Norton Campbell

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Norton Campbell
Norton Campbell.png
Alt. Names: Norton Campbell
Gender: Male
Career: Prospector
Prop: Meteorite Magnet
Clues: 3568
Echoes: 688

Norton Campbell, or Prospector, is one of 25 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Norton Campbell.png

The Prospector carries magnets and can accumulate up to 3 Magnets. Each Magnet has two polarities, with blue being the South magnetic pole and red being the North magnetic pole. The Prospector can switch the polarity of the magnets every 3 seconds. Magnets with different colors attract each other, while magnets with same colors repel. Players with magnets will be stunned if they collide with objects. Hunters with Survivors tied to a balloon will also be stunned, freeing the tied Survivor.

External Traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Magnet .png
Magnet The Prospector carries a Meteorite Magnet with him. The thrown Magnet will attach itself to players nearby, causing positive/negative polarities that last for 20 seconds;

if players carrying Magnet are close to each other, a link will be triggered; getting closer will trigger Attraction or Repulsion, and getting further will break the link;

if a Hunter breaks the link, the polarity will lose its effects;

The strong magnetic force of the magnetic field will also cause polarized players to become stunned when they collide with objects. The further the distance of the Repulsion and Attraction before impact, the longer players will be stunned.

How to use - Tap to throw, or charge to throw in a specific location.

Exclusive - The Prospector has permanent polarity and Magnets will not attach to him. The polarity of other players will disappear after 1 Repulsion or Attraction. The Prospector can switch the polarity of the Magnet and his own polarity at any time.

Outdoor skills .png
Outdoor Skills

Exploration in the wilderness has made the Prospector physically strong. Healing Speed is increased by 20%.

Disruption .png
Disruption The Meteorite Magnet's magnetic field affects the normal operation of Cipher Machines. The Prospector's chance of triggering a Calibration during Decoding is increased by 50%, and Calibration difficulty is increased by 30%.
Attraction .png

The Prospector can use the Attraction between the Magnet and iron items to increase his Movement speed. Whenever Cipher Machines or Lockers are within a certain range, the Prospector's speed will be increased by 50 for 2 seconds, and can only be triggered once every 80 seconds.

Appearance Decoration[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 11 Lucky to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Soul Catcher Prospector.png
Soul Catcher S5 Essence 1 There are amazing forces of Attraction and Repulsion between souls; just like when fate guides some people together and causes others to part. ([Limited] Costume, only available in S5 Essence 1) N/A
Mr. Mole Memory Sphere Season 6 This type of creature has an acute sense of smell and it can detect many things, such as gold and jewelry. N/A
Magic Item Keeper N/A Under his careful watch, everything in the sorcery inventory is in good order. 318 Echoes or 1188 Fragments
Jarhead Memory Sphere Season 6 Symptom: Paranoia

Note: Always using the cooking pot as a helmet to protect himself. The patient deliberately creates confusion. Don't be fooled by his behavior!

Wanderer Memory Sphere 9 The wandering Bloodline has never followed the ancient customs. Until the castle is in turmoil again, the weakling who lost the covenant's protection could only live out their days in unrest. N/A
Patchwork Call of the Abyss III The disabled and the wounded will be eliminated by the Investigation Bureau. The cuts left by the Abyss won't be cured, and they will only be replaced by creatures of the Abyss which are even more inhumane and intolerable. No one wants to lose their mind due to the erosion, yet that's the fate of traitors. N/A
Brownstone Call of the Abyss III A pigment made from underground minerals, with a unique sense of heaviness. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Casablanca Deduction Star Commemoration Event 2019 "As time goes by, my love for you continues to grow every day"

Deduction Star Commemoration Event 2019 Bouquet. Please give this Bouquet to the Deduction Star in your heart

WE Confident Detective.png
Confident Detective S1 Memory Sphere A Survivor's accessories, Confident Detective 208 Echoes Echoes.png or 788 Fragments Fragments.png
WE Gemini.png
Gemini S1 Memory Sphere A Survivor's accessories, Gemini 208 Echoes Echoes.png or 788 Fragments Fragments.png
WE Expert Detective.png
Expert Detective Rank Treasure Survivor's accessories, Expert Detective N/A
Star Globe Memory Sphere Season 7 The gems buried deep in the earth are like billions of stars that never shine.

Special Effects: Replaced magnetic field special effects

788 Echoes or 2988 Fragments
Ancient Amber Memory Sphere Season 6 An Ancient Amber found by the Prospector during his excavation. The butterfly wrapped in the amber seems almost lifelike. 258 Echoes or 968 Fragments
Icon Type Name Series Description
Muse Mark.png
Graffiti Muse Mark Already Equipped The Graffiti content for all survivors and hunters, Muse Mark
Graffiti Magnet - Cartoon Scattered around the corners of the manor. Explore now. Prospector's Exclusive Graffiti, Magnet Cartoon
Emote Agree Already Equipped A motion that means agreement.
Emote Advance N/A A motion that means advance.
Emote Confused Rank Treasure A motion that means confusion.
Hurry back.png
Emote Hurry Back S1 Memory Sphere B A motion that asks teammates to hurry back.
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast

60 Echoes

Rolls 4-sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Prospector
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Default Already Equipped Female survivor's default motion in matching room
Snooze Memory Sphere Season 7 Prospector Matching Room Motion, Snooze
Stand S8 Essence 1 Prospector Matching Room Motion, Stand

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His birthday is 19th of March.
  • He's interested on collecting ores.
  • He's skilled on define and evaluate ores.
  • He hates dark and closed surroundings.
  • He loves natural gems and precious metals.

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