Patch 8.30.18

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Patch 8.30.18[edit | edit source]


  • Treasure: The S1 Essence 6 is available. New costumes, emotes and accessories have been updated. When you receive the Madame Coral costume you will also receive the Survivor, Perfumer. This character can only be used in quick and custom match modes during the first week;
  • Character: The hunter, the Feaster is available in the in-game store. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this hunter. The Feaster will be made available in ranked matches after purchase;
  • Map: Lakeside Village has been added to ranked matches. Positions of some rocket chairs have been modified;
  • Store: Gifting system is now available. Players can now send store items as gifts to their friends. In order to be able to send gifts, the combined level of your survivor and hunter needs to be at least 30 and gifts can only be sent 24 hours after becoming friends. The daily limit for sending and receiving gifts is 3;
  • Event: New semester event opens. Receive fragments for completing daily tasks during the event. Battle to claim exam papers tokens that can be exchanged for Back to School graffiti, portrait frames! Time: Aug. 31 00:00:00 - Sep.2 23:59:59 (server time);
  • Store: New items are available in store, including: Doctor - Holy Angel; The Feaster - Oar of the Abyss; The Ripper - Manta Ray Mate; Mercenary - Sharkbite; Doctor - Clownfish; Forward - Lava Tortoise; Pet - Chomper;
  • Store: The New Player Pack and Special Essence Pack are available for a limited time in store;

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue where system messages are displayed in simplified Chinese has been resolved;
  • Issue where friends' tiers are sometimes abnormally displayed has been resolved;
  • Issue concerning the inaccurate description for the Feaster's Poseidon's Crown costume has been resolved;
  • Issue concerning the erroneous display of the notification badge on the friend interface has been resolved;
  • Issue where multiple detectives may appear in the lobby has been resolved;
  • Issue where the name and description of the Priestess in Japanese is different has been resolved;
  • Issue where certain descriptions on the EXP interface in some languages are inaccurate has been resolved.