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Patch 7.25.19[edit | edit source]

Maintenance content for this week:
New Season:

  • [New Season]: After this week's maintenance, Season 6 will end and Season 7 will officially begin. The Final Push event will also end at this time;
  • [Season Essence]: This Season 7 Essence 1 is officially available this week. New Costume updates include First Officer's S Costume - Captain Hook, The Mind's Eye's A Costume - Eversleeping Girl and Axe Boy's A Costume - Forgotten Boy. Obtain S Costume - Captain Hook to obtain the all-new Survivor, First Officer for free. This Character cannot be used in Rank Matches and Duo Hunters mode currently;
  • [Tier Inheritance]: In Season 7, Rank Match rankings will be carried over to the next season according to the player's tier in the previous season. Detailed Tier Inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
  • [Tier Rewards]: In Season 7, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the previous season. Detailed Tier Reward rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rewards;
  • [Logic Path]: In Season 7, Logic Path level will be reset to 0. Logic Path rewards will also be replaced by the all-new Season 7 rewards. The highest reward is Evil Reptilian A Costume - Dream Walker. At the same time, the original Season Essence 2 will be replaced with Mysterious Essence, while Season Essence 1 and 3 will remain the same;
  • [Logic Points]: When S7 begins, the limit for Logic Points will be reset;
  • [Monthly Card]: Once the new Season begins, purchasing Monthly Card - [4-Sided Dice Enthusiast] will reward players with 3 additional time-limited [Emote - Rolls 4-Sided Dice] Trial Cards;
  • [4-Sided Dice]: In Season 7, the maximum threshold of 4-Sided Dice will be 100. Players will not be able to retain any Dice that exceed this limit in Season 7, so please use them before they expire;
  • [Deduction]: In Season 7, three new character deductions will be released, including Prospector, Enchantress and Dream Witch. Complete the Deduction Quest will receive Character's Deduction Rewards - Worn Clothes;
  • [EXP]: In Season 7, new EXP-level rewards will be made available and the EXP level limit has been raised to 70;
  • [Rank Treasure]: In Season 7, completing three Rank Matches daily will reward players with Rank Treasure Rewards at 0AM the following day. The highest reward is S Accessory [Embalmer - Remains of Yellow Rose], A Accessories [Prospector - Star Globe], [Evil Reptilian - Forceps] and [Acrobat - Star Candy]. Rank Treasures will be rewarded according to player's current highest ranking (Survivor or Hunter);
  • [Memory Sphere]: In Season 6, Season Essence's A and B grade items will enter the new Memory Sphere with Season 6 Rank Treasure's S, A and B grade items. Treasures can be exchanged with Clues;

New Character:
A New Survivor - First Officer (Jose Baden) has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 7 Essence 1 S Costume - Captain Hook to unlock this Character for free (this Character cannot be used in Rank Matches or Duo Hunters mode currently);

  • [External Trait - Trident Watch]: First Officer uses a Pocket Watch to hypnotize Hunters around him. Hunters affected by the Hypnosis will experience hallucinations and see the First Officer's illusion after a short blackout. This effect will last for 10 seconds. When there are no other Survivors within the Hypnosis range, First Officer's illusion will appear and run towards the direction he is heading. The illusion cannot collide into objects and cannot be attacked. Once the illusion collides into an object, it will stop immediately. However, when there are other Survivors within the Hypnosis range, all Survivors will be disguised as First Officer's illusion. The disguise will be removed when Survivors use their skills or are knocked down.
  • [External Trait - Vanish]: Every time a Teammate is placed on the Rocket Chair, First Officer's sullen breath will become very strong and Hunters will only see the image of First Officer 1 second ago within 30 seconds. This effect will not be triggered when First Officer is in an immobilized state. At the same time, this effect will be removed immediately once First Officer touches a Rocket Chair, when a Teammate is saved, or when the Hunter is hypnotized. This effect can only be triggered 3 times each round.
  • [External Trait - Self-Hint]: Confusion and deception will finally devour First Officer. Rocket Chair's initial flight speed is decreased by 20%, and Decoding Speed is decreased by 20%.
  • [External Trait - Hypnosis]: Pain may be the only cure. First Officer's hypnotic effects will be immediately removed when receiving damage.


  • Season 6 Rank Treasure's Accessories are now available in-store, including Seer's S Accessories - Nirvana, Mechanic's A Accessories - Resistance Meter, Explorer's A Accessories - Phase Shifter, and Mercenary's A Accessories - Eagle Feather. All of these can be purchased using Echoes or Fragments.

New Function:

  • Talent now supports one tap function. Unlocking current Talents will now automatically unlock all previous Talents;
  • Players spectating in the Custom Super Rank Match can now view the complete Ban-Pick process;
  • Season Review has now been added with Five-Player Rank Match data.


