goldsmith - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Geisha - Hannya Silhouette
[Graffiti] The Feaster - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Geisha - Hannya Cute
[Graffiti] Aladdin - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Gamekeeper - Cute
[Graffiti] Controller - Colored
[Graffiti] Aladdin - Cute
[Portrait] Coordinator

S3 Essence 3 2018.11 - 2019.1 96 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png 960 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png
[Costume] Embalmer - Exorcist [Gift Character][Limited]

[Costume] Priestess - Bream Messenger
[Costume] Photographer - Moonlight Gentleman
[Costume] Lawyer - Goblin
[Costume] Coordinator - Ferrier of Souls
[Costume] Mechanic - Dark Forest Hunter
[Costume] Geisha - Begonia
[Costume] Seer - Judge
[Accessories] Mechanic - Shotgun
[Accessories] Seer - Holy Body
[Emote] Smiley Face - Threaten
[Emote] Hell Ember - Threaten
[Emote] Gamekeeper - Threaten
[Emote] The Ripper - Threaten
[Portrait] Cute Jack
[Emote] Lawyer - Lie Down
[Emote] Mechanic - Shout
[Emote] Explorer - Shout
[Emote] Gardener - Shout
[Emote] Mechanic - Lie Down
[Costume] Joker - Blue Freak
[Costume] Coordinator - Ocean
[Costume] Thief - Green Jade
[Costume] Mind's Eye - Pinkish-White
[Costume] Mind's Eye - Winter Blue
[Costume] Coordinator - Emerald
[Costume] Mechanic - Smart Yellow
[Costume] Coordinator - Gray
[Costume] Mercenary - Gloom
[Costume] Explorer - Turquoise
[Costume] Joker - Purple Eggplant
[Standby Motion] The Mind's Eye - Wait
[Standby Motion] Mechanic - Wait
[Standby Motion] The Mind's Eye - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Mechanic - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Explorer - Snooze
[Graffiti] The Mind's Eye - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Coordinator - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Mechanic - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Golden Horn - Colored
[Graffiti] Golden Tentacle - Cute
[Graffiti] Spring Hand - Cute
[Graffiti] Goldsmith - Cute
[Graffiti] Geisha - Cartoon
[Graffiti] The Feaster - Cute
[Graffiti] Geisha - Cute
[Graffiti] Aladdin - Silhouette
[Graffiti] Smiley Face - Cute
[Graffiti] Armguard - Colored
[Graffiti] The Ripper - Cute
[Portrait] The Ripper

Rank Treasure[edit | edit source]

Rank Treasure
Icon Name Time Limit Open 1 Open 10 Content
Rank Treasure S1.png
S3 - Rank Treasure 2018.11 - 2019.1
[Accessories] Geisha - Reluctant Hug

[Accessories] Seer - White Feather
[Accessories] Doctor - Nicholas' Will
[Accessories] Smiley Face - Tambourine
[Accessories] Cowboy - Dry Pipe
[Accessories] Dancer - Golden Bell
[Accessories] Gamekeeper - Forester's Bow
[Standby Motion] Thief - Look
[Standby Motion] Explorer - Look
[Standby Motion] Mercenary - Look
[Standby Motion] Forward - Look
[Portrait Frame] Champion (S3)
[Portrait Frame] Evil Dragon (S3)
[Portrait] Cute Hell Ember
[Emote] Gardener - Provoke
[Emote] Mercenary - Provoke
[Emote] Magician - Lie Down
[Emote] Magician - Shout
[Emote] Lawyer - Shout
[Costume] Lawyer - Sakura Pink
[Costume] Explorer - Autumn Orange
[Costume] Hell Ember - Orange
[Accessories] Survivor - Expert Detective
[Standby Motion] Gardener - Wait
[Standby Motion] Mercenary - Wait
[Standby Motion] Explorer - Wait
[Standby Motion] Coordinator - Wait
[Standby Motion] Thief - Wait
[Standby Motion] Doctor - Wait
[Graffiti] Explorer - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Magician - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Gardener - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Hell Ember - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Chainsaw - Grayed
[Graffiti] Armguard - Grayed
[Graffiti] Claw - Grayed
[Graffiti] Flashlight - Grayed
[Graffiti] Travels - Grayed
[Graffiti] Patroller - Grayed
[Graffiti] Map - Grayed
[Emote] Confused
[Portrait] Thief
[Portrait] Explorer
[Portrait] Mercenary
[Portrait] Smiley Face
[Portrait] Stranger B
[Portrait] Magician
[Mark] Tranquility
[Mark] Bravery
[Mark] Persistence
[Mark] Friendliness
[Mark] Tough
[Mark] Deceit
[Mark] Vigilance
[Mark] Dread