Patch 7.11.18

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Patch 7.11.18[edit | edit source]


  • New survivor available, the Forward. Use clues or echoes to purchase. During the first week of availability, the Foward can only be used in matched and custom games.
  • Hermes' shoes, a limited look for the Forward and an accessory exclusive to the Forward, the Golden-Winged Ball is available from the store for a limited period. A Forward Pack containing new items is also available and includes the Forward; limited edition look, Hermes' Shoes; accessory, Golden-Winged Ball. Save big with packs! Packs, looks, and accessories are available for a limited time from July 7th 12:00 - July 24th 23:59:59 (server time).
  • The login event where players need to login a total of seven days has begun and is running from July 11 00:00 to July 25th 23:59:59 (server time). Accumulate logins and 8claim amazing prizes, such as clues, inspirations and possibly the limited edition pet, Eternal Company when you accumulate seven logins!
  • Adjusted the sale list in the shop and prioritized the listing of recommended items.

Bug Fixes

  • Text overflow issues have been resolved;
  • Issues concerning the erroneous display of the share event banner in traditional Chinese has been resolved;8
  • Issues concerning the disparity between abilities and their description have been resolved;
  • Resolved the issue concerning the erroneous display of character limitations in the chat box.
  • Resolved the issue where players are not removed from the matching queue upon the cessation of a ranked match.