Patch 11.15.18

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Patch 11.15.18[edit | edit source]

New Season:

  • New season: After maintenance this week, Season 2 will end and Season 3 will officially begin. The max. limit of logic points for this week will be reset;
  • Final Push: The Final Push event has ended and the rules for claiming logic points and upper limit have returned to their default settings. The original rules for throwing 20-sided dice have been restored (rolls min. 10);
  • Tier Inheritance: When Season 3 begins, ranks (according to a player’s tier last season) will rollover to the next season. Please consult rules on tier inheritance found in Rank Match - Season Rules for details;
  • Tier Rewards: When Season 3 begins, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the last season. Please consult rules on tier inheritance found in Rank Match - Season Rules for details concerning rewards;
  • Logic Path: When Season 3 begins, Logic Path level will be reset to 0 and reward distribution modified. Also, Logic Path rewards will be replaced by all new rewards for Season 3 with the highest rewards being the Sanskrit costume (A) for the Dancer;
  • 4-sided dice: When Season 3 begins, the maximum capacity of 4-sided dice will be 100. Players will be unable to retain any number of dices over 100, so please use them at your earliest convenience;
  • Deduction: Along with the existing deduction content from Season 2, deduction for four characters is available in Season 3, which include Mechanic, Priestess, Soul Weaver, and Dancer. Complete the deduction quest with a character to receive the deduction reward, the Worn Clothes costume for that corresponding character;
  • EXP: When Season 3 begins new EXP level rewards will be made available and the upper limit for EXP level has been raised to 30;
  • Season Essence: The Season 3 Essence 1 is available. New looks, emotes, and accessories have been updated. When you receive the Night Owl look from the Season 3 Essence 1 you will also receive a new survivor, Seer. This character cannot be used in ranked matches before maintenance on Nov. 22 (UTC+8);
  • Rank Treasure: Complete three ranked games daily during Season 3 to claim the corresponding Rank Treasure Rewards - S3 at around midnight (00:00) the next day. The highest obtainable reward is Geisha’s Reluctant Hug accessory (unique Carrying Motion, special avatar effects). The Rank Treasure Level for Season 3 is determined by the highest current tier of a player's hunter or survivor. Meanwhile, Ranked Treasure for Season 2 will no longer be available;
  • Memory Sphere: A and B items from Season 2 Essences will be placed in Season 2 Memory Spheres along with S, A, and B items from rank treasure, which can be exchanged for with clues;
  • Shop: New costumes (B) are available in-store, including Geisha - Shadow, Gardener - Nature Lover, Cowboy - Collector, Forward - Colorful Mushroom, Perfumer - Agave;
  • Shop: S, A and B quality items found in Season 2 Rank Treasure are available in-store, including Soul Weaver’s accessory (S) - Frozen Heart, Gardener’s accessory (A) - Mini Hammer, Smiley Face’s accessory (A) - Powder Keg, etc. Exchange using echoes or fragments.

New character:

A new survivor, Seer (Eli Clark) has joined the manor. Claim the S quality costume, Night Owl to unlock this character for free. (this character is unavailable in Rank Matches before maintenance on November 22):

  • External Trait - Owl: Seer is accompanied by his trusted owl. When the match begins, the owl will patrol the map and mark the position of all teammates. When the owl returns, the Seer can order his owl to follow a teammate's scent, find them and grant vision of them. The owl can be ordered to block damage for a period of time at critical moments. If Seer or his owl continues to observe the hunter while it commits atrocities, he will gain additional block attempts. Block attempts possess an upper limit. (hold the button and select a teammate to follow. Tap the ability button while following to protect your teammate. Drag the button to your avatar to protect yourself);
  • External Trait - Prophesy: The Seer's potent ability to anticipate the future enables him to see the hunter's position for 5 seconds after spotting them.
  • External Trait - Great Eye: The Seer can see the hunter's position for 5 seconds when the match begins.
  • External Trait - Taxing: Whenever the Seer's owl blocks damage for himself or a teammate, the speed at which the Seer vaults obstacles is decreased by 10% and can reach a maximum of 50%.

