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Patch 7.4.19[edit | edit source]


  • [1st Anniversary 7-Day Sharing]: Identity V is celebrating its 1st Anniversary soon and the owner of the Manor has prepared tons of activities and rewards for the special event. Quickly, share this great news with everyone. During the event, completing First Daily Share will reward players with Fragments, Clues and other rewards.
  • 7-Day Sharing Event Period: July 4 after maintenance (UTC+8) - July 14, 23:59:59 (Server Time) (Note: For NA and EU Servers, the event will start on July 4 at 00:00)


  • Talent limit has been increased to 120 points, but players can only activate two Ultimate Talents at the same time, and the amount of Persona EXP gained after each battle has been increased. After this maintenance, all Talent points in Talent pages will be reset and players will need to reconfigure them.

Hunter Talent Adjustments:

  • [Hindsight] is replaced with a new Talent - [No Survivors]: Within the range of 10 meters from a knocked down Survivor, each free-moving Survivor will increase the Hunter's Attack Speed by 10% with a maximum of 3 stacks;
  • [Lurk] is replaced with a new Talent - [Desperate Fight]: Stunned again after 15 seconds, and Stun recovery speed is increased by 20%, with a maximum increase of 60%;
  • [Wicked Hound] is replaced with a new Talent - [Wanted Order]: When a Survivor is placed on a Rocket Chair and the remaining 3 Survivors are healthy or injured, the outline of a random Survivor will be shown and the Movement Speed is reduced by 4%/2%/0%. The debuff will disappear when the Survivor on the Rocket Chair has been rescued, but the outline will last for another 20 seconds;
  • [Raven Flock] is replaced with a new Talent - [Hunter's Instinct]: Each uninjured Survivor will increase the Hunter's Movement Speed by 0.5%/1%/1.5% when not in pursuit. However, once Tier I Skill is unlocked, it will no longer increase the Hunter's Movement Speed;
  • [Fallen Misfortune] is replaced with a new Talent - [Wither]: When a Survivor is placed on a Rocket Chair and the Hunter is 18 meters away, the Hunter's normal attacks will reduce Survivor's acceleration effect by 10%/20%/30%;
  • [Wanted Order] is replaced with a new Talent - [Trump Card]: Players can change their secondary skills after the battle has started for 120 seconds. The cooldown time is refreshed in proportion and can only be changed once;
  • [Eye for an Eye] is replaced with a new Talent - [Cat and Mouse]: Gain 20% bonus on windows vaulting speed after continuously pursuing a Survivor for 12 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails or when interacting with other objects, attacking or stunned;
  • [Carnival] Talent Adjustments: Gains 5%/7%/10% Attack Recovery Speed and 3%/4%/5% Movement Speed when the Exit Gate is activated. The effect lasts for 120 seconds;
  • [Claustrophobia] Talent Adjustments: If there are four active Survivors (Survivors that are not tied to Rocket Chair/balloons or knocked down) within 20 seconds after the Exit Gate has been activated, it opens 70% slower;
  • Optimized [Hospitable] Talent's description.

Survivor Talent Adjustments:

  • [Disturbance] is replaced with a new Talent - [Survivor's Instinct]: Self Decoding Speed is increased by 5%/15%/30% when 1/2/3 Survivor(s) have been eliminated;
  • [Hawthorn Effect] is replaced with a new Talent - [Symbiotic Effect]: Movement Speed is increased by 2%/4%/6% when running towards Survivors in Rocket Chairs within 30 meters;
  • [Spectator] Talent Adjustments: Movement Speed is increased by 10% when running towards a Survivor who is injured or knocked down within 30 meters. The speed of healing others is increased by 20%. Displays wounded Survivors except for those tied to balloons;
  • [Self Deception] Talent Adjustments: Survivors have 100% chance of not being detected by the Hunter when shocked by the Cipher Machine. Level 2 Talent will no longer interrupt the decoding progress when shocked by the Cipher Machine, and Level 3 Talent will decrease shock action by half;
  • [Herd Effect] is replaced with a new Talent - [Horsefly Effect]: When there is a Hunter within the range of 12 meters for 8 seconds, Pallet dropping speed will increase by 8%/14%/20%;
  • [Escape] Talent Adjustments: Movement Speed is increased by 3%/4%/5% for 120 seconds when the Exit Gate is activated;

Healing Adjustments:

  • Optimized some healing-related descriptions involving those under External Traits, Buffs and Talents.
  • Adjustment Logic: We hope to make a clearer distinction between various healings in the game. After the adjustment, healings in the game can be divided into the following situations:
  • Knocked Down Self-Healing: Refers specifically to the action of self-healing after the Survivor is knocked down.
  • Injured Self-Healing: Refers specifically to the action of self-healing with items such as Syringe and other items. This concept does not include self-healing when knocked down.
  • Healing Others: Refers specifically to the action of Survivors healing injured or knocked down Teammates.
  • Getting Healed: Refers specifically to the action of knocked down or injured Survivors being healed by a Teammate, knocked down self-healing and injured self-healing.
  • Healing: Covers all healing actions, including knocked down self-healing, injured self-healing, healing others, and getting healed.
  • Adjusted [Doctor] Talent. [Doctor] will no longer take effect for Knocked Down Self-Healing;
  • Adjusted [Shelter] Talent. [Shelter] will no longer take effect for Knocked Down Self-Healing

Next, we will continue to optimize some extreme values ​related to healing.

