Luca Balsa

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Luca Balsa
Luca Balsa.png
Gender: Male
Career: Prisoner
Prop: Circuit Control
Clues: 3568
Echoes: 688

Luca Balsa, or the Prisoner, is one of 29 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.


The Prisoner is a decoding character. The Prisoner's item allows him to view and connect ciphers from around the map. By connecting ciphers, he can share decoding progress between the two ciphers. He can choose how much decoding progress he wants to transmit to the connected cipher, from 0% to 48%. However, some decoding progress between shared ciphers is also lost , ranging from 10% to 20% depending on how far away the connected cipher is. The Prisoner has a 10% Decoding buff when decoding at a connected cipher.

Exit gates are also automatically connected and the Prisoner can choose how much decoding progress will be shared between two gates, ranging from 0% to 48%.

An area around a connected cipher machine will be electrified, which is marked by a blue aura. Standing in the blue area charges the Prisoner's "Conductor" ability, which allows him to stun the Hunter with his electricity once per charge. Hunters that enter the area for a long time will also get stunned. Hunters will develop an immunity to the electricity after being stunned 3 times.

The connection can be broken by the Hunter or will naturally be broken after one cipher or one gate is fully decoded. The electrified area also disappears when the connection is broken.


Born to an unknown family in unknown circumstances, inventor Luca Balsa was known to the public as a friendly and pleasant individual who trusted other people easily. Despite not knowing where this boy came from or why, it was obvious that he had a good education, confidence, and the brains needed for inventing. Within due time, he was taken under the wing by a well-known inventor, and the two seemed to get along well, with Luca's smarts being greatly valued by his mentor. However, a dispute between the two over research and thievery ended up with the famous inventor dead and Luca in prison with irreversible brain damage, having to live with the constant threats of being a murderer and traitor. Desperate to end it all and now a shadow of his former glory, Luca was to be hanged for his crimes, his property was sold to compensate the inventor's widow, and he was unable to put as much focus into his work as before. With poor memory and no money to his name, his only goal in life was to complete his grand invention, which was impossible without a large sum of money; so when he received an invitation from the manor to participate in the game, he decided to risk it all for one last chance to complete his work.[1]

He was bailed out of jail by the owner of the Manor.

External Traits

External Traits
Icon Name Description
Circuit Control The "Prisoner" is extremely familiar with the electric circuits under the Manor. He can change the connection status of the wires to alter the connection of the Cipher Machines. Once connected, the transmission of Decoding Progress between Cipher Machines is enabled.

How to Use

Tap item to use. The "Prisoner" envisions the distribution of Cipher Machines in his head and changes the wiring to adjust the connection status between Cipher Machines.


The "Prisoner" can connect two inactive Cipher Machines and form a Connection, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Each "Prisoner" can only generate 1 Connection, and there can only be 2 Cipher Machines on each Connection. All Survivors will be able to see the Connection.

When Survivors decode a Cipher Machine on a Connection, they can transmit a certain percentage of their Decoding Progress to another Cipher Machine. During the transmission, their own Decoding Progress will be decreased by the same transmission percentage.

Survivors can adjust the transmission percentage within the rage of 0% to 48%. At the same time, due to deterioration of the circuit, some of the transmitted Decoding Progress will be lost (without affecting one's decoding speed). The farther away the connected Cipher Machines are, the bigger the loss will be, ranging from 10% to 20%. Connections can be destroyed by Hunters. A destroyed Cipher Machine can