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Patch 10.25.18[edit | edit source]

Halloween Event:

It's Halloween at the manor. At Halloween, children dress up as monsters and go trick-or-treating. Everyone at the manor is also dressed up, getting ready for the start of the Happy Halloween party. Event time: Oct. 25 09:00:00 - Nov. 4 23:59:59 (server time) Hallow token exchange time: Oct. 25 09:00:00 - Nov. 9 23:59:59 (server time)

  • Halloween map: During the event, the Halloween - The Red Church map will replace the Red Church map in quick and custom matches;
  • Halloween exchange: Participate in the 7-Day Login, No treat, all tricks!, and Classic Scenes activities during the event to earn hallow tokens. Collect hallow tokens and exchange them for Halloween costumes, such as Hell Ember's "Aladdin", Halloween pursuit music, as well as other incredible rewards in the Halloween Shop;
  • 7-Day Login: Login daily during the Happy Halloween event and light the pumpkin lanterns to claim amazing rewards. Login 7 days and claim a Halloween-limited Accessory;
  • No treat, all tricks!: Participate in daily matches during the Happy Halloween event to get happy coins. Earn three for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. You can earn a max. of 10 a day and 70 during the entire event. Spend 5 happy coins to take part in the No Treat, all tricks! activity. Every time you knock on a door you can earn a random reward (clues, fragments, hallow tokens). Knock on 14 doors and get a Halloween limited B quality costume;
  • Classic Scenes: As each day passes during the Happy Halloween event, new event quests will become available. Complete the quests according to quest descriptions and get amazing rewards, such as clues, fragments, hallow tokens and, limited Halloween portraits, etc. Quests can be completed before the event ends.

Shop items:

  • Halloween-themed costumes (Thief - "Scarecrow", Forward - "Black Nose", Magician - "Masked Gentleman") and accessories (Forward - Halloween Bucket, Thief - Pinwheel Gun) are available in-store for a limited time. Fragments or echoes can be used to purchase these items. Time: Oct. 25 09:00:00 - Nov. 14 23:59:59 (server time);
  • Characters: The survivor, Dancer is available in the in-game store. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this survivor. Dancer will be made available in ranked matches after purchase.
  • The Dancer's costume, Ballerina and her accessory, Whip are available in-store now. Purchase using fragments or echoes. Equip the whip accessory to get the unique in-battle emote, Whipcrack;
  • The lowest number that can be rolled by 20-sided dice has been increased from 5 to 10;
  • Gift function has been modified. The sender requires a persona level of over 50 to gift.

Battle Mechanism:

  • The Ripper's Foggy Night ability has been deleted and replaced with Freezing Fog. Freezing Fog: Fog blades are created as fog collects onto Jack's bladed hand. When a certain amount of fog has been amassed, Jack's attacks trigger additional Fog Blades, expending fog. Fog Blades will leave fog in their wake which increases Jack's movement speed and greatly reduces the cooldown of Hidden in Mist. Survivors hit by Fog Blades will leave a trail fog behind them as they move around. Also, the Ripper's Hidden in Mist ability has been weakened;
  • The hunter's support ability, Peeper has been modified; its visual range has been decreased, but survivors in-range will be distressed, slowing down their speed (inc. movement, map interaction, healing, decoding, door-opening);
  • Adjusted the spawning areas for survivors and hunters to ensure survivors and hunters are neither too close nor too far from each other;
  • The telephone booth that the crowbar appears will be outlined for survivors when the crowbar appears in Duo Hunter mode. Once the crowbar has been purchased, the outline will disappear;
  • Improved the Moon River Park map. Freezing and FPS drops have been reduced, as well as short freezes when survivors get on and off of roller coasters. Also, the probability of playing on the Moon River Park map has been slightly decreased;
  • Hunter attacks have been modified. Hunters will no longer be able to hit survivors fastened to rocket chairs as they lift off;
  • Removed the manual disable function for the Geisha's Dash Hit ability, reducing the chances of stopping the ability accidentally;
  • Modified the stacking algorithms for the healing speed buffs and debuffs, to avoid extreme situations where characters are instantly healed;
  • Modified the display rules for the survivor icons in the top-right corner of the screen. Now, the name of any survivor placed on a rocket chair will remain highlighted in red for the remainder of the game.

Other adjustments:

  • Added display emotes for Perfumer's and Dancer's default costumes on the display interface;
  • The number of spectator spots for custom-mode matches has been increased to 3.
  • Improved the Thief's display emote for default costumes on the display interface.
  • New Priestess voice effects;
  • Graffiti and emotes for the emote wheel have been updated. Graffiti and emotes in the slots can be changed, allowing the player to bring more graffiti into matches. The max. number of graffito has been changed to 3;
  • Improved social function. Friend's offline time can be checked in player's friend list;
  • Survivors can now only surrender 4 minutes after the match has begun. Hunters can surrender 7 minutes into the match.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where decoding in the tutorial will directly fail;
  • Fixed an issue where The Mind's Eye can still see the outline of puppets after Hell Ember has dismantled them;
  • Fixed an issue where the direction in which the Mercenary is sprinting will change when Elbow Pads are used while the Mercenary is sprinting;
  • Fixed an issue where the area of effect for the survivor talent, Obsessive becomes unreliable after Obsessive is used for the first time;
  • Fixed the issue concerning the disparity between actual area of effect and description of the survivor talent, Herd Effect.
  • The incorrect time of duration in the description for the hunter's support trait, Peeper has been corrected;
  • Fixed the issue concerning the ineffectiveness of the Cowboy's Horseback Hero trait;
  • Corrected the incorrect display of the Black Swan costume's name;
  • Corrected an issue on the notebook interface where Thai text in descriptions overlaps and overflows;
  • Fixed an issue where the Feaster's tentacles are generated when a survivor attempts to save a teammate fastened to a rocket chair but fails to save them.