Patch 2.21.19

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Patch 2.21.19[edit | edit source]

Global Festival:

  • Congratulations to WoW for coming first in the HK & MO & TW Online Qualifiers!
  • The JP Region Online Qualifiers will be held on February 23 - 24 night (UTC+8)


  • Four new character story subplots for the Survivor - Lawyer have been added. Players are able to explore the diary owner's life in the Manor through [Lawyer's Diary]. Access to the subplots requires players to complete the basic objectives of Escape, stage 10 of the Lawyer's deduction quests. The portal to the Lawyer's subplots can be found on the Lawyer's deduction quest page. Complete Lawyer's subplots for corresponding rewards. Completing all of them will allow players to claim the Lawyer's Dark Side costume reward.


  • Dream Witch is available in Rank Matches.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Dream Witch’s Talent, Tinnitus was sometimes abnormally displayed in battle;
  • Fixed an issue where the UI became faulty as players tapped to throw snowballs when Dream Witch switched Followers;
  • Fixed an issue where using Blink would cause the Followers’ and host’s view to freeze when Dream Witch switched Followers;
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the attack button when Dream Witch switched followers caused two followers to attack at the same time;
  • Fixed an issue where Dream Witch would sometimes get stuck while using Parasite;
  • Fixed an issue where Gamekeeper’s exclusive pet would freeze if Gamekeeper attacked or used a special ability when his pet is performing an in-game action.
  • Fixed an issue where Priestess would be transported to abnormal locations on the Leo's Memory map when using the Holy Key

Update Notice [February 28, 2019]: Identity V will be updated on February 28, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Custom Mode]: The Duo Hunters mode will be made available in Custom Script.