Priestess Adjustments

  • Priestess' Passage is renamed into Straight Passage. The Passage formed after summoning is renamed into Ultra-Long Passage.
  • Straight Passage: For Straight Passages, both Survivors and Hunters can pass through. Passages entered by Hunters will be destroyed after they squeeze through. At the same time, the Hunter will be stunned for a period of time. The stun duration increases with the passage's length. Teammates going through the Straight Passage will no longer leave a residual image;
  • Ultra-Long Passage: Hunters will not be able to go through it, but the Ultra-Long Passage can be destroyed during its forming. Survivors going through the Ultra-Long Passage will still leave a residual image;
  • Fragile: Priestess' Fragile effects is decreased to 10%;
  • Spiritualist: Priestess' Spiritualist Cipher Machine Decoding Speed is decreased by 10% and door opening speed reduction has been removed;
  • Priestess' Passage limit has been removed, and the Priestess' Passage will no longer have a usage limit;
  • Optimized the range and direction of attacks on Priestess' Passage.


  • [Character]: Evil Reptilian is now available in Rank Matches.
  • Decreased Soul Weaver's acceleration in one Cobweb and movement speed recovery rate, and slightly decreased Soul Weaver's acceleration in two Cobwebs and movement speed recovery rate;
  • Optimized the mechanism of various interaction speed buffs/debuffs in the game. Now, if buffs/debuffs are triggered during the interaction of Survivors and the Hunter, the buffs/debuffs effects will take effect immediately;
  • For Hunter's Trait [Abnormal], we adjusted the value when the effect decrese with increasing usage, and the value of recovery will also decrease in relation to the actual game time;
  • Optimized Hunter's attack judgment through windows;
  • Optimized Hunter's attack judgment;
  • Optimized Characters' movement logic when delay is higher;
  • Adjusted the building structure in Leo's Memory, and changed one of the windows into a door;
  • Optimized the special effects of Mechanic A Accessories - Resistance Meter;
  • Optimized the special effects of Seer S Accessories - Nirvana.

Experience Optimization:

  • Daily Free-to-use Character has been increased to 3 Characters;
  • Perfumer, Wu Chang, Photographer, Cowboy, Dancer, Seer and Embalmer have been added to Daily Free-to-use Characters.
  • Added Interface and Screen Spacing Adjustments Function. Opening the Settings Interface and tapping on the "Space Settings" will allow players to adjust the space between the screen and interface in order to match various screen sizes and full screen settings;
  • [Profile]: Record has been added with [Win Rate] descriptions. Win Rate is further defined by the win rate of the latest 100 matches;
  • [Emote]: Added Emote [Evil Reptilian] - [Crystalline] to the Costume Interface;
  • Adjusted the Interface position when Survivors are struggling;
  • Optimized some of Daily Event Interface's performance. Now a newly added red dot prompt is displayed in the Interface;
  • Optimized the calculation method of the estimated waiting time while matching.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where part of the Character Knowledge Interface was displayed incorrectly under certain circumstances when sorted by Recently Used Characters;
  • Fixed the issue where the Hunter would be pulled back slowly after using Blink under certain circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where the Evil Reptilian could leap through the wall under certain circumstances;
  • Fixed certain issues related to attacking under the acceleration of three Cobwebs;
  • Fixed the issue where the Hunter appeared to be standing on the roller coaster under certain circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where the Pallet did not play the corresponding action after Survivors pulling down the Pallet under certain circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where Patroller would drop Mercenary earlier than it should due to delayed damage after holding onto the Mercenary;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors struggled without voice when lifted by the Evil Reptilian;

Update Notice [July 11, 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on July 11, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Manor Party]: In order to celebrate Identity V's 1st Anniversary, the Manor owner is hosting a grand Manor Party. Log into the game to receive the Manor owner's celebration invitation. Completing a variety of mini events during the celebration will reward players with rich rewards. At the same time, collecting all Party Cards will reward players with A Costume Unlock Card;
  • [New Essence]: Season 6 Essence 3 is now available. A large amount of new Costumes and Emotes have been updated;
  • [New Character]: Survivor - Acrobat has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 6 Essence 3 S Costume - Mr. Swifts to unlock this Character for free;