Patch 11.22.18

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Patch 11.22.18[edit | edit source]


  • Thanksgiving gift: Just as the number of global players has reached 120 million at the time of Thanksgiving, we have prepared Thanksgiving gifts for everyone, which includes: Geisha’s B costume - Solitude, 288 Fragments, Survivor Trial Card (3d), and 5 Memory Spheres. Log in during Thanksgiving (after maintenance this week to before maintenance next week) and claim your gift in mail. We are thankful for you and for all Identity V fans!
  • Thanksgiving event: Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day, everyone comes together to break bread. Our chef for this occasion, Hastur has prepared a get together at the manor. Complete daily quests during the event to get rewards, such as fragments, Thanksgiving graffiti, etc. Event time: 09:00:00 Nov. 22 - 23:59:59 Nov. 25 (server time);
  • Black Friday sale: 20-sided dice, 128-fragment packages and 288-clue packages are 50% off during the Black Friday! Discount ends at 23:59:59 November 25 (server time). The probability of triggering Flickering Lights and A items is greatly increased during the event.
  • Character: The survivor, Seer is available in-store. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this survivor. Seer will be made available in ranked matches after purchase.
  • Shop: All-new items available in-store, including: Seer's A accessory - Fireproof Feather, Mercenary's A costume - Parasite, The Feaster's A costume - Nepenthes, Smiley Face's B costume - Singer. These items can be purchased using fragments or echoes;
  • Duo Hunters: A new map, Moon River Park has been added to the Duo Hunters mode;
  • Free-to-use characters: Geisha has been added to the queue of weekly free-to-use characters. Sunday's free-to-use hunter has been changed from Smiley Face to Geisha.


New rules have been added to the Legendary mode of Rank Match. The same character cannot be chosen, unless it is the default character, Lucky Guy. Also, Legendary mode has been added to Custom Mode.

Bugs fixed:

  • Repaired an issue where the season time is wrongly displayed on the season essence interface;
  • Repaired an issue where the progress for Priestess' Deduction Quests are not displayed normally;
  • Resolved an issue concerning untranslated content for some of Seer's abilities;
  • Revised incorrect multilingual translations of some interfaces;
  • The Shop interface has added a notice for characters that are unable to join Duo Hunters mode.