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Magnet is an ability in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. It is unique to the Prospector, Norton Campbell.


Character: The Prospector

Throws a Magnet at the Hunter and switched the polarity to Repel or Attract the Hunters to objects and stuns them.

The Prospector carries a Meteorite Magnet with him. The thrown out Magnet will attach itself to players nearby, causing positive/negative polarities that last for 20 seconds;

if players with Magnet are close to each other, a link will be triggered; getting closer will trigger Attraction or Repulsion, and getting further will break the link;

if a Hunter breaks the link, the polarity will lose its effects;

The strong magnetic force of the magnetic field will also cause polarized players to become stunned when they collide with objects. The further the distance of the Repulsion and Attraction before impact, the longer players will be stunned.

How to use

Tap to throw, or charge to throw in a specific location.


The Prospector has permanent polarity and Magnets will not attach to him. The polarity of other players will disappear after 1 Repulsion or Attraction. The Prospector can switch the polarity of the Magnet and his own polarity at any time.