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Patch 1.3.19[edit | edit source]

New Season:

  • [New Season]: Season 3 will end and Season 4 will officially begin. At the same time, the extended Final Push and Rank Match events will end;
  • [Tier Inheritance]: In Season 4, Rank Match rankings will be carried over to the next season according to the player's tier in the previous season. Detailed Tier Inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
  • [Tier Rewards]: In Season 4, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the previous season. Tier inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
  • [Logic Path]: In Season 4, Logic Path level will be reset to ZERO. Logic Path rewards will also be replaced by the all-new Season 4 rewards. The highest reward is Mercenary A Costume - Cursed Pharaoh. At the same time, Season Essence 1 and 2 will be replaced with Abyss Treasure, while Season Essence 3 will stay the same;
  • [4-Sided Dice]: In Season 4, the maximum capacity of 4-sided dice is 100. Players will be unable to retain any number of dice over 100, so please use them at your earliest convenience;
  • [Logic Points]: In Season 4, Logic Points will be reset;
  • [Deduction]: In Season 4, new deduction tasks are available for three characters, including Cowboy, Perfumer and Geisha. Complete the final deduction task to receive the Character's Deduction Reward - Worn Clothes;
  • [EXP]: In Season 4, new EXP level rewards will be made available and the EXP level limit has been raised to 40;
  • [Rank Treasure]: In Season 4, completing three Rank Matches daily will reward players with Rank Treasure Rewards at 00:00 am the following day. The highest reward is Coordinator's S Accessory - Lightning Generator. Rank Treasures will be rewarded according to player's highest ranking (Survivor or Hunter).
  • [Memory Sphere]: Season 3 Essence's A and B grade items will enter the new Memory Sphere with Season 3 Rank Treasure's S, A and B grade items. Treasures can be exchanged with Clues;
  • [Shop - Accessories]: Season 3 Rank Treasure's S, A and B grade Accessories (such as Geisha's S Accessory - Reluctant Hug) will be available in-store. These can be exchanged with Echoes or Fragments.

New System:

  • [Character Knowledge System]: The Character Knowledge System is introduced. Players can only gain Character Points through Rank Matches. Character Points represents a player's mastery and strength in using a Character. Each week, Badge Rewards will be given out according to the player's Character Knowledge Points ranking;
  • [Season Review System]: Season Review System is introduced. Players can check their previous hunter and survivor stats in previous seasons, as well as the use of their favorite characters in Rank Matches.
  • [Club System]: Club System is introduced. There can only be a maximum of 7 players in a Club. Players who have joined a Club will be able to communicate in Team Chat, obtain additional Logic Points, and sign up as a Club to participate in the Global Festival Event (Call of the Abyss II);
  • The PC Edition and Simulators have a separate matching queue (including Quick Match and Rank Match), and it will only match players with PC Editions or Simulators. If one team member is using a PC Edition or Simulator when players are forming a Team, the entire Team will be matched in PC Edition/Simulator queues. Also, if players use a mobile device to enter matches (including Character selection and after starting a match) but switches to a PC Edition or Simulator at any point of the match, then the player will be disconnected from the match immediately following the forced exit protocol and return to the lobby. At present, certain niche simulators cannot be recognized. The technical team is currently doing their best to work on it to ensure fairness throughout the player's gaming experience.

New Event:

  • Global Festival Event - Call of the Abyss II: the "Steam City Stage" will officially begin after maintenance on January 3, 2019 (UTC +8) and end before maintenance on January 17, 2019 (UTC +8). Players are able to form their own Clubs and register themselves to participate in the event. During Club registration, the Club leader needs to select the participating region in the Global Festival Event - Call of the Abyss II according to their own game servers and region. (Note: If a Club qualifies for the Online Qualifiers, more than half of the members must have the right of permanent residence in their region, otherwise, they will not be able to participate in the subsequent Online Qualifiers). The regions will be divided into: Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and NA-EU regions. Registered Club members can obtain many exclusive Festival rewards and Steam City Points from participating in Steam City Battles. The top 50 Clubs from each region will advance to the next stage and continue the competition. For more details, please check the in-game rules page.
  • The Abyss Treasure is officially introduced. It includes S Costume: Jack - Evil Eye Host, A Costume: Mercenary - Steam Teen, Perfumer - Sands of Time, Magician - Optical Mirror and The Mind's Eye - Sound Wave. During the Abyss Treasure draw, previously obtained A Costumes will not be drawn until all A Costumes have been obtained.
  • As an element of the Global Festival, the Mercenary's Spring Hand costume and Gamekeeper's Punk costume will be made available in-store. Also, during the Steam City and High Tower stages of the Festival (Jan. 3 - after maintenance to Jan. 24 before maintenance), they will be available at 12% off!


