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Rank Match is one of 3 available game modes featured in Identity V Identity v.png. It is how a player earns rank.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In this mode, a group of four Survivors will play a ranked game against an unknown Hunter.

This game mode is available only for a short period of times:

04h - 06h (server time)

11h - 13h (server time)

19h - 21h (server time)

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Participation Rules: Rank Match unlocks when the story progresses to a certain point. All participants will be matched with teammates and opponents according to their own skills and ratings.
  2. Tier Rules: Rank Match has 6 major tiers in total, respectively: Tier I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. Tiers I and II have 3 divisions, Tier III has 4 divisions, and Tiers IV and V have 5 divisions. Players entering Tier VI are no longer restricted by divisions and ranked only according to their skill levels.
  3. Division/Tier Promotion and Demotion: A corresponding division/tier promotion match will be triggered upon attaining full-star status. Players who win the match will be promoted and acquire one star in the next division/tier. Likewise, a division/tier demotion match will be triggered at 0 stars. Players who lose the match who have not activated demotion protection will be demoted. Tier VI players who have not activated demotion protection and lost a match at 0 stars will be demoted to Tier V division I. Tier I players will not lose stars when they lose Rank Match.
  4. Group Rank Match: Tiers of team members must be within the two adjacent major tiers.
  5. In Tier VI, every 50 stars is viewed as one "major tier."
  6. Tier VI players will be checked by the system every 7 days. 1 star will be deducted if the player did not participate in a Rank Match in the last 7 days.
  7. Delayed Settlement: Match may not be settled immediately when you exit the game. For matches with delayed settlements, the division/tier change will be applied immediately at the end of the match.