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Season Four is a competitive time frame that Identity V Identity v.png began hosting on on January 3, 2019.

Features[edit | edit source]

  1. Tier Inheritance.
  2. Logic Path reset.
  3. Can save up to 100 4-sided dice.
  4. New season essence refreshed.
  5. Memory spheres from last season
  6. Deduction tasks available for Cowboy, Perfumer, and Geisha.
  7. New EXP level rewards are available, and EXP level limit is raised to 40.
  8. The Character Knowledge System is introduced. Players can only gain Character Points through Rank Matches. Character Points represents a player's mastery and strength in using a Character. Each week, Badge Rewards will be given out according to the player's Character Knowledge Points ranking.
  9. Season Review System is introduced. Players can check their previous hunter and survivor stats in previous seasons, as well as the use of their favorite characters in Rank Matches.
  10. Club System is introduced. There can only be a maximum of 7 players in a Club. Players who have joined a Club will be able to communicate in Team Chat, obtain additional Logic Points, and sign up as a Club to participate in the Global Festival Event (Call of the Abyss II).

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Points: A players' EXP is composed of survivor's EXP and hunter's EXP
  2. Playing: Players receive survivors' EXP or hunter's EXP when they play either Quick Matches or Ranked Matches as a survivor or hunter.
  3. EXP Level: The EXP level increases when a player's EXP reaches a certain amount. Each time a player's level increases, they will receive a corresponding reward for that level.
  4. Calculation: When playing as a survivor, the survivor's EXP will be calculated according to the players' current survivor's EXP and their expected performance in the battle; the same applies when playing as the hunter.
  5. Season Rules: There's a limit for both survivor's EXP and hunter's EXP and the speed at which one receives EXP decreases greatly after the limit has been reached; the EXP limit and EXP level are reset when the new season begins.
  6. Supplemental Rules: Players cannot earn EXP if they don't have enough deduction points.

Characters Released[edit | edit source]

Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[edit | edit source]


Essences[edit | edit source]

Season Four Essence
Season Four Essence
Icon Name Time Limit Open 1 Open 10 Content
S4 Essence 2019.1 - 2019.3 96 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png 960 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png
[Costume] Dream Witch - Vajytte [Gift Character]

[Costume] Explorer - Archaeological Professor
[Costume] Gamekeeper - Anubis
[Costume] Smiley Face - The Mummy
[Costume] Lawyer - Reporter
[Costume] Coordinator - Comouflage
[Costume] Mechanic - Tomb Guide
[Costume] Forward - Mummy Pioneer
[Costume] The Feaster - Ancient Soul
[Emote] Thief - Dance
[Emote] Forward - Dance
[Emote] Gardener - Dance
[Portrait] Black and White - Priestess
[Portrait] Black and White - Coordinator
[Portrait] Black and White - Lucky Guy
[Emote] Forward - Cheer
[Emote] The Mind's Eye - Cheer
[Emote] Priestess - Cheer
[Costume] Smiley Face - Green Hat

[Costume] Gamekeeper - White Wax
[Costume] Lawyer - Coral Red
[Costume] Mercenary - Stealth
[Costume] Hell Ember - Black
[Costume] Mind's Eye - Autumn Green
[Costume] The Ripper - Leaf Knight
[Costume] Soul Weaver - Golden Scarlet
[Costume] Lawyer - Matcha Green
[Costume] Mechanic - Stylish Violet
[Costume] The Ripper - Rose Knight
[Standby Motion] Magician - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Thief - Ready
[Standby Motion] Coordinator - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Lawyer - Snooze
[Standby Motion] Magician - Wait
[Graffiti] Priestess' Holy Key - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Wu Chang's Rusty Bells - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Smiley Face's Rocket - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Geisha's Fan - Cartoon
[Graffiti] Mechanic - Gray Shadow
[Graffiti] Coordinator - Gray Shadow
[Graffiti] Cowboy - Gray Shadow
[Graffiti] Forward - Gray Shadow
[Graffiti] Doctor - Gray Shadow
[Graffiti] Gardener - Gray Shadow
[Graffiti] Colorful Memory - Magician
[Graffiti] Colorful Memory - Cowboy
[Graffiti] Colorful Memory - Gardener
[Graffiti] Colorful Memory - Forward