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Patch 6.20.19[edit | edit source]


  • [Manor Dream Event - Investigation Clues]: During the Event Period (June 21, 00:00:00 - June 30, 23:59:59, Server Time), participating in Duo Hunters, Rank Match and Normal Match battles will reward players with Ancient Carving (Win and Draw grants 2, while Defeat grants 1). Accumulating 5 Ancient Carvings will allow players to start the Investigation Puzzle in the Event Interface. Once the feature has been activated, Investigations can be conducted without limit on the same day. Player's fastest Investigation of the day will be shown in the Friends' Ranking List. Completing a specific number of Investigation days will reward players with Event Costume, Mechanic - Velvet Puzzle, and a great variety of rewards;
  • [Manor Dream Event - Picking Petals]: When players enter the Event Interface for the first time every day, a Petal will be randomly dropped. Picking up the Petals will reward players with a random Petal reward (the total rewards remain unchanged). Collecting all Petals (10 in total) will reward players with an exclusive Event Portrait Frame;
  • [Manor Dream Event - Missing Clues]: When players head into the last 3 days of the event (June 28, 00:00:00 - June 30, 23:59:59, Server Time), the Missing Clues Event will start. If players missed some days for Investigation Puzzle or Picking Petals during the Event, they'll be able to enter the Missing Clues Event to collect the Missing Clues according to the hints;
  • [Daily Event Information Interface]: Added a Daily Event Entrance in the upper right corner of the Detective Lobby. Players who complete Stage 1-18 can enter the Interface to view Daily Event Information and rewards. Note: Daily Event Information Interface Entrance will be temporarily blocked when teaming up.
  1. The Daily Event Information Interface integrates progress on the original First Three Wins Daily, First Daily Share, Weekly Deduction Points limit, 3 Rank Matches, and 3 Five-Player Matches over the weekend;
  2. The original Weekend Activity is moved to the Daily Event Information Interface. Special Interface will be available during the weekend;
  3. Added First 3 Rank Match Daily rewards (not including Duo Hunters and Five-Players mode). Completing a specific number of times will grant players rewards in the Daily Event Information Interface (manual claiming required);
  4. Added weekly login rewards. Players can receive great rewards in the Daily Event Information Interface according to their logins each week (manual claim required). Login progress will be refreshed every Monday.
  • [Best costume vote]: To celebrate Identity V’s First Year Anniversary, we made a site where you can vote for your favorite costumes. During the event, each player has 5 voting attempts per day. After the voting ends, the top 5 costumes will be sold in the in-game store. Don't forget to vote and have your say!
  • Note: Costumes don't include limited-edition costumes, Abyss Treasure costumes, collaboration collection costumes and Logic Path costumes (as of the Season 5), all available costumes will be displayed on the event page.
  • Website Voting Period: June 20 - June 26, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)
  • Costume Availability Period: June 29 - July 10, 23:59:59 (Server Time)


  • [Season Essence 2]: Season 6 Essence 2 is now available. New Costume updates include Evil Reptilian's S Costume - Crystalline, Mechanic's A Costume - Cunning Smile Disease and Mad Eyes' A Costume - Confined Dean. Obtain Essence 2 S Costume - Crystalline to unlock Hunter - Evil Reptilian for free. This Character cannot be used in Rank Matches and Duo Hunters mode currently;

New Character: A New Hunter - Evil Reptilian (Luchino) has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 6 Essence 2 S Costume - Crystalline to unlock this Character for free (this Character cannot be used in Rank Matches or Duo Hunters mode currently);

  • [External Trait - Cursed Body]: Luchino's body has gained a great explosive power after mutating, but it consumes energy every time it leaps. Multiple leaps in the air consume less energy, which can be recovered gradually with time;
  • [Active Skill - Preying Leap]: Unlock when starting game, Luchino can make a second leap in the air after leaping from the ground. If Luchino hits an obstacle while leaping, it will fall from the sky;
  • [Active Skill - Crash]: Unlock when starting game, Luchino can crash vertically from the air at will;
  • [Active Skill - Lethal Crash]: After unlocking Tier I, tapping on the Skill button again after leaping to a certain height will cause Luchino to drop vertically at high speed, causing damage to the nearest Survivor within crash range and destroying all dropped Pallets within range;
  • [Active Skill - Basilisk]: After unlocking Tier II, Luchino's explosive force will greatly increase the crashing speed;
  • [Active Skill - Mania]: After unlocking Tier II, Luchino mutates further and is able to leap three times in the air.


  • Optimized the position synchronization when a network delay occurred;
  • Redesigned Hunter's general attack judgment so that it would not hit Survivors when the height difference is too large;
  • Removed the attack acceleration effect on Survivors after being knocked down;
  • Optimized Dream Witch's Follower and Axe Boy's range of attack to stabilize them;
  • Increased Axe Boy's default view angle height;
  • Adjusted the range of Tier VI. Now, Tier VI is determined with 20 Stars and above (no more than 20 Stars difference in Rank Match making).

Improved Function:

  • Added Replay Playback System: Disabled by default and can be enabled in the Settings Interface. After each match begins, players can tap on the Save Replay button to view the Replay after the match has ended. This feature is currently not supported in Duo Hunters mode.
  • Magician's voice has been replaced;
  • Room Picture is now hidden in Super Rank Match;
  • When using the Group Label to look for friends, players can choose to send the Group Label Information to Chat channels;
  • Optimized the texts in Friend Label Interface, making the function description clearer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where Survivors saw a different Rocket Chair progress bar from the actual progress after being affected by Wu Chang's Siphon Soul;
  • Fixed the issue where players may get blocked by air wall that can`t be seen.
  • Fixed the issue where players may get stuck in some areas when the Priestess uses the Holy Key in Eversleeping Town;
  • Fixed the issue where Wildling's Rage bar does not display when riding in Duo Hunters mode;
  • Fixed the issue where Pets and Accessories icons in the lower left corner of Display Interface were displayed incorrectly;
  • Fixed the issue where previewing Pets on the Matchmaking screen would cause anomalies to the Interface.
  • Fixed the issue where distant view was lost in Low and Performance mode in the PC version;
  • Fixed the issue where Iron Dash would be triggered when the Mercenary came in contact with Dream Witch's Followers;
  • Fixed the issue where the hidden Throw Snowball button would appear again after using the Charge skill;
  • Fixed the issue where Just Deserts have no effect on knocked down Survivors;
  • Fixed the issue where the mirror was displayed abnormally when editing in the Room;
  • Fixed the issue where some Room Furniture was described incorrectly in the Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where part of Pet - Cerberus' movements were overlapped;
  • Fixed the issue where the Record Interface was abnormally displayed after switching languages under some circumstances.
  • Fixed the special effects of the Geisha's Violet Peacock costume.

Update Notice [June 27, 2019]

  • [Identity V] will be updated on June 27, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.
  • [Shop]: Evil Reptilian's B Costume - Experimental Subject is now available in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes.