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Patch 9.30.19[edit | edit source]

Maintenance content for this week:

New Season:

  • [New Season]: After this week's maintenance, Season 7 will end and Season 8 will officially begin. The Final Push event will also end at this time;
  • [Season Essence]: Season 8 Essence 1 is officially available this week. New Costume updates include Barmaid's S Costume - True Proof, Wu Chang's A Costume - Requiem and Geisha's A Costume - Blood Fan. Obtain S Costume - True Proof to obtain the all-new Survivor, Barmaid for free. This Character cannot be used in Rank Matches, Duo Hunters Mode and Blackjack Mode currently;
  • [Tier Inheritance]: In Season 8, Rank Match rankings will be carried over to the next season according to the player's tier in the previous season. Detailed Tier Inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
  • [Tier Rewards]: In Season 8, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the previous season. Detailed Tier Reward rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rewards;
  • [Blackjack Points]: In Season 8, Blackjack Points will be reset to 0;
  • [Logic Path]: When Season 8 begins, Logic Path level will be reset to 0. Also, Logic Path rewards will be replaced by all-new S8 rewards with the highest reward being Perfumer's A Costume - Crimson Bride;
  • [Logic Points]: When S8 begins, the limit for Logic Points will be reset;
  • [Character Knowledge Inheritance]: In Season 8, inheritance will be carried out according to the previous season's Character Knowledge Points.
  • [4-Sided Dice]: In Season 8, the maximum threshold of 4-Sided Dice will be 100. Players will not be able to retain any Dice that exceed this limit in Season 8, so please use them before they expire;
  • [Deduction]: In Season 8, two new characters will be released, including Wildling and Acrobat. Complete the final deduction task to receive Character's Deduction Rewards - Worn Clothes;
  • [EXP]: In Season 8, new EXP-level rewards will be made available and the EXP level limit has been raised to 80;
  • [Rank Treasure]: In Season 8, completing three Rank Matches daily will reward players with Rank Treasure rewards at 00:00 the following day. There is a chance to obtain S Accessory [Enchantress - Curse Cloud], A Accessories [Soul Weaver - Lethal Cocoon], [Wildling - Kaleidoscope] and [Gamekeeper - Jingling Bell]. Rank Treasures will be rewarded according to player's current highest ranking (Survivor or Hunter);
  • [Memory Sphere]: In Season 7, Season Essence's A and B grade items will enter the new Memory Sphere with Season 7 Rank Treasure's S, A and B grade items. Treasures can be exchanged with Clues;

New Character:
A New Survivor - Barmaid (Demi Bourbon) has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 8 Essence 1 S Costume - True Proof to unlock this Character for free (this Character cannot be used in Rank Matches, Duo Hunters Mode and Blackjack Mode currently);

  • [External Trait - Dovlin]: Carries a wine barrel around to mix Strong Dovlin. Strong Dovlin can be drank when the Barmaid or Teammates are injured, but they will become Tipsy and their Fear will be reduced. The Barmaid also carries a bottle of D.U.P.H.R.I.N. Drinking it will increase the drinker's Fear by half. However, the D.U.P.H.R.I.N's Hard Drinker effect will also increase the drinker's Movement Speed by 50% for 2 seconds, and causes the consumer to be Tipsy and reduces their Fear. D.U.P.H.R.I.N's stimulation is strong, so it can't be drank when the Barmaid is injured. Additionally, the D.U.P.H.R.I.N cannot be shared with Teammates. Increased Fear due to Mixing and Strong Dovlin is not considered an injury and therefore does not trigger Panic, Deteriorate, Hunter's Instinct and Cowardly effects. [As the Coordinator and The Mind's Eye are below the drinking age, they will not be able to drink the Barmaid's Strong Dovlin. Demi Bourbon never serves anyone under the drinking age]
  • [External Trait - Mixing]: Mixing drinks costs energy. After mixing, the cost energy will immediately increase the Barmaid's Fear by half. However, the Barmaid will also gain 1 bottle of Strong Dovlin and become Tipsy, thus decreasing Fear. The maximum number for stored Dovlin is 1 bottle. Due to limited ingredients, only 2 bottles can be mixed in a single game. The D.U.P.H.R.I.N cannot be mixed in the Manor. The Barmaid is unable to mix when injured.
  • [External Trait - Tipsy]: Mixing or drinking the alcohol will put Survivors in a Tipsy state, and after it ends, Survivor's Fear will be decreased by half immediately. Mixing will cause Survivors to be Tipsy for 8 seconds. Drinking Strong Dovlin will cause Survivors to be Tipsy for 21 seconds. Consuming D.U.P.H.R.I.N will cause the Barmaid to be Tipsy for 8 seconds. However, if Survivors are hit when Tipsy, the effects will be immediately removed.
  • [External Trait - Hangover]: Whenever the Barmaid or other Survivors become Tipsy, their decoding speed will be decreased by 8% and the effects can be stacked up to 2 times.


