Patch 10.18.18

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Patch 10.18.18[edit | edit source]


  • Season Treasure: The Season 2 Essence 3 is available. New costumes, emotes, and accessories have been updated. If you receive the S costume, Animal Tamer from the Season 2 Essence 3 you will also receive the new survivor, Dancer. This character cannot be used in rank matches before maintenance on Oct. 25 08:00 (UTC +8);
  • Shop: New A and B costumes available in-store, including the A costume: Forward - Bull Power, and the B costumes: Gamekeeper - Suffering Deer; Magician - Zebra Shadow; Priestess - Leaping Gazelle; and Thief - Elegant Giraffe;
  • Character Story: Four new character story subplots for the Gardener have been added, allowing players to explore the life of the diary's owner at the manor. Access to the subplots requires players to complete the basic objectives of Pursuit and Escape, stage 12 of the Gardener's deduction quests. The portal to the Gardener's subplots can be found on the Gardener's deduction quest page. Complete subplots for corresponding rewards and complete them all to receive the Gardener's Dark Side costume.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed an issue concerning the use of special characters when choosing or changing names;
  • Fixed an issue where large units of in-game currency are erroneously displayed when the language is switched to Thai;
  • Fixed an issue where points cannot be spent on some talents after changing the language to Thai;
  • Fixed an issue where the notebook's notification badge occasionally remains.