Patch 9.13.18

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Patch 9.13.18[edit | edit source]

New Season:

  • New Season: When S2 begins, after this week's maintenance and end of S1, the limit for logic points will be reset;
  • Final Push: The S1 final push event has ended. The upper limit for and receiving of logic points has been reset and the roll bonus for 20-sided dice has been deactivated;
  • Tier Inheritance: When S2 begins, ranks (according to a player tier last season) will roll over to the next season. Please consult rules on tier inheritance found in Rank Match - Season Rules for details;
  • Tier Rewards: When S2 begins, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the last season. Please consult rules on tier inheritance found in - Season Rules for details concerning rewards;
  • Logic Path: When S2 begins, Logic Path level will be reset to 0 and reward distribution modified. Also, Logic Path rewards will be replaced by all new rewards for S2 with the highest rewards being the Sleeping Mr. Bunny costume (A) for the Forward;
  • 4-sided dice: When S2 begins, the maximum amount of 4-sided dice that you can roll over from the last season will be 100. Players will be unable to retain any number of dices over this number, so please use them at your earliest convenience;
  • Deduction: Along with the existing deduction content from S1, the deduction for four characters is available in S2, which include the Coordinator, The Mind's Eye, Jack and Smiley Face. Complete the deduction quest with a character to receive the deduction reward, the Worn Clothes costume for the corresponding character;
  • EXP: When S2 begins, new EXP level rewards will be made available and the upper limit for EXP is raised to 20;
  • Season Essence: The Season 2 Essence 1 is available after the maintenance. New looks, emotes, and accessories have been updated. When you receive the King’s Tailor look from the Season 2 Essence 1, you will also receive a new survivor, the Cowboy. This character cannot be used in ranked matches until the maintenance on Sept. 20th;
  • Rank Treasure: Complete three games daily during S2 to claim the corresponding S2 Rank Treasure Rewards at midnight (00:00). The Rank Treasure Level for S2 is determined by the highest current tier of a player's hunter or survivor. At this time Rank Treasure for S1 cannot be claimed;
  • Memory: A and B items from S1 Essence s will be placed in S1 Memory along with S, A, and B items from rank treasure. Due to a large amount of content, S1 Memory will be split into S1 Memory A and S1 Memory B. Players can exchange clues for SI Memory.
  • Shop: All new B costumes will be available in-store, including, Doctor - Rebirth, Thief - Bluebeard, Forward - Rash Youngster and Priestess - Fur Coat;
  • Shop: All new accessories will be available in-store, including, Hell Ember - Gardener Doll, Mechanic - Father's Pocket Watch, Thief - Rainbow Prism, Coordinator - Fire Spirit, The Mind's Eye - Ice Cream Cone, The Ripper - Grimace Scarf, etc.

Battle Mechanism:

  • Improved the rules pertaining to the generation of spare parts for Smiley Face to avoid the possibility of too many or too few Propellers being generated;
  • The decoding speed of dolls when the Mechanic is operating them will be increased by 25%; the decoding bonus afforded to the Mechanic's teammates has been changed to 3%;
  • The cost for carrying Elbow Pads as the Mercenary has decreased and can be used with additional times; time for healing has been modified so that the time spent on healing increases by 20% each time when he is injured and can reach a maximum of 100%; newly added the delayed injury impact where the impacts of an injury take effect after 15 seconds and only after exceeding the max. limit will he be incapacitated (e.g. if struck once when injured, he will fall to the ground after 15 secs; if he is struck twice when injured, he will instantly become incapacitated);
  • Increased the amount of time the doll can be used and also increased the amount of energy consumed when incapacitated;
  • Decreased the number of times the Elbow Pads can be used, but has increased the chances of getting them in chests;
  • The Perfumer can acquire deduction points in the battle;
  • Slightly decreased the protection points received when defeated in Tier II and III rank matches.


  • Hunter stats have been added to stats on the settlement interface;
  • A new function allowing trial cards to be dismantled into fragments has been added. If a player already owns a character or a costume, they can dismantle the corresponding character or costume trial cards they receive into fragments.

Improved experience:

  • Shop UI has been improved. Shop items, the new item tab and the shop entrance have been rearranged;
  • Improved the appearance of the following costumes on the display page and matched the corresponding colors for the boxes when they appear on the display page: The Mind's Eye - Golden Cake and Dark Cake;
  • Revised the general UI to increase the readability of the UI;
  • Improved the area of effects for Soul Weavers Detention and Fallen Misfortune abilities.

Bugs fixed:

  • Repaired an issue where the character and doll are invincible when the Mechanic summons a doll;
  • Repaired an issue where the Mechanic's default doll will occasionally let out girl's noises;
  • Repaired an issue where characters with abilities that allow them to change positions are prevented;
  • Repaired an issue where Hell Ember and his puppets occasionally fail to switch places;
  • Repaired an issue where buildings may move when a player is attempting to get unstuck after freezing;
  • Repaired an issue where the hunter would disappear while using the teleport;
  • Repaired an issue where the Gamekeeper will return to the point where he released his Chain Hook when he hooks an object;
  • Repaired an issue where the effects for the following talents are still active when players leave the game: Distress, Catfish Effect and Herd Effect;
  • Repaired an issue where spectators are unable to see the words "Terror Shock";
  • Repaired an issue where the progress bar sometimes doesn't appear while healing;
  • Repaired an issue where noises produced by survivors can be heard after the hunter player turns off the sound;
  • Repaired an issue where the Mechanic is unable to move or interact with the game environment when teammates open the locker where the doll is hiding inside;
  • Repaired an issue where hunters carrying survivors will suddenly be transported up in the air and get stuck;
  • Repaired an issue where some players using Android phones will quit from the game unexpectedly;
  • Repaired an issue where the Mechanic's doll and Hell Ember's puppet may be able to run out of the exit gate;
  • Repaired an issue where progress bars do not disappear when hunters use Excitement when being shone in the face with a flashlight;
  • Repaired an issue concerning the ability to choose the hunter when team up;
  • Repaired an issue where the view sometimes fixes on the hunter when spectating in the battle.