Character Adjustments:

  • Hell Ember Adjustments:
    • New external trait has been added for Hell Ember, Infernal Soul. When Hell Ember pursues a survivor, is stunned or when the survivors decode a cipher machine with none of the survivors incapacitated, he becomes furious. When he has accumulated enough Fury, it will turn to Resentment, and he can use it to activate his Fury Transmission skill.
    • New trait has been added for Hell Ember, Awaken. Tap the skill button to awaken phantom of resentment that will pursue nearby survivors for 20 seconds; Hold down the skill button to transmit fury to your puppet and order it to pursue nearby survivors. If you change places with your puppet, its anger will be quenched.;
    • Slightly reduced Hell Ember’s movement speed, and slightly increased Hell Ember’s dismantle speed and the cooldown period after dismantling.
  • Soul Weaver Adjustments:
    • Cocoon Death: Adjusted the amount of webbing expended;
    • Entangled: Effects have been adjusted. One layer of webbing will reveal the survivor's location and reduce their interaction speed. Two layers will additionally decrease their movement speed. Three layers greatly decrease survivor's movement and interaction speed;
    • Webbing: Adjusted the way it is released and its effects. The length of webbing no longer affects the expenditure of the webbing skill. Webbing is a spider's natural instinct. Hold the skill button and choose a location to set a cobweb trap. Soul Weaver will gain a brief acceleration that gradually slows when passing cobweb traps. This effect can be stacked up to three times by using new webs. Soul Weaver will be alerted to the location of survivors that step on a trap and survivors will become entangled with one layer of webbing; survivors can be entangled with two layers of webbing;
    • Spinning: Modified effects and adjusted the cost of webbing. Spits out a ball of web that entangles its target in a layer of webbing and causes half the damage a normal attack would inflict upon a successful hit. The entangled effect can stack up to three layers;
    • Web Attack: Entire iteration. As time passes, the Soul Weaver's spinning ability becomes stronger, speeding up the spinning action and reducing its cost;
    • Attribute adjustment: Optimized the angle and slightly decreased the initial amount of webbing.


  • Adjusted the Abnormal trait for hunters. Progress for cipher machines has been increased when they are restored for the first time. The progress of subsequent restorations will decrease the progress restored, lowest being 20%;
  • Adjusted the Excitement trait for hunters. Reduced initial cooldown time and cooldown time for subsequent cooldowns;
  • Adjusted the Peeper trait for hunters. Reduced the cooldown time and the time needed to deploy peepers;
  • Adjusted the landing action of hunters. Optimized the landing action and reduced the amount of time the action lasts for;
  • Optimized the refresh rules for boxes next to lake on the Lake View Village map. Acceleration-buff boxes will no longer continuously be refreshed;
  • The Fetish hunter talent has been removed;
  • New hunter talent, Claustrophobic has been added. If there are four active survivors (survivors that are knocked-down, have balloons tied to them or are sitting on a rocket chair are considered non-active) within 20 seconds after the exit gate has been activated, it opens 50% slower. In Duo Hunters mode, the number of active survivors required is 6 and not 4;
  • The Collapse talent for hunters has been adjusted. Treatment time for survivors hit is increased by 15%/ 20%/ 30%;
  • The Street Sweeper talent for hunters has been adjusted. Once activated, survivors treating teammates or receiving treatment will be shown within 20/ 26/ 32 meters;
  • The Hunt talent for hunters has been adjusted. Hunters gain 10% movement speed after continuously pursuing a survivor for 12/ 10/ 8 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails, vaulting obstacles, attacking, or when stunned;
  • The Raven Flock talent for hunters has been adjusted. When a survivor is within 20/ 26/ 32 meters and alerts a crow, the crow will guide you to the precise location of the survivor.
  • The Wanted Order talent for hunters has been adjusted. When a survivor is placed on a rocket chair and the remaining 3 survivors are healthy or injured, the outline of a random survivor is shown for a short period of time and your movement speed is increased by 10%. The movement speed buff disappears when the survivor on the rocket chair has been saved, but the outline will last for another 25 seconds.
  • The Healing talent for survivors has been adjusted. Treatment speed when receiving treatment is reduced by 15%/ 20% /30%;
  • The Sticker talent for survivors has been adjusted. Self-healing speed is increased to 10%/ 15% /20%. Crawling speed is increased to 100%/ 125%/ 150%;
  • The Self Deception talent for survivors has been adjusted. There is a 75%/ 100%/ 100% chance of hunters not detecting a player when they fail a calibration. Cipher machine shocks will no longer decrease decoding progress when talent level 3 is reached;
  • The Will to Survive talent for survivors has been adjusted. Struggle speed when tied to balloons is increased to 10%/ 15%/ 20%;
  • Added pre-match prompt on map selection. When players entering the waiting area for Rank Matches, a prompt will appear displaying the selected map;
  • Optimized the logic of the Ripper’s attack judgment to avoid the problem of attack characters behind him.