  • Character Ban feature has been added to Legendary Ranking and Custom Legendary modes. Both line-ups will start with Bans. Hunter and Survivors can only Ban 1 opposing Character (Survivors will adopt a voting system. If 3 or more Survivors vote for the same Hunter, then that Hunter will be Banned. However, if no Hunters receives a minimum of 3 votes, then the banned Hunter will be selected randomly according to the votes).
  • Increased the duration required for Survivors to decode cipher machines;
  • Reduced Survivor's decode progression obtained from a Perfect Calibration;
  • Survivors' decoding speed will increase after a certain amount of time has elapsed in a match;
  • Reduced the amount of time the Ripper's Fog Blade Chill effects a Survivor;
  • Reduced the attack speed buff from Smiley Face's Wind Wings attachment;
  • The cooldown time for Soul Weaver's Spinning and Web Attack has been slightly increased. Her obstacle vaulting speed, and the time needed to recover after an attack has been slightly increased;
  • Increased Photographer's Camera cooldown time;
  • Increased Excitement Trait cooldown time;
  • Reduced the amount of time needed to dismantle Peepers and decreased the healing speed reduction incurred when healing in the Peeper's area of influence.

Improved experience:

  • Map names can now be seen before Quick Match and Duo Hunters mode;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue of being able to switch Characters while ready in the Matching Room;
  • Fixed the issue of Survivors getting stuck after being rescued when cocooned;
  • Fixed the issue where Embalmer's healing gets interrupted during makeup application;
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to see teammates' characters in Spectate mode when a player escapes after being siphoned by Wu Chang;
  • Fixed the issue of the exit gate not responding when tapping on the switch button;
  • Fixed the issue of bugs occurring as Survivors are resurrected when the Embalmer has applied makeup in Duo Hunters mode;
  • Fixed the issue of Hunter's abnormal stun duration when survivor has the talent, Great Power;
  • Fixed the abnormal self-heal time for Survivors when Embalmer applies makeup to Survivors who have fallen to the ground;
  • Fixed the issue where Coordinator's skill descriptions are wrongly displayed in-game;
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal displays on Wu Chang's Costume - The Intersection Bishounen;
  • Fixed the issue where the bell and accessories are overlapping when using Wu Chang's Costume - The Intersection Bishounen;
  • Fixed the abnormal display of Wu Chang's umbrella when it is thrown when the Divine costume is worn;
  • Fixed the issue where the face of Lucky Guy's Souichi costume disappears in the Tutorial;
  • Fixed the issue where Coordinator's Costume, Server has overlap;
  • Fixed the issue where Survivors are unable to see the Embalmer's outline in the distance after being strapped to the Rocket Chair;
  • Fixed the issue of not displaying the items when Mad Eyes picks up Smoke Bottle and Black Mud in Duo Hunters mode;
  • Repaired an issue where the Coordinator's Ferrier of Souls Costume becomes transparent when the Hunter catches her;

[Jan. 10 2019 Version] Update Notice:

Identity V will be updated on Jan. 10 2019 (UTC +8). The following content is for reference only and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

  • [Accumulative Recharge Rewards] - The first stage of the Memories system is available. A series of memories are unlocked from deep within the detective's psyche in accordance to the amount of Echoes obtained. When recharge amount reaches a certain number, players will receive corresponding rebates.
  • [Event] The Half-Year Anniversary event is around the corner! Participate in the event to earn rewards, such as Dynamic Portraits and the Pet, Alexander the Great, and more.