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Patch 8.9.18Edit


  • Starting from this week, the time for routine maintenance will be changed from 08:00 (UTC+8) on Wednesdays to 08:00 (UTC+8) on Thursdays. Thank you for your understanding and support.
  • Treasure: The Season 1 Essence 4 is available. New looks, Accessories, and Emotes have been updated. When you receive the “Golden Future” look from the Season 1 Essence 4 you will also receive a new survivor, the Priestess. This character can only be used in quick and custom match modes during the first week;
  • Character: The hunter, Geisha is now available in ranked matches;
  • Store: Daily clue packs and daily fragment packs added to the store;
  • Event: Weekend battles are from Aug 11 - Aug 12 (server time). During the event, by completing certain tasks, you can get clues and fragments in the 'Wonderful Thoughts' tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Abilities: Repaired a bug where nonfunctional UI appears when Hell Ember uses 'Listen';
  • Scenery: Repaired a bug where players trying to get unstuck from the barrel in the house on the Arms Factory map can enter the barrel;
  • Battle: Repaired a bug where hunters can catch survivors in an empty locker when the survivor touches the 'enter' button to two lockers;
  • Events: Repaired a bug that incorrectly displays text after swiping upwards;
  • UI: Corrected UI texts with abnormal line breaks or with text that exceeds text boxes;
  • UI: Repaired the overlap of icons and explanations of the enhancement of a character's special abilities;
  • Emote: Corrected the erroneous Japanese text displayed for the Coordinator's lie down emote;
  • Language: Corrected the inaccurate end-time displays for Rank Matches in Japanese.