Sacred Heart Hospital

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Sacred Heart Hospital is one of 9 maps in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png.


The hospital is an old abandoned warehouse that holds some surgical equipment and still some beds. It is said to be haunted by a strange evil in the dark.


The story began with a fierce doctor-patient dispute. The hospital that was originally operating ushered in a highly-skilled dentist, but things became strange after he arrived. At the time, more and more patients were discharged from the hospital, but the registered discharge records did not increase, and some night-timers said that they had seen the dentist dragging a lot of garbage to the marshes at night.[1]

The rumors intensified, and after a patient’s strange disappearance, angry people poured into the hospital at night. The dentist refused to admit that he was related to the missing patient and asked everyone to let him go back to complete the operation. This attitude angered many people, so he sank in the swamp and died.[1]



It is on the ground floor of the hospital. It can have one decipher machine. The term "Morgue", means a place to hold human corpses until they decompose and where they wait to be cremated.

Operating Room[edit]

It has a surgery bed and a desk with surgical equipment and a single light. The chances of it containing a decipher machine is low to none.


It is an empty room with a light and a toilet in it with a single sink.

Main Room[edit]

It is usually the room that contains the decipher machine in the hospital. It has a desk, a couple roller beds, and a crack in the floor that leads to the first floor.

Basement Spawns[edit]

  • In the hospital, to the top left.
  • In the hut ruins, near the bottom exit gate.





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