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Pallets are interactive obstacles in Identity V Identity v.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Pallets are used by Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png to evade the Hunter and hinder their pursuit. There are many pallets throughout each map.

Usage[edit | edit source]

States[edit | edit source]

Pallets have two states: upright, and pulled down. At the start of a match, all Pallets are in an upright position, meaning that both the Survivors and the Hunter can pass through the area next to them without needing to interact. Hunters are unable to interact with Pallets in this state, but Survivors have the option to pull it down and create an obstacle for the Hunter that can only be vaulted by the Survivors, which is similar to vaulting a window.

Breaking[edit | edit source]

The Hunter cannot vault Pallets, but can choose to break and thus permanently destroy it by interacting with it.

Breaking a Pallet displays a short animation in which the Hunter will destroy it with their weapon or by stomping on it. This will momentarily obstruct their vision as the camera will tilt downwards until the Pallet is destroyed, giving the Survivor an opportunity to hide out of sight. It also gives them the opportunity to easily blind the Hunter with a flashlight, as they are locked into the animation and can't turn their head to try and evade the flashlight.

The Joker and the Evil Reptilian are the only Hunters with an alternative way to break a Pallet, by charging at it with his rocket and by jumping and crashing near it, respectively.

Pallet Stun[edit | edit source]

If a Hunter is inside the area of a Pallet and a survivor pulls it down, they will be pushed back and get stunned for a short while, again obstructing their vision as their camera tilts. This will also award the Survivor an amount of points in the Persistence category.

The duration the Hunter is stunned for can be boosted by Survivor's external traits and the Persona, Great Power.

The duration taken for the Hunter to destroy the pallet can be boosted by the Persona, Destructiveness.

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