  • Survivor - Acrobat is now available in Rank Matches;
  • Now, the Peeper can no longer see the Magician in Stealth. At the same time, The Feaster can no longer gaze on the Magician in Stealth;
  • Optimized Pallet's hit judgment;
  • Optimized Acrobat's Bomb switching mechanism. Acrobat can now freely switch Bombs under more circumstances;
  • Added hit sound effects to Acrobat's Bomb. Acrobat will now hear an additional sound effect when the Bomb hits the Hunter;
  • Adjusted Mad Eyes' Console display. Now, both the Survivors and Mad Eyes can see the nearest Console;
  • Reduced the time period of Rocket Chairs with Survivors on it and Mad Eyes' Fence near Consoles;
  • Knocked down Survivors' collision effect has been removed;
  • Now, when the Hunter uses the Trump Card secondary skill, it will prompt the Survivor faction with a text hint;
  • Added new statistics for Teammate Rescues. Now, Prospector, Enchantress, Cowboy, Coordinator, and Wildling saving Teammates from the Hunter's balloon will also be counted towards the number of Teammate Rescues in Match Settlement statistics.

Experience Optimization:

  • Optimized Room's Furniture Edit interface;
  • To reduce FPS issues, Pets in Low and Performance modes will be replaced with low-quality graphics;
  • Adjusted some of Dream Witch's S Costume - Kawakami Tomie sound effects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where Survivors would get hit by the tram at Eversleeping Town's spawn point;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors hanged by the Photographer remains tied to the Rocket Chair even after the Camera World ends, and rescuing Survivors will also experience display issues such as both the Cocoon Death rescue button and normal rescue button;
  • Fixed the issue where knocked down Survivors' Self-heal displays anomalies after the Camera World ends when their Teammate's rescues are interrupted in the Camera World;
  • Fixed the issue where Evil Reptilian's crash hit could hit the vanished residual images at the passage;
  • Fixed the issue where after the Camera World ends, the Mercenary remains standing in a knocked down state after being tied to the Rocket Chair in the Camera World.
  • Fixed the issue where the Acrobat could jump out of some closed windows in The Red Church;
  • Fixed the issue where the Movement Speed in the last three tutorials of the Hunter is slow;
  • Fixed the issue where the Acrobat's Bomb color did not change accordingly when switching while vaulting through windows;
  • Fixed the issue where Dream Witch's Followers display an error when hit by the Broken walls while holding a balloon;
  • Fixed the issue where Evil Reptilian's Lethal Crash on Survivors protected by the Seer's Owl will prompt the Last Effort;
  • Fixed the issue where Dash Hit will not stop the Geisha when she has the Hunt Talent;
  • Fixed the issue where the Hunter would get stuck in objects after jumping off the second floor of the Sacred Heart Hospital;
  • Fixed the issue where under some circumstances, due to the Acrobat's Nitro Bomb and Dancer's Music Box, Survivors tied to Rocket Chairs are not calculated correctly;
  • Fixed the issue where the Acrobat floats in mid-air in the Camera World if the Acrobat is jumping at the moment when the Photographer activates the Camera World;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors do not get injured when Evil Reptilian crashes on the residual images of Survivors at the Priestess' passage;
  • Fixed the issue where Evil Reptilian is able to leap through the basement's ceiling onto the ground;
  • Fixed the issue where Smiley Face's skill stops when hitting a jumping Survivor with the Chainsaw's Dash Hit;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors display anomalies when hit by The Ripper's Fog Blade while closing the Locker;
  • Fixed the issue where the Geisha has incorrect movement speed caused by status changes;
  • Fixed the issue where the Cipher Machine's Decoding Progress and Exit Gate's Opening Progress continues to increase if the Cipher Machine is decoded and the Exit Gate is activated at the moment the Mechanic's Doll disappears;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors rescued at the moment the Mechanic's Doll disappears displays anomalies;
  • Fixed the issue where tapping on the default Trait while switching skills with Trump Card Talent will trigger the default Trait effects, and the replaced Traits will not have any cooldown;
  • Fixed the issue where the Gardener's dress is overlapped in the Room's standby motion;
  • Fixed the issue where the Prospector's Costume - Magic Item Keeper’s head and body is mismatched;"
  • Fixed the issue where Perfumer's Costume - Caged Butterfly's wings display anomalies in the Display Interface.
  • Fixed the issue that the trial time of some character trial cards was incorrect when used under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue that Embalmer's makeup box could be placed outside the map.
  • Fixed the brightness issue of Enchantress, Skillful Lady's which occurred under the Dream Witch follower's view.
  • Fixed the issue that under some situations, Character Story Diary becomes stuck.

Update Notice [August 1, 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on August 1, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • Survivor - First Officer is now available in-store and it can be purchased using Clues or Echoes.
  • First Officer's B Costume - Lost Sailor is now available in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes.