Patch 12.6.18

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Patch 12.6.18[edit | edit source]


  • Snow Festival Event: In December, it is winter in the northern hemisphere and its touch can be felt at the manor. Login daily and play matches during the event (09:00 Dec. 6 - 23:59 Dec. 9 server time) to earn Snowflake Fragments, which can be exchanged in-store rewards, such as Photographer accessories, Snow Festival exclusive Portrait Frames, etc.


  • Package: Thief's Pioneer package is available in-store at 32% off for a limited time and includes the Thief's A costume - Pioneer, A accessory - Purse, standby motion - Count Coins, and the emote - Hug Me. This pack can only be purchased using Echoes. Also, the Pioneer costume and Purse accessory are available separately, which can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the package are already owned, the price of the package will be reduced accordingly;
  • Costume: Coordinator's Deduction Star A costume - Iron Lady is now available. Can be purchased with Fragments or Echoes.
  • Character: The hunter, Mad Eyes is now available for purchasing using Clues or Echoes and is also available in ranked matches after purchase;
  • Accessories: Mad Eyes' A accessory - Athena's Shield is available in-store. (adds flame effect to normal attacks and fences) Purchase using Fragments or Echoes;
  • Free-to-use characters: The Feaster has been added to the queue of weekly free-to-use characters. Saturday's free-to-use hunter has been changed from The Ripper to The Feaster.

Character modification:

  • Soul Weaver: Her pallet and window interaction speed as well as her recovery speed after an attack have been modified. The cooldown time for her Spinning and Web Attack abilities. The speed of her movement speed boost has been slightly decreased.
  • Mad Eyes: Slightly decreased the duration of fences and the speed at which energy for consoles is restored.

Bugs fixed:

  • Repaired an issue where the Survivors' passive ability, Prisoner's Dilemma is sometimes not activated;
  • Repaired an abnormal performance issue concerning the Agree emote when used by female survivors;
  • Revised the incorrect translation of a phrase on the results interface of Thai version of the game;
  • Repaired an issue where the special effects for the Mind's Eye's Dark Cake costume are absent when graphics quality is set to low.
  • Repaired an abnormality affecting some movements belonging to female survivors.