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Patch 1.17.19[edit | edit source]

Global Festival:

The Global Festival - [Call of the Abyss II] is entering the “High Tower” stage. The top 50 clubs from the Steam City stage will be awarded with the Limited Event Portrait Frame. The top 50 clubs from each region can continue to participate in "High Tower” battles and obtain “High Tower Points”. The event will start after maintenance on January 17 and end before maintenance on January 24 (UTC+8). The top 4 clubs from each region will receive additional rewards and will qualify for each region’s Online Qualifier.


[Package]: The Priestess' Guide package is now available in-store at 32% off, including Priestess' S Costume - Guide and A Accessory - Longevity. Packages can only be purchased using Echoes. Also, the Costume - Guide and Accessory - Longevity will be available in-store. They can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the Package are already owned, the price of the Package will be reduced accordingly. The Package will be removed at 00:00:00, January 31, 2019 (Server Time).

Priestess Adjustments:

  • External Trait [Holy Key] adjustments. The Priestess can initiate a call that lasts for several seconds by holding the skill button. Once the teammate called responds, the Priestess can open a passage between them and reach the other side of the passage after travelling in the passage for a few seconds. If no teammate responds to the Priestess’ call, a Holy Key will not be used. Once other survivors enter the passage, they will leave a residual image at the entrance for a period of time, depending on the length of the passage. Hunters can attack the residual image, and inflicted damage or special effects will be transferred to the actual Survivor;
  • Increased the negative effect of the External Trait [Spiritualist] slightly;
  • Priestess has the ability to use the Holy Key once at the beginning of a match;
  • Priestess cannot be used in Rank Matches from Jan. 17 (after maintenance) to Jan. 24 (before maintenance) - UTC+8.

Cowboy Adjustments:

  • External Trait [Lasso] adjustments. Hold the skill button to start aiming at the selected target. When the progress bar for aiming is full, release the lasso within the target area to hit the target. Cowboy will gain an acceleration boost when he hits a Survivor in any state. When Cowboy hits a Hunter, instead of being pulled towards the Hunter, he will now jump over the Hunter's head and land on the other side. Cowboy will fall if he encounters any objects during this process;
  • Optimized Cowboy’s turning controls during aiming;
  • Cowboy cannot be used in Rank Matches from Jan. 17 (after maintenance) to Jan. 24 (before maintenance) - UTC+8.


  • Increased the cooldown for fences generated by Mad Eyes when [Overclock] is active;
  • Optimized Mad Eyes’ normal attack;
  • Reduced the Mechanic’s decoding speed bonus generated by the External Trait, [Mech Master];
  • Optimized attacks for the following Hunters when carrying Survivors tied to balloons: Smiley Face, Gamekeeper, Hell Ember, and The Ripper;
  • The [Leo's Memory] map will add a new item, Snowball. Join the Snowball Fight! Subsequently, the Snowball item will not be available to use in Rank matches on the [Leo's Memory] map.
  • Hunter’s aim-assist no longer works on Magician while Stealth is active.

Improved experience:

  • An interface with options (e.g. Adding Friends, Report, etc.) will appear after tapping on players on the Record interface;
  • Newly-added display emotes for The Ripper - Evil Eye Host and Magician - Optical Mirror;
  • When Seer is injured, he cannot be healed while controlling his Owl to observe teammates. This will ensure the control of his Owl is not interrupted;
  • Optimized the presentation of images generated by Perfumer’s Accessory, Gathering Water;
  • Optimized the rhythm of Survivor's breathing as they run to make it sound more natural.
  • [New Languages] Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese have been added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the interface sometimes froze when 5 club players entered Abyss Match and Abyss Rank matches;
  • Fixed an issue where teleporting to a Cipher Machine that had Mad Eyes’ Fences around it would cause the player to get stuck in the Cipher Machine;
  • Fixed an issue where the Dancer could not be bitten by the Patroller while placing the Music Box;
  • Fixed an issue where there was a chance of getting stopped when going through obstacles after activating Blink when Smiley Face was using Dash Hit;
  • Fixed an issue where using Blink may have caused pullback when swiping the screen before using Blink;
  • Fixed an issue where the player suddenly lost connection when attacking broken walls on the Red Church map and the problem concerning the direction the player was facing when they vaulted the wall after rejoining the game;
  • Fixed an issue where Hell Ember could Awaken the Puppet for a second time when the Puppet had stopped;
  • Fixed an issue where Cowboy could still use other handheld items that caused abnormalities when aiming in Duo-Hunter mode;
  • Fixed an issue where on the [Leo's Memory] map, a model on the outer staircase of the big house would cause the Priestess to get stuck while going through a passage;
  • Fixed an issue where Friend's Persona Ranking Level in Character Knowledge was shown as 0;
  • Fixed an issue where the special effects for The Ripper’s Svengali costume were not shown correctly on the display interface;
  • Fixed an issue where the outline for Lucky Guy’s Souichi Costume did not display the face;
  • Fixed an issue where the legs for Mechanic’s Red Riding Hood Costume clashed on the display interface;
  • Fixed an issue where there were ripples in the Coordinator’s Iron Lady Costume;
  • Fixed an issue where Perfumer’s perfume bottle and model movement didn't match on the display interface;
  • Fixed an issue where the bird was missing from Seer’s Future Sight Costume icon;
  • Fixed an issue where the interface for sharing battles was sometimes abnormal;
  • Fixed an issue where female Survivors’ running posture was displayed abnormally;
  • Fixed an issue where Wu Chang was abnormally teleported when switching forms after a short charge;
  • Fixed an issue where the post-match chat channel appeared after spectating a match;
  • Fixed an issue where players’ names sometimes disappeared in the matching room;
  • Fixed an issue that caused abnormal in-game snowfall in Survivor’s games after Wu Chang changed form on the [Leo's Memory] map;
  • Fixed an issue where items still showed Purchase and Gift options after being removed from the Shop;
  • Fixed an issue where after viewing badges owned by other players on their profiles, your own profile briefly displayed the badges belonging those players;
  • Fixed an issue where the Explorer’s 'heartbeat' was not clearly shown on some of his Costumes;
  • Fixed an issue where Survivors sometimes struggled free immediately when a Hunter placed *Survivors tied to balloons on the ground for a second time;
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Weaver would obtain additional points for Avoid the Flashlight when cocooning.

Update Notice [January 24, 2019 Edition]

[Identity V] will be updated on January 24, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.

[Shop]: Smiley Face - Absurd Decree pack available in-store.

Important Notice:

During the Call of the Abyss II - Global Festival event, we discovered that a small number of players are taking advantage of bugs, using external plugins, using underhanded methods to obtain high scores, not playing properly, etc. in-game, and this has greatly affected the game experience for other players. Subsequently, we will increase penalties for these acts, including but not limited to: Points deduction, club disqualification, bans, and other penalties in order to provide a fair game environment for all players. At the same time, we also hope that you can help us to use the in-game report system when you encounter such behavior, and work with us to maintain order at the manor.