Patch 2.28.19

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Patch 2.28.19[edit | edit source]

Global Festival:

  • Congratulations to AlexLove for coming first in the JPN Online Qualifiers!

Custom Mode:

  • An all-new Custom Mode is available now. It supports 10-player Duo Hunters mode. Only players who have completed Quests 1-18 are able to activate or be invited to Custom rooms;
  • Optimized the faction switch function for Custom Mode. Players in the room can switch freely among three Factions, Survivor/Hunter/Spectate;
  • New chat channel for Custom rooms. When waiting prepared, all players in the room can chat freely on this channel.


  • Added an entrance for Old News in the lobby. Tap to watch videos on the Call of the Abyss II Online Qualifiers from each region, including the NA-EU, South East Asia, South Korea regions.
  • Pre-match chat supports language translation. Tap the Translation button following messages sent by other players on the pre-match chat channel to translate the messages into the language used in your game version.


  • Some areas on the Arms Factory map have been modified, allowing Soul Weaver to pass through areas that the Survivors can pass through.

Improved Performance:

  • Modified the texture for some scenarios. Optimized the FPS drop issue in the lobby and in battle (the FPS increase is more obvious on some phone models with ordinary GPU);
  • To reduce FPS drop issues, Hell Ember's Phantoms in "Low" and "Performance" modes will be replaced with low-level configured effects;
  • To reduce FPS drop issues, the distribution range of the special effects from Joseph's footprint ability has been slightly adjusted, which will not influence their function;
  • Added "Performance" mode in graphics settings besides the original "Low" and "High" modes. Under this mode, resolution will be reduced accordingly with some S and A costumes being replaced with low-level configured materials;
  • Adjusted the position of the toggle button for costume and accessory effects in settings. It is integrated as a single button. Tap Costume Special Effects Settings to make separate adjustments, e.g., the Feaster's original wheel;
  • Added an icon of oneself to the Asylum’s monitors;
  • Added Like button on the results interface of Duo Hunters mode;

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where there were no Followers in the matching room when the Dream Witch costume, Incarnation is equipped;
  • Fixed an issue where the model components on the Arms Factory and Red Church maps disappeared when players outside the gate looked inside;
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters would enter inaccessible areas when using Blink in the big house of Sacred Heart Hospital;
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter would occasionally freeze when using Blink in areas where there are height differences;
  • Fixed an issue where the Perfumer and Photographer would freeze in pallets when using their recall abilities;
  • Fixed an issue where calibration fail appeared when Survivors dismantled awakened Puppets. When the Hell Ember switched positions with the Puppet after, the Puppet would still be awakened;
  • Fixed an issue where a notification badge appeared on the Notebook after obtaining the exclusive Gamekeeper Pet. There would be no notification badge when the Notebook interface was entered;
  • Fixed an issue where Friendliness points may become a negative number;
  • Fixed an issue where there was an abnormality when the Photographer passed through the Camera World's projected screen;
  • Fixed an issue where The Mind's Eye's heartbeat would be an abnormal color after Camera World is closed;
  • Fixed an issue where movement abnormalities occurred when the Mercenary and Magician threw snowballs;
  • Fixed an issue where throwing snowballs towards Survivors already outside of the gate still counted as Hits in throwing snowballs;
  • Fixed an issue where the description of some text of Lawyer Subplot is wrong;
  • Fixed an issue where the font in Japanese Client is wrongly displayed in spectate status;
  • Fixed an issue where some subtitles of the Gardener Subplot are displayed in English on clients with different operating languages;
  • Fixed an issue where accessories and costume in Explorer's Archaeologist costume overlapped.

Update Notice [Mar. 7 2019] Identity V will be updated on March 7, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Final Push]: Final Push event begins soon. From Mar. 7 (UTC +8) after maintenance to Mar. 14 (UTC +8) before maintenance, the Logic Points earned and the max. limit of Logic Points in this week will be increased by 20%; winning the first three matches of the day will increase Logic Points earned to 1200; and 20-sided dice will produce a number no less than 15;
  • [Event]: The Spring Outing event is available.