Patch 10.11.18

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Patch 10.11.18[edit | edit source]


  • Map: Moon River Park is now available in the Rank Match;
  • Shop: The Geisha's White Peacock costume is now available in-store and can be purchased with shards or echoes;
  • Event: The Soul Suppressor Event has started. There are countless souls trapped in Wu Chang's umbrella and every so often a spirit will escape. Help Wu Chang catch those spirits! Participate in matches and complete tasks during the event to claim fragments and the following emotes from the event page: Priestess – Provoke, Forward – Provoke, and Wu Chang – Salute! Event Time: October 11th 08:00:00 - October 14th 23:59:59 (server time);
  • Languages: Added Thai. Update the game to the latest version to change game language to Thai (we recommend tapping update in your mobile app store).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some players could not log in to the game;
  • Fixed an issue where characters may become invincible upon using elbow pads;
  • Fixed an issue where some labels in the shop are not translated for owners of the Riding Hood costume;
  • Corrected some inaccurate instructions for Duo Hunters mode;
  • Fixed an issue where the two hunters would sometimes sit on the same chair in Duo Hunters mode;
  • Corrected erroneous descriptions for some costumes.