Moonlit River Park

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Moonlit River Park is one of 9 maps in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. This map can be used in Rank Matches.


Once a booming local attraction, this place used to be flooded by an unending stream of guests, brimming with a joyous, bustling atmosphere from corner to corner. But after one night’s grand event, an unforeseen accident occurred. People shrieked and sobbed, trying to escape that terrifying silhouette brandishing a chainsaw, but the tightly locked gates and towering walls cut off all escape routes. Ever since that day, when people bring up Moonlit River Park, those miserable cries come ringing in their ears.

Moonlit River Park was once a booming local attraction. Under the management of Count Barriere, in the Moonlit River region was built awe-inspiring walls, and the newly constructed roller coaster track spanned the whole river. In its first days of business, this roller coaster track brought an unending stream of guests, and following an increase in profits, Count Barriere had a haunted house and merry-go-round built in quick succession, and contracted a travelling circus known as “Hullabaloo”, introducing a freak show and circus performances. In a brief moment, Moonlit River Park rose to fame, its reputation bringing guests from far and wide.

But in just one night, all of the fun choked out its final breath. Count Barriere decided to hold a grand event – Moonlit River Park would close its doors, and stay open the whole night, the sealed-off Park temporarily freeing the people from long, dull nights of curfew. But nobody could have seen it coming. The moon at its zenith, and a mad circus employee would turn the night into a total nightmare. People shrieked and sobbed, trying to escape that terrifying silhouette, but the tightly locked gates and towering walls cut off all escape routes. After that, nobody ever talked about Moonlit River Park ever again, legend has it, for fear that merely uttering those words will bring those miserable cries ringing in your ears.


The park is split into two halves.

A roller coaster with four stops connects the two halves. By riding on the first seat of the roller coaster, Survivors and Hunters can start up the roller coaster. Roller coasters can be entered or exited from both sides. There is a short cooldown so that players cannot exit and enter repeatedly. The roller coaster also has a cooldown and cannot go from stop to stop repeatedly. The roller coaster must go to the end of the map before restarting and going back. Survivors sitting on the roller coaster who get hit will receive a terror shock.

The first and last roller coaster stops are directly in front of the two exit gates. The middle two roller coaster stops are found on one side of the map each. It is elevated from the ground and can be exited by vaulting on the window or by climbing down the stairs. There is a "STOP" sign on these two stops. At the start of the game, the sign will be lit. If turned off, the roller coaster will continue to the next stop without stopping. The sign can be turned on by Hunters and off by Survivors.

There is also two bridges and one path that connect the two sides. These areas do not have any available pallets and are essentially wide open areas, which are dangerous to kite in.

The basement can be found in two locations, in the two-story tent on one side of the map and the one-story tent on the other side.

The priestess's portals can be used to cross between the two sides of the map quickly and efficiently. Having a priestess on the team in this map is hugely beneficial in reducing the time it takes to get to safer areas on the other side of the map.





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