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Patch 9.5.19[edit | edit source]

Maintenance content for this week:

  • [Back to School Weekend Event]: They say that the time spent as a student are the best days of one's life, and the two unchanging themes for students have always been vacation and back to school. Whether it is busy or relaxed, the first weekend after going back to school always holds a special meaning to each and every detective. During the event, complete Quests to claim the Back to School Weekend Event Graffiti and Portrait. Event time: 9 AM September 5 - 23:59:59 September 8
  • [Season Essence 2]: Season 7 Essence 2 is now available. New Costume updates include Bloody Queen's S Costume - Bloodbath, Seer's A Costume - Lunar Phase and Wildling's A Costume - Jester. Obtain Essence 2 S Costume - Bloodbath to unlock Hunter - Bloody Queen for free. This Character cannot be used in Rank Matches, Duo Hunters and Blackjack Mode currently;

New Character: A New Hunter - Bloody Queen (Mary) has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 7 Essence 2 S Costume - Bloodbath to unlock this Character for free (this Character cannot be used in Rank Matches, Duo Hunters or Blackjack Mode currently);

  • [External Trait - Aqua Mirror]: Bloody Queen creates a Mirror Image by using an Aqua Mirror. The Mirror Image ignores collisions and reflects the location, state and motion of the actual body in real time. It can inflict damage on Survivors, but Survivors can only receive one damage at a time;
  • [Active Skill - Mirror Image]: Summon the Aqua Mirror to generate a Mirror Image of the body. When the image is formed, tap the skill button again to switch positions with the Mirror Image;
  • [Active Skill - Mirror Rotation]: Rotate the Aqua Mirror to make the Mirror Image turn to the nearest Survivor;
  • [Active Skill - Into the Mirror]: When summoning the Aqua Mirror within a 5m radius of a survivor, a Mirror Image of the nearest Survivor will be generated. The Survivor's Mirror Image will disappear after the Survivor is hit by the Bloody Queen.

Character Adjustments:

  • Adjusted Mad Eyes' sealing Dungeon with Fence. Mad Eyes can no longer seal off the Dungeon with only one Fence;
  • Decreased the duration of Mad Eyes' Fence around the Dungeon.

Blackjack Mode Adjustments:

  • Added Sharing function in the Settlement Interface of Blackjack Mode;
  • Adjusted Seer's Rage build-up speed. Seer now has a faster Rage build-up speed in Blackjack Mode.

Judgement Optimization:

  • Optimized Smiley Face's Rocket Dash hit logic when Rocket Dash is heading towards Rocket Chairs with Survivors nearby. Now, Smiley Face Rocket Dash's target hit logic will be more reasonable;
  • Optimized the judgement logic for failed calibration when Decoding Cipher Machines. Now, calibration will only be determined as failed if players leave the Cipher Machine after 0.25 seconds from the calibration prompt;
  • Optimized the issue of interaction delays. Adjusted the interaction of Survivors and Hunters vaulting over windows and Hunters' Patroller attacking controls;
  • Adjusted queue duration after selecting Match. Now, after selecting Match, players are able to cancel matchmaking within a very short period;
  • Removed the invincible state of Survivors when falling from the balloon;
  • Optimized The Feaster's Balloon Knife hit accuracy.

Experience Optimization:

  • Adjusted the Final Conclusion requirements of Deduction Nodes in Deduction Quests. Now, as long as players complete the Deduction Node's Basic Objective (1 Star), the Final Conclusion will be unlocked;
  • Added Leo's Memory snowflake effect switch in the Settings Interface. The default option of the switch is off, and the snowflake effect will not be turned off in Leo's Memory while switched off;
  • Added the feature of Season Essence activation times and number of A and S items that have been obtained in the Sphere Interface. Memory Sphere does not support this feature currently;
  • Added a screen vibration as a reminder when Android players are matched successfully;
  • Optimized Key Settings in PC Version. General keys, Survivor's General keys, Hunter's General and Exclusive keys can now be customized according to different Hunter Characters;
  • Adjusted Eversleeping Town's tram activation time;
  • Optimized the description of Talent - Tide Turner to make it more accurate;
  • Optimized the description of The Feaster's Deduction Quests Node 4 to make it more accurate;
  • Added recording and playback functions to the PC Version;

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where after The Ripper gets hit by a Fire Bomb, carries Survivors into the Fog, and after the Fire Bomb effect ends, The Ripper would directly enter Hidden in Mist state;
  • Fixed the issue where the Unstuck function could be used to break free from walls that are sealed by Mad Eyes;
  • Fixed the issue where when players leave battles in advance in Normal Match and tap the Data button in the Settlement Interface, the Spectate button disappears;
  • Fixed the issue where the Matchmaking Interface would occasionally get stuck when players are matched with others while modifying the Talent page name;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors could not see the branches dropped by Axe Boy;
  • Fixed the issue where The Feaster's Tier II skill could not select Survivors when tapping fast under certain circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where the Dancer could place the Music Box into the air when releasing after a long hold;
  • Fixed the issue where Hunter's Unlock skill progress bar when spectating in Custom OB is displayed incorrectly in Blackjack Mode;
  • Fixed the issue where if a knocked down Survivor draws a Card from the Hunter nearing the end of the drawing time in Blackjack Mode, it will lead to the issue where the Survivor will end up drawing two Cards;
  • Fixed the issue where the interface would get stuck if the Hunter reaches 21 points and is affected by both the Exchange Card and Pass Card in Blackjack Mode;
  • Fixed the issue where the Prospector's Magnet could not repulse others in Blackjack Mode;
  • Fixed the issue where the Mechanic Puppet's prompt displays anomalies in Blackjack Mode;

Update Notice [Sept. 12, 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on September 12, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Event: Mid-Autumn Festival Themed Event is now available. The full moon has risen again... When the Jade Rabbit visits the manor once again, will you be able to find all the moon phases? Mid-Autumn Festival Themed Event will be available next Friday.
  • [Shop]: Hunter - Bloody Queen and her B Costume - Rouge is now available in-store.
  • [Charity Event]: Axe Boy's A Costume - [Wail], General B Accessory - Milk Carton is now available in-store. All profits from this event sales (excluding promotional expenses) will be donated to international charity organizations to support public welfare projects related to children's safety.