Patch 9.27.18

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Patch 9.27.18[edit | edit source]

New character: The souls of the White and Black Guards have been imbued in an umbrella; one light, one dark, destined never to meet. The souls of those that gaze upon Wu Chang will be drained. Wu Change is the first hunter at the manor to be able to switch forms. Claim the S costume, Divine from the S2 Essence 2 to unlock for free;

  • External Trait: The souls of the White and Black Guards that have been imbued into the umbrella can be switched by using Summon. The White Guard excels at patrol and pursuit. Its movement speed is fast, but has slow stun recovery and attack speed; The Black Guard excels at melee combat. Its stun recovery and attack speed are fast, but its movement speed is slow;
  • Summon Trait: Available from the beginning. Use this skill to switch into Dual Soul mode, or hold down the skill button to charge up and toss the soul umbrella forward, switch to Dual Soul mode and teleport to where the umbrella lands. The longer you charge the skill the further you can toss the umbrella;
  • Siphon Soul & Wavering Soul Traits: Unlocked at stage 1: The White Guard is nimble, and when it fully enters the spiritual realm it won't be able to interact with anything for 5s. However, its movement speed is greatly increased and it will siphon the souls of survivors in its field of vision. If it manages to fully siphon a survivor's soul, and the survivor will lost his soul and become stunned, unable to interact with the environment; When the Black Guard rings the bell and casts Wavering Soul, all survivors that hear the ringing must steel their resolve and calibrate with precision. Should they fail the calibration, they will become horrified. If they fail another calibration, their soul will waver and their movement directions will be reversed;
  • Summon Enhanced Trait: Unlocked at stage 2: Reduce the time it takes to switch souls in Dual Soul mode and you will immediately perform an enhanced Siphon Soul or Wavering Soul upon switching.


  • Season Treasure: The Season 2 Essence 2 is available. New costumes, emotes, and accessories have been updated. If you receive the S costume, Divine from the Season 2 Essence 2 you will also receive the new hunter, Wu Chang. This character cannot be used in rank matches before maintenance on Oct. 4th 08:00 (UTC +8);
  • Shop: New A and B costumes available in-store, including the A costume: Hell Ember - Eternal King, and the B costumes: Gardener - Toiling Maid; Mechanic - Apprentice; Forward - Champion; and Thief - Scout;
  • Free Character Rotation: the Mind’s Eye has been added to the free character rotation, check back every day and see who is available!

Mechanism adjustments:

  • Modification of interactive dilapidated walls on the Red Church map. Hunters do not need to recover after attacking dilapidated walls. The time needed for survivors to push over dilapidated walls has been greatly shortened;
  • Points earned in rank matches have been adjusted. If a hunter's deduction points are highest in the event of a loss or draw for the hunter, they will be given extra points; protection points for a draw in tier II and III battles have been increased to 3 and 2 respectively.

Improved experience:

  • Decreased the frequency of function detection and improved in-battle performance;
  • Improved the wheezing sound effects for the Coordinator and the Mind's Eye;
  • New emotes have been added for the following characters on the display screen: Doctor, Lawyer, Thief, Magician, Explorer, Mercenary, Coordinator, Mechanic, Forward, the Mind's Eye, Priestess, Cowboy, Wu Chang;
  • The Mind's Eye's new voice recording has been inserted with voice recordings added for some emotes.

Bugs fixed:

  • Erroneous descriptions related to the Mid-Autumn Festival event have been rectified online and some prompts have been added;
  • Repaired an issue where some sound effects would not play in-game for the Perfumer’s costume, Moon Maiden;
  • Repaired an issue where there is a display error concerning survivor icons in the top-right corner when Borrowed Time is activated while the Mercenary is in a state of delayed reaction due to damage taken;
  • Repaired an issue where characters moving in close proximity of pallets will freeze;
  • Repaired an issue where the camera doesn't follow the character in spectator mode;
  • Repaired an issue where an error occurs with the Cowboy's avatar when he hits the levitating Geisha;
  • Repaired an issue concerning the abnormal game display when in spectator mode;
  • Repaired an issue concerning the attack button for patrol puppets;
  • Repaired an issue where the ears for the Forwards costumes, Lazy Mr. Bunny and Sleeping Mr. Bunny, do not disappear when using the magic wand.