Patch 11.1.18

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Patch 11.1.18[edit | edit source]


  • New character: The new hunter, Photographer is the creator of the Camera World. He preserves the shadows of the past, traveling between the past and present and examines the past to foretell the future. Clues and echoes can be used to purchase this character or purchase packages to obtain. This character is unavailable for rank matches before maintenance 08:00 Nov. 8th (UTC +8);
  • Shop: The Photographer's S costume, Azrael and the A accessory, Astral Device are available in-store now. Purchase using fragments or echoes;
  • Package: Photographer's Dying Leaves pack is available in the shop at 32% off for a limited time and includes the character - Photographer, S costume - Azrael and A accessory - Astral Device. Sale time: Nov.1st (after maintenance) – Nov.14th 23:59:59. If some items in the package are already owned, the price of the package will be reduced accordingly;
  • Character free for limited time: The survivor, Priestess is added to the queue of weekly free-to-use characters. The number of free survivors each week has been increased to 2 on Saturdays and Sundays (the days Saturday and Sunday are determined by server time);
  • Halloween map: Optimized the brightness of the Halloween - The Red Church map;
  • Halloween event: The Halloween event will end at 23:59:59 Nov.4th (server time) and the exchange store will close at 23:59:59 Nov. 9th (server time). Please take note of event and exchange times;
  • Subplot: Added some missing cinematic subtitles from subplots.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a problem concerning the depletion of the spinning ability;
  • Fixed an issue concerning the dismantling time of Hell Ember’s puppet;
  • Fixed an issue where daily Halloween-event tasks cannot be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the flashing light effect for Hell Ember’s "Aladdin" costume disappears under special circumstances:
  • Modified the position of the Halloween pumpkin in the lobby;
  • Repaired an issue concerning the abnormalities of some map elements and special effects on the Halloween Red Church map;
  • Fixed an issue where the text for the offline time of blocked players and the text for the button removing players from the black list overlap.