Patch 7.18.18

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Patch 7.18.18[edit | edit source]


  • Treasure: Season 1 Essence 2 is available with new looks, new graffiti, new emotes. When you receive the "Golden Candle" look from Season 1 Essence 2, you will also receive the new hunter, Soul Weaver. This character is limited to quick matches and custom matches before the maintenance on July 25; the new hunter, Soul Weaver will be available to purchase after maintenance on July 25 and will be available in ranked matches. You can use clues to purchase;
  • New map: Since that missing person case the Red Church, a place once used to exchange vows, has been reduced to a position of infamy amongst locals. What will participants stumble upon when they go to the Red Church? After maintenance, this map will be available in both match and custom game modes.
  • Event: Time-limited discount event in the store will end at 23:59:59 (server time) July 18. At this point the prices of characters and looks will return to normal. Don't miss out!
  • Character: The survivor, Forward is now available in ranked matches;
  • Chat: Thai has been added to chat;
  • Friends: Friend list will be open by default. Friend search supports vague searches. Function allowing friends to add each other in person has been made readily available;

Bug Fixes

  • Language: Modified in-game descriptions; game descriptions are now more accurate. Texts that exceed text boxes have been modified;
  • Graphics: Repaired the issue affecting the power red logo and look belonging to the Forward (survivor);
  • Battle hints: Corrected several hints displaying the wrong font during the game;
  • Tutorial: Corrected the inconformity between hints and objectives displayed during the pallet tutorial for survivors;
  • Battle: Repaired a bug causing temporary moments of lag that may occur during battle;
  • Login: Repaired a bug that prevents players from logging in on the login page;