Patch 8.1.18

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Patch 8.1.18[edit | edit source]


  • Characters: New Hunter available, the Geisha. Use clues or echoes to purchase. During the first week of availability, the Geisha can only be used in quick and custom games.
  • Store: For a limited time only, the Floating Petals pack, which contains the hunter, Geisha; the Geisha's Bride costume; and the Butterfly accessory can be purchased at 32% off the original price. Available from Aug 1 (after maintenance) - Aug 15.
  • Characters: The survivor, the Mind's Eye is available in the in-game store. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this survivor. The Mind's Eye will be made available in ranked matches after purchase.
  • Store: Update of exchangeable items using fragments. The following costumes can be exchanged using fragments: The Mind's Eye, Dark Cake; Smiley Face, Prisoner; Thief, Painter; Mercenary, Cloak. In the future exchangeable items will be updated regularly.
  • Store: the first ground pet, Mr. Whiskers and the Gardener's Flower Girl costume are available in-store now.
  • Function: Improved the artistic imagery and adjusted the layout of the events interface.

Bug Fixes:

  • Talent: Corrected erroneous talent descriptions (hunt, sticker).
  • Invite: Repaired an error that prevented the name of the player that invites another player from being displayed in certain languages.
  • Characters: Repaired an error where characters other than the Gardener had unlimited toolkits.
  • Phraseology: Reviewed in-game terminology, improving accuracy.
  • Languages: Corrected a mistake where some interface text was displayed in another language.