Patch 9.6.18

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Patch 9.6.18[edit | edit source]


  • Character: Lucky Guy's special abilities have been modified. The external trait of Lucky Guy has an additional effect: Wishing for an item before you open a chest will significantly increase your chances of receiving it;
  • Shop: The Maid costume for Lucky Guy is now available;
  • Character: The survivor, Perfumer is available in the in-game shop. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this survivor. The Perfumer will be made available in ranked matches after the purchase;
  • Event: S1's Final Push has begun. Till the end of S1, which ends after maintenance Sept. 13 08:00 (UTC +8): The max. limit of logic points earned in the battle will be increased by 20%; winning the first three matches of the day will increase logic points to 1000; and rolling 20-sided dice will produce a number no less than 10;
  • Events: New B612 co-op graffiti can be claimed through the Identity V community and B612 community events;
  • UI: Improved the Quick Message interface, allowing the display of more characters.

Special Mention:

  • S1 ends after the maintenance on Sept. 13 08:00 (UTC +8), at which time the following changes will take place:
    • 4-sided dice: When S2 begins, the maximum capacity of 4-sided dice will be 100. Players will be unable to retain any number of dice over this number, so please use them at your earliest convenience;
    • Season Essence: Players will be unable to purchase S1 Essence (S1.E1- S1.E6) from the shop when S2 Essence is made available. Players who already own S1 Essence will not be affected;
    • Rank Treasure: Rank rewards will be updated to S2 Rank Treasure. S1 Rank Treasure will no longer be rewarded, but those who possess rank treasure will not be affected;
    • Tier Inheritance: When S2 begins, ranks (according to a players tier last season) will rollover to the next season. Please consult rules on tier inheritance found in **Rank Match - Season Rules for details;
    • Tier Rewards: When S2 begins, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they have obtained during the last season. Please consult rules on tier inheritance found in S1 Rewards for details;
    • Logic Path: When S2 begins, Logic Path level will be reset to 0. Also, Logic Path rewards will be replaced by all new rewards for S2;
    • Logic Points: When S2 begins, the limit for logic points will be reset;
    • Memory Sphere: A and B items from S1 Essence will be placed in S1 Memory along with S, A, and B items from the rank treasure. You can exchange clues for S1 Memory.

Bugs fixed:

  • Issue where the download link on the Japanese login page is incorrectly displayed has been resolved;
  • Issue where the temporary hunter identity card doesn't work with the Feaster (hunter) has been resolved;
  • Issue has been resolved where certain objects that are traversable for survivors are not for hunters;
  • Repaired an issue where a wrong UI appears after Hell Ember uses his special ability;
  • Repaired an issue where the English description for the Geisha's Back to School graffiti is wrong;
  • Repaired an issue where the Quick Message for "Don't rescue me" was incorrectly translated in English and Japanese;
  • Repaired an issue where some loading tips were not translated;
  • Repaired an issue of the incorrect buff description for the Shelter ability in some languages;
  • Modified the descriptions for the following abilities in some languages in accordance with actual effects: 1) Survivor abilities: Distraction, Escape, Borrowed Time; 2) Hunter abilities: Detention, Carnival, and Announcement.