Patch 4.11.19

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Patch 4.11.19[edit | edit source]

Maintenance content for this week: Event:

Songkran Festival Event: Songkran Festival is here with a cute pet! During the event, players can obtain daily rewards via logging in, staying online, and by completing battles. Complete 10 missions to unlock Survivor's Pet, Lucky. Event Period: 09:00:00 April 11, 2019 to 23:59:59 April 15 (Server Time)


  • [Package]: Perfumer's Tonight or Never Package will be available in-store at 32% off for a limited time after maintenance on April 11 (UTC+8), and includes Perfumer's S Costume - Tonight or Never, S Accessory - Beneath the Rose. The package can only be purchased using Echoes. Also, the Tonight or Never costume and Roses from Beneath accessory will be available in-store for a limited time separately. They can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the package are already owned, the price of the package will be reduced accordingly. This package and its items will be removed from the store at 23:59:59 May 1, 2019 (Server Time).
  • [Character]: New Survivor, Enchantress is now available in-store. It can be purchased using Clues or Echoes and used in Duo Hunters mode after maintenance this week, but can only be used in Rank Matches after maintenance on April 18 (UTC+8);
  • [Costume]: Enchantress' B Costume, Cleanse is now available in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes;


  • Enchantress' External Trait, Blessing has been modified: Survivors that successfully heal the Enchantress or get healed by the Enchantress will gain blessings from Enchantress.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some of Soul Weaver's Graffiti were described incorrectly;
  • Fixed an issue where Doctor's eyes for the Shaman costume were abnormally displayed during certain movements;
  • Fixed an issue where some words in the claim message were abnormally displayed when obtaining Embalmer's Worn Clothes;
  • Fixed an issue where Gardener's old costumes are abnormally displayed on the display interface
  • Fixed an issue where the player's screen would show 'Costume Gift' when gifting friends Characters.

Update Notice [Apr. 18 2019] [Identity V] will be updated on April 18, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Season Essence]: Season 5 Essence 3 is now available. All-new Costumes and Emotes have been updated. Obtain S Costume, Golden Touch from Season 5 Essence 3 to unlock the new Hunter, Axe Boy for free;
  • Easter Event is available.