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Mary FP.png
Alias: Bloody Queen
Gender: Female
Clues: 4508
Echoes: 858

Mary, or Bloody Queen is one of 17 Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png currently featured in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

External Traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Aqua Mirror

Bloody Queen creates a Mirror Image by using an Aqua Mirror. The Mirror Image ignores collisions and reflects the location, state and motion of the actual body in real time. It can inflict damage on Survivors, but Survivors can only receive one damage at a time.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

These are three Abilities that are unique to Bloody Queen:

Icon Name Description
Mirror Image

Summon the Aqua Mirror to generate a Mirror Image of the body. When the image is formed, tap the skill button again to switch positions with the Mirror Image.

Mirror Rotation

Rotate the Aqua Mirror to make the Mirror Image turn to the nearest Survivor.

Into the Mirror

When summoning the Aqua Mirror within a 5m radius of a survivor, a Mirror Image of the nearest Survivor will be generated. The Survivor's Mirror Image will disappear after the Survivor is hit by the Bloody Queen.

Deduction Target[edit | edit source]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path

Appearance Decoration[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Original Costume Mary.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Bloodbath Mary.png
Bloodbath S7 Essence 2 She was tired of the white stone pillars and decided to use red to decorate the banquet hall. N/A
Last Dance Mary.png
Last Dance N/A The last dance is nostalgia for home in the past, it's also a declaration of war to invaders. 1388 Echoes Echoes.png or 4888 Clues Clues.png
Rogue Mary.png
Rouge N/A The soft pink texture is made up of insects and lead powder. 318 Echoes Echoes.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments.png
Lady in the Mirror Mary.png
Lady in the Mirror Halloween Event 2019 She lives in the castle's mirror world, walking freely between mirrors, and bringing news of the outside world to the castle. But, the real purpose of her presence here remains a mystery. 100 Spyglasses
Queen of Hearts Mary.png
Queen of Hearts Memory Sphere 8 "Off with his head!" N/A
Abandoned Dream Mary.png
Abandoned Dream Memory Sphere 10 It's not the horn of struggle but the fantasy of free lunch that can awaken Gold Diggers from their slumber. N/A
Dull Green Mary.png
Dull Green Logic Path Reached 502 Speaking of green, you may think of flowers and plants, but mold comes to my mind. N/A
Icon Name Series Description
Accessories Viper Cane.png
Viper Cane N/A Even with the most fearful cane in hand, her every move still exudes elegance and grandeur. 1068 Echoes Echoes.png or 3888 Fragments Fragments.png
Accessories Parasol.png
Parasol Halloween Event 2019 Even the dainty little parasol reflects the noble stature of its owner. N/A
Accessories Emptiness.png
Emptiness Memory Sphere 10 Everyone knows a broken mirror is forever lost, yet even irreversible mistakes can bring about something new. 238 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Bizzaro Detective.png
Bizarro Detective Already Obtained Hunter's accessories, Bizarro Detective N/A
Villain Charm.png
Villain Charm N/A Hunter's accessories, Villain Charm 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Lost Girl.png
Lost Girl N/A Hunter's accessories, Lost Girl 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Icon Type Name Series Description
Muse Mark.png
Graffiti Muse Mark Already Equipped The Graffiti content for all survivors and hunters, Muse Mark
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast

60 Echoes

Rolls 4-sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Bloody Queen
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Default Already Equipped Hunter's default motion in matching room

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mary was based off of French Queen Marie Antoinette.
    • Marie Antoinette died at the guillotine, which is an instrument for carrying out executions through beheading.
  • Mary is based off of "Bloody Mary". This might be why Mary has stitched on her neck.
    • Bloody Mary is a ghost that is said to appear in mirrors when a person says her name 3 times while the lights are off. This might be why Mary's item is a mirror.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Playing as

  • Use your Aqua Mirror, and point it towards a cipher machine. There may be a Survivor working on it, so you’ll have the possible advantage to Terror Shock them.
  • When camping a Survivor on chair, you can use your mirror to patrol ciphers nearby.
  • Using the mirror, you can cross large distances on the map. Using Mary on small maps like the Arms Factory is most efficient as you can cross the map to reach exit gates easily.
  • When the your Mirror Image spots a Survivor, the Survivor will be outlined for you to see. You can choose to hunt with the image of switch over. If you cannot estimate the distance of the Survivor and your Mirror Image well, you should switch over to your mirror image.
  • Mary's detention also transfers over to her Mirror Image.


  • Survivors will be able to hear and see the outline of Mary’s Aqua Mirror, regardless of their location on any map. Take note of the angle of the mirror. If the mirror is facing you, there is a chance that her Mirror Image is making its way towards you.
  • It’s important to run into different directions, or in a few cases, through the Mirror Image to juke the Mirror Image. Mary has a small hitbox, but be careful of charged attacks.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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