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Patch 5.9.19[edit | edit source]

Maintenance content for this week:

  • [Limited Package]: Geisha's Crane’s Reflection Package will be available in-store at 31% off after maintenance on May 9, 2019 (UTC+8) and includes Geisha's A Costume - Manchurian Crane, A Pet - Man in the Mirror. This Package can only be purchased using Echoes. Also, the Manchurian Crane Costume and Man in the Mirror Pet are available separately in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the Package are already owned, the price of the Package will be reduced accordingly. This Package and its items will be removed from the store at 23:59:59 May 29, 2019 (Server Time).

Room system is now available:

  • [Room - Activate]: The Room Lobby is now available. Players can unlock the Room Page in the Shop when they have completed Mission 1-19 and their Single-Faction Persona has reached Level 100. Players who meet the requirements can follow the instructions to the Piano and enter the Room Shop to buy any Lobby to unlock the Room Function. Currently, there are two Room Lobbies in the game: D Room - Voice of the Manor, that can be purchased with 1,000 Clues, and A Room - Phantom Castle, that can be purchased with Echoes. Purchasing Rooms will reward players with some Functional Furniture (displayed in the Room by default). Players can enter their Room to view them;
  • [Room - Lobby]: The Room Lobby has Levels. As the level increases, the capacity of the Lobby will increase, and more Furniture can be displayed in it. Players can add EXP to the Lobby by using Music Notes in the Upgrade Interface. Currently, the maximum level of both Lobbies is 10 (Music Notes can be obtained through Weekend Activity and can also be purchased from the Shop. Logic Paths will be available in the New Season and will not affect the original quantity. For example, two slots of 10 Clues will be combined into one slot of 20 Clues and one slot of Music Notes);
  • [Room - Furniture]: Players can purchase Furniture from the Shop interface. Furniture can be purchased using Clues or Echoes. Furniture has different capacities due to their size. Furniture can only be placed when the remaining capacity of the Lobby is greater than the Furniture's capacity. Furniture is divided into Functional Furniture and Non-Functional Furniture. Only one piece of Functional Furniture can be placed at a time. There can only be one piece of Furniture with the same function. New Furniture will replace previous Furniture when placed. The number of Non-Functional Furniture that can be placed is limited by how many are owned. Claim multiple pieces of Furniture and place them;
  • [Room - Picture Sharing]: Players can take pictures and share them in the Room Lobby. Players can also upload a Room Picture as their Room Image. Players can tap on other players' Portrait to view their Lobby screenshots in Room Image;
  • [Room - Mood Music]: All Furniture has 8 Attributes. When players place a certain piece of Furniture in the Lobby, its Attributes will be added to the Lobby. When the Lobby's Attributes are changed, the Music of Lobby will also change accordingly;
  • [Room - Collector's List]: Room Ranking - Collector's List is now available. Ranking points are related to the displayable Furniture a player has obtained;
  • [Room - Phantom Castle]: After purchasing A Room - Phantom Castle, players with the highest Room Ranking will have a "Room Butler" appear on the Matching interface. The Survivor's Butler and Hunter's Butler will take on different forms. Players can tap on the Butler or the Meal Plate provided by the Butler to view a screenshot of the Room. There are also other secrets of the Phantom Castle waiting to be discovered.


  • [Weekend Activity]: Enjoy your time during the weekend! Now logging into the game during the weekend and completing Daily Tasks will reward players with Fragments, Room Music Notes (used for upgrading Rooms) and other rewards.
  • [Mother's Day Event]: Many countries celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May to honor motherhood. Don't forget to thank your mom for everything that she has done for you. We offer our best wishes to mothers all over the world. During the event, logging into the game and completing specific Quests will reward players with Enchantress' dynamic Graffiti, Fragments, etc. Event Time: May 9, 2019 to May 12, 2019 (server time)


  • Increased the range that Password Pages can be picked up by the Explorer.

Experience Optimization:

  • Added Chat Bubble function to Custom Match Room;
  • Added a voice to Photographer's Standby Motions - Demonstrate and Sneer;
  • Optimized Find Friends function - Recommended friends will now display different labels (e.g. "Likes Hunters", "Likes Survivors", etc.);
  • Optimized Prospector's sound effects when linking and switching Magnets.

Other Adjustments:

  • Adjusted Robbie's (Axe Boy) weapon;
  • Adjusted the text for Robbie's (Axe Boy) Rumor in some languages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where The Mind's Eye could not see The Ripper in Stealth mode;
  • Fixed the issue where Parasite's cooldown was decreased when Dream Witch's Follower hit Survivors tied to Rocket Chairs;
  • Fixed the issue where Dream Witch's Followers would get stuck in objects under some circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where the sound effects of Dream Witch's Follower's walking would continue under some circumstances;
  • Fixed the issue where Dream Witch's Teleport cooldown was displayed incorrectly in Spectate mode;
  • Fixed the issue where the Passage location become abnormal after the Priestess used the Holy Key;
  • Fixed the issue that caused Hunters to jump in the wrong direction after getting hit by Cowboy's Lasso;
  • Fixed the issue where a black dot on the Cipher Machine could be seen by nearby Survivors when the Cipher Machine was activated;
  • Fixed the issue where Gardener's Chair dismantling speed was incorrect in Duo Hunters mode;
  • Fixed an issue where the Graffiti, Celebrate Victory could not be used in-battle.
  • Fixed an issue where hand-held items for some Costumes from the Abyss Treasure (Pirate) would not be visible on the Matching Room interface.
  • Fixed an issue where, after matching is successful, Character Knowledge Ranking could not be closed after opening it in the Matching Room

Update Notice [May 16 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on May 16, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Final Push Event now available]: From May 16, 2019 (after maintenance) to May 23, 2019 (UTC+8) (before maintenance):
  1. Weekly Logic Points limit has been increased by 20%. Logic Points obtained from each battle has also been increased by 20%;
  2. During the event, Logic Points obtained from the first 3 Victories of the day have been increased to 1,200;
  3. During the event, 20-Sided Dice will not roll a number lower than 15.
  • [Identity V & Junji Ito Collection] The second stage of the Crossover Event is now available! Lucky Guy and Wu Chang's Crossover Event Costumes will be available in-store for a limited time. Dream Witch's Crossover Event Costume, Picture Woman will also be available in-store for a limited time. Stay tuned for more Crossover Event information.