Patch 10.4.18

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Patch 10.4.18

New gameplay:

The new Duo Hunters gameplay pits two hunters against eight survivors in an intense game of cat and mouse. Other game mechanics have also been introduced in this new game mode. This game mode is only available for some phones due to the performance limitations. The list of phone models supporting the Duo Hunters mode, iOS: iphone 6, ipad Air 2 and above; Android: CPU Sanpdragon 808, CPU Exynos 7420, CPU kirin 935, and CPU with similar or better performance. Players need to reach persona level 35 to enter this game mode with the corresponding faction. Duo Hunters Mode is available daily from 06:00-08:00, 16:00-18:00 and 21:00-23:00 (server time):

  • 5 telephone booths have been added to maps from where hunters and survivors can phone the owner of the manor and use points to buy items. These items include those found in previous game modes (excluding Cane, Holy Key and Lasso), and exclusive items for the Duo Hunters game mode;
  • Survivors can carry two items and hunters can carry one;
  • Survivors need to be hit three times to be incapacitated. The first time a survivor is placed on a rocket chair, the match will enter a confinement stage, during which time the survivor cannot be rescued from the rocket chair. When this stage ends, a short rescue stage begins in which the survivor can be rescued;
  • The number of cipher machines has been changed to 11 and the time required to decode each machine has been increased. Survivors need to decode 7 cipher machines to activate the exit gate;
  • When the exit gate has been activated or when 4 survivors remain, the crowbar will randomly appear at one of the 5 telephone booths. Survivors can purchase the crowbar to open the dungeon in advance through which all survivors can escape.

New map:

  • The park has become a taboo subject for nearby residents after a nightmarish gathering. The all new Moon River Park map is now available and will be available for Quick or Custom matches during the first week, but not for Rank Matches.


  • Duo Hunters event: The all-new Duo Hunters mode is here. Play 3 Duo Hunters matches every day (earn min. 3,000 deduction points) or win 3 normal games to complete corresponding tasks during the event. Complete tasks and claim the Troubled emote for Soul Weaver, the Ripper, Hell Ember, and Gamekeeper and shards in the event menu! Event time: 09:00:00 Oct. 4th - 23:59:59 Oct. 7th (server time);


  • Character: The hunter, Wu Chang is now available for purchase using clues or echoes and will be made available in ranked matches after purchase;
  • Package: The Red Riding Hood package is available in-store, which includes the Mechanic's S costume, Red Riding Hood and the S accessory, Quiver. Costumes and accessories can be purchased using fragments or echoes.

Bugs fixed:

  • Repaired an issue where deduction quests are displayed abnormally for the Mind’s Eye and the Coordinator, which may cause problems when trying to select these characters;
  • Repaired an issue where the subplot for the Gardener prematurely became available. Subplot content is still under development, but we hope to complete development and release it soon. Hope we didn’t spoil your day;
  • Repaired an issue where a client prompt is displayed to some player’s concerning a special matching queue.
  • Repaired an issue where invite prompts are untranslated when you match up.