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A promotional game made to pre-register for the Identity V game. It is referred to as "Minigame" on a tab on the website.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

OPENING[edit | edit source]

Nightmare. It was a long and endless nightmare.

Drenched in sweat, I was running for my life through a silent forest.

I took a deep breath when I finally thought I was awake.

But when I looked around, I noticed something horrible:

Nightmare. It was still a nightmare...

Gameplay[edit | edit source]


Thank God, finally awake.

I swear to God I won't drink that much alcohol anymore.

At least not today...

Wait, how long have I been sleeping?

Objective: Check Time

Clock[edit | edit source]

Wait, how long have I been sleeping?

Oh no, it's almost time. I must send that letter out before 17:00.

I don't want to lose this business.

Objective: Find the Client's Letter

The Letter[edit | edit source]

It's here! A wealthy client with a huge cheque.

Who cares what me wants me to do.

But I must tell him that I accept the letter immediately!

The post office is about to close, I really need a phone right here.

Objective: Send the Letter

Door[edit | edit source]

Damn it, my key! I definitely put it with my jacket somewhere last night.

The last thing I want is locking myself outside, I must find that key.

I usually hang my keys on the hatstand next to the sofa.

Hatstand[edit | edit source]

It's not here, but I'm pretty sure I wanted to put it right here. Maybe it's on the table.

Desk[edit | edit source]

I must have slept here last night, probably read several books as well?

It's weird, those books are supposed to be here,

but since when am I into urban legends?

At least it's an important progress.


A. A Brief History of Time

B. The Interpretation of Dreams

C. The Justice Game

D. Why Nations Fall

E. Peril at End House

F. And Then There Were None

Website prompt: "Are you sure you read this book last night?"

If you have selected any other option than E. Peril at End House, your choice will not be accepted.

The Key[edit | edit source]

Here it is. I must go out and mail the letter.

I need to write down my email address

Invitation appears upon fulfilment

Ending[edit | edit source]

You have successfully pre-registered for Identity V. Our manor will be open in the near future.

A trailer for the game is shown.

Alternate Route[edit | edit source]

If you continually press the door, the following will happen:

Damn it, my key! I definitely put it with my jacket somewhere last night.

The last thing I want is locking myself outside, I must find that key.

I need that key.....


K.E.Y. Keeeeey!

That's enough! I have no time! Get out and leave the house! And I will change it after earning the money!

[Note: after this message, the mini-game ends, prompting the player to input their email address for an invitation to the game.]

Optional Interactions[edit | edit source]

Desk[edit | edit source]

The missing kids, the missing elder,

the missing cheating husband, the missing shorthair cat, the missing teddy bear......

Good! I think it's time to send myself a client letter.

I must have slept here last night.......

swear to god by my neck I never drink too much anymore.......

Box full of Files[edit | edit source]

The table is littered with files and letters,

but most of them are lumped together, and several books of law seem to have never been read.

The Books[edit | edit source]

The bookshelf is full of forensic science, geography, astronomy,

religious studies, engineering, literary works, and various legal documents.

However, only the detective novels have the least dust,

and were taken from their original positions.

I don't have time to go through each book.

The Shoes[edit | edit source]

You are wearing another shoe.

Couch[edit | edit source]

It seems like I haven't slept here.

If the key was here, it must take thousands of years to find.

Evidence Board[edit | edit source]

I should have left some clues for myself.