  • S Accessory [Embalmer - Remains of Yellow Roses] is now available
  • A Accessory [Evil Reptilian - Forceps], [Acrobat - Star Candy] and [Prospector - Star Globe] is now available


  • In Duo Hunters Mode, the time required to decode Cipher Machines has been adjusted to 90 seconds, and the speed reduction gained from team decoding has been decreased as well.
  • Adjusted the matchmaking mechanism in Duo Hunters Mode. Now, matchmaking Teammates and opponent's Tier will be closer to your own Tier.

Blackjack Adjustments:
Blackjack Weekly Ranking is now available: The Weekly Ranking will be based on players' total Blackjack Points from Monday, 00:00:00, to Sunday, 24:00:00. Players are able to obtain corresponding rewards after reaching a certain level in the Weekly Ranking.

  • Weekly Top 1-100 will obtain 5 Rank Treasures and 5 Memory Spheres
  • Weekly Top 101-1,000 will obtain 3 Rank Treasures and 3 Memory Spheres
  • Weekly Ranking Points will be reset every Sunday night at 23:59:59. Rewards obtained will be sent to players via in-game mail.

New Items: Accelerator Card Lv. 1, Accelerator Card Lv. 2, Reveal Card Lv. 1, Reveal Card Lv. 2 are 4 new items that can be purchased 1 time each round and up to 2 times throughout the game.

  • Accelerator Card Lv. 1: Price - 100. Use it to gain a small acceleration boost for 10 seconds. Only for Survivors.
  • Accelerator Card Lv. 2: Price - 200. Use it to gain a large acceleration boost for 10 seconds. Only for Survivors.
  • Reveal Card Lv. 1: Price - 50. Use it to select a Character to reveal the location for 30 seconds. Available to Hunters and Survivors.
  • Reveal Card Lv. 2: Price - 100. Use it to reveal all Characters' locations for 30 seconds. Available to Hunters and Survivors.

Blackjack Mode Character Adjustment: Added new Hunter Characters - Joseph, Mad Eyes and The Feaster, as well as Survivor Characters - Embalmer, First Officer, Wildling, and Acrobat. Adjusted Magician and Perfumer skills.

  • Joseph: Due to Joseph's complex skills, his skills will not be available in this mode. Instead, his normal attacks will deal double damage.
  • Mad Eyes: Mad Eyes Fence damage has been doubled
  • The Feaster: His skills in this mode remain the same as in normal mode, but his normal attacks will deal double damage
  • Embalmer: Gains a Coffin each Round and will be resurrected upon being knocked down
  • Wildling: Wild Boar will no longer take damage for the Wildling. The Wildling will also get knocked down by Hunter's normal attacks while riding his Boar, but the charging time of Riding has been greatly reduced
  • Acrobat: The Acrobat can only gain 3 balls per Match in this mode
  • Magician: The Magician can use the Decoy 2 times per Round
  • Perfumer: The Perfumer can use the Perfume 3 times per Round

Preorder Function: Players can adjust settings for their Preorders in the game and select their Preorder items. When players gain sufficient Chips in the game, the Shop will pop up a quick purchase button, and players can tap on it to purchase items directly Battle Ending Adjustments: Blackjack Mode will no longer show a "Defeat" Ending. Instead, it will now show "Victory", "2nd Place", "3rd Place", "4th Place", and "5th Place"

Experience Optimization:

  • Moved the icon position of Character's skill description in battle.
  • Optimized the positions of some Survivor Special buttons in the PC version. Buttons can now be set to overlap.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where the Gamekeeper's actions would show anomalies when the Gamekeeper hooks out of the window in the Arms Factory under certain circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where some S and A Costume's special effects would disappear after entering a Locker;
  • Fixed the issue where the Mechanic Doll could not be interacted with after returning back to the Mechanic's body when inflicted with Wu Chang's Wavering Soul;
  • Fixed the issue where Mad Eyes could not generate Fence on Locked Dungeons;
  • Fixed the issue where the Bloody Queen would get stuck in midair when holding her Mirror and using Blink in a high place.

Update Notice [Oct. 10, 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on October 10, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Package]: Magician's Treasure Hunter Package will be available in-store at 32% off after maintenance on October 10 (UTC+8) and includes Magician's S Costume - Treasure Hunter, S Accessory - Tome. This Package can only be purchased using Echoes. At the same time, Treasure Hunter Costume and Accessories will also be available in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the Package are already owned, the price of the Package will be reduced accordingly. The Package will be removed from the Store on October 30, 23:59:59 (Server Time). (Costume and Accessories will not be removed)
  • Survivor - Barmaid is now available in-store and it can be purchased using Echoes or Clues.
  • Barmaid's B Costume - Strong Mix is now available in-store and can be purchased using Echoes or Fragments.