Patch 7.25.18

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Patch 7.25.18[edit | edit source]


  • Treasure: The Season 1 Essence Sphere 3 will be available at 08:00 July 25 (server time), as well as new costume, new graffiti, new emotes. When you receive the "Golden Cake" costume from the Season 1 Essence 3 sphere you will also receive a new survivor, the Mind's Eye. This character can only be used in quick and custom match modes during the first week;
  • Event: For a limited time only, the Survivor Package (contains a pet, accessories and pursuit music) and Hunter Package (contains accessories and pursuit music) can be purchased at 30% off the original price. Available from 00:00 July 27 - 23:59 July 31 (server time)!
  • Map: The Red Church map is now available in ranked matches!
  • Characters: The hunter, Soul Weaver is available in the in-game store. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this hunter. Soul Weaver will be made available in ranked matches after purchase.
  • Function: The Link Account Reward has been added. Players who link their account can claim their Link Account Reward in the in-game mailing system. Players that have not linked their account can do so by going to Settings → User Center → Link Account. Players can claim their corresponding Link Account Reward once they have linked their account.

Bug Fixes

  • Battle: Issue preventing players from leaving the battle after the match has ended has been resolved;
  • Graphics: Repaired a bug that caused display errors that affected certain phone models;
  • Characters: The erroneous descriptions found in the Lawyer's external traits have been corrected;
  • Language: Content that is either incorrect or ambiguous has been corrected. Texts that exceed text boxes have also been modified;
  • Friends: Due to an error with the link that is shared to add friends, the link has temporarily been made unavailable;
  • Map: Repaired an issue concerning an error that occurs when vaulting knocked down sections of wall created after tearing down dilapidated walls.