Improved experience

  • New settings have been added. Players can now manually choose a setting that changes the appearance of Smiley Face’s scattered parts according to his costume;
  • Added a setting that causes some special effects from survivor costumes to become invisible to hunters;
  • Adjusted the special effects of Mind’s Eye’s Tap Tap ability. Now nearby teammates can see Mind's Eye’s Tap Tap effect;
  • Forward’s voice recording has been replaced;
  • Optimized the performance of the map of Lakeview Village map to reduce drops in FPS;
  • Changed the text describing the hunter’s Peeper trait. ‘Movement speed’ has been changed to ‘movement speed and interaction speed’.

Bugs fixed:

  • Repaired an issue where the use of emotes would interrupt the action performed after a calibration is failed;
  • Repaired an issue where Hell Ember is sometimes transported off-map when picking up or switching with puppets;
  • Repaired an issue where survivors are sometimes transported off-map when picking dismantling peepers;
  • Repaired an issue that occasionally caused hunters to act abnormally when shot with a flare gun when falling from a height;
  • Repaired an issue where there is an abnormality when the Cowboy passes through the camera’s projected screen while carrying the Mechanic’s doll;
  • Repaired an issue where the outline of a cipher machine that has been decoded in the real world is still visible in Camera World;
  • Repaired an issue where a calibration is triggered after a cipher machine is decoded causing the character to freeze for a short time;
  • Repaired an issue where a calibration is triggered after healing is complete causing the character to freeze for a short time;
  • Repaired an issue where an abnormal interface sometimes appears as results are being settled;
  • Repaired an issue concerning abnormal lighting in the lobby;
  • Repaired an issue where the characters location jumps around when there is a lag;
  • Repaired an issue where the exit game and dilapidated walls sometimes disappear after logging in after losing connection;
  • Repaired an issue with the crossing of the Coordinator’s eyebrows when wearing the Black Swan costume;
  • Repaired an issue where the effects for the eyes are abnormal for the following Soul Weaver costumes: Golden Candle, Crystal Candle, Starry Prophet.
  • Repaired an issue where the game sometimes quits unexpectedly when the Photographer’s camera world is merged with reality;
  • Repaired an issue where the progress for cipher machines sometimes isn’t rolled back when the Photographer’s camera world is merged with reality;
  • Repaired an issue where a survivor is unable to interact with anything when hit as the Photographer’s camera world is merged with reality;
  • Repaired an issue where the inside of a locker will appear abnormal when a survivor is entering a locker as the Photographer creates a camera world;
  • Repaired an issue where the Gamekeeper’s chain cannot be withdrawn;
  • Repaired an issue where the hunter becomes stuck in the stairs in the basement after the Cowboy repeatedly uses his abilities;
  • Repaired an issue where sound effects are still playing on the settlement screen after sound effects have been turned off.