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Patch 1.24.19[edit | edit source]

Global Festival:

After maintenance, the Second Global Festival - [Call of the Abyss II] will enter the Road to Abyss stage. Each club from the High Tower stage will be rewarded with Fragments and the top 4 clubs from each region can gain the exclusive High Tower Portrait Frame - Evil Look along with the eligibility to compete at the Online Qualifiers. The Online Qualifiers in NA-EU, South East Asia and South Korea regions start on Jan. 26 and end on Jan. 27th. The Online Qualifiers in the regions of HK & MO & TW and Japan will take place in mid to late Feb. During this time, we are going to stream the matches via Youtube and other streaming platforms. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information!


The ancient Greeks held a grand Flower Festival during Anthesteria (2nd and 3rd month of the Gregorian calendar) to worship the God of Wine - Dionysus. Dionysus, the God of Wine, was also the God of Theatre. In honor of this, the Manor Owner is holding its first Theatre Competition in the Manor. During the event, players will receive amazing rewards by participating in rehearsals and collecting Creativity.

  • [Theater Competition - Rehearsals] Log in during the event to participate in the Theatre Competition held by the Manor Owner. Complete tasks for a chance to participate in script rehearsals. 5 random characters will be chosen as your actors (the Dream Witch not included). After assigning roles to them and rehearsing, they can participate in the Drama evaluation process. During the event, there will be rehearsals for 5 acts. Rehearsal preparation time for each act lasts for 2 days, and the rehearsal's script can be submitted before the specified time. Once the submission time is up, the rehearsal's script can no longer be submitted, but players can still continue to complete tasks and collect Creativity. The Manor Owner will select the winners from all submitted scripts and present 3 awards respectively. Third Prize - the Aeschylus Award, and its corresponding prize, Abyss Treasure; Second Prize - the Sophocles Award, and its corresponding prize, A Costume Unlock Card; First Prize - the Euripides Award, and its corresponding prize, S Costume Unlock Card. Rewards will be sent via Mail. Event time: 09:00:00 Jan. 28 - 23:59:59 Feb. 6 (server time).
  • [Theater Competition - Official Performance] During the event, players will be able to collect lots of Creativity by completing all the rehearsal tasks. According to the amount of Creativity collected by the player, the Manor Owner will reward players with Emotes, Graffiti, Event Portraits, Photographer's Event Costume, Gamekeeper's Pet, etc. Once all Creativity is obtained, players can participate in the Main Event of the Theatre Competition. If players miss the first 5 rehearsal tasks, they can participate in Matches and exchange Deduction Points for Creativity. In addition to a chance to obtain the Aeschylus Award, Sophocles Award and Euripides Award, every player participating in the Main Event of the competition will receive a participation award. The final winner will be awarded with the Dionysus Award, the highest obtainable honor, and will also obtain all A Costumes, A Costume Unlock Cards, S Costume Unlock Cards from S1-S3 Essence. Rewards will be sent via mail. (Already owned items will be converted to Fragments) Event time: 09:00:00 Jan. 28 - 23:59:59 Feb. 9 (Server Time).
  • [Theater Competition - Capture Creativity] The Drama requires Creativity and Talents. Players can earn Fragment rewards by logging in daily and capturing Creativity by participating in the mini-game on the Event Interface. During the event, the more Creativity players capture from the game, the more Fragment rewards players receive. (Participation in Mini-game will not give Creativity). Event time: 09:00:00 Jan. 28 - 23:59:59 Feb. 9 (Server Time)


  • [Package]: Smiley Face’s Absurd Decree package is available in-store at 32% off for a limited time and includes Smiley Face’s S Costume - King, An Accessory - Absurd Decree. This package can only be purchased using Echoes. Also, the King costume and Absurd Decree accessory are available separately in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the package are already owned, the price of the package will be reduced accordingly. This package will be removed from the store at 23:59:59 Feb. 6 (Server Time).

Rank Match:

  • Cowboy and Priestess can be used in Rank Matches.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an occasional issue where the Hunter‘s Peeper trait is always cooling down and cannot be used;
  • Fixed an issue where Cowboy and Priestess cannot be unlocked with Trial Cards;
  • Fixed an issue where some content is wrongly displayed when calling teammates in the English game version;
  • Fixed an issue where the team matching interface in Custom mode is wrongly displayed in the English game version;
  • Fixed an issue where Cowboy was able to use hand-held items to save teammates tied to the Rocket Chair in Duo Hunters mode;
  • Fixed an issue where the eyes for Mercenary’s Spring hand costume are sometimes abnormally displayed when performing certain actions.

Update Notice [Jan. 31 2019 Edition]

Identity V will be updated on January 31, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

[New Treasure]: S4 Essence is now available. It contains Dream Witch’s S Costume - Wadjet. If you draw this costume, you will get the all-new Hunter, Dream Witch, Explorer’s A Costume - Archaeologist and Gamekeeper’s A Costume - Anubis.

[New map]: New map - White Sand Street Asylum is available.

Special Mention:

During the Call of the Abyss II - Global Festival event, we discovered that a small number of players are taking advantage of bugs, using external plugins, using underhanded methods to obtain high scores, not playing properly, etc. in-game, and this has greatly affected the game experience for other players. Subsequently, we will increase penalties for these acts, including but not limited to: Points deduction, club disqualification, bans, and other penalties in order to provide a fair game environment for all players. At the same time, we also hope that you can help us to use the in-game report system when you encounter such behavior, and work with us to maintain order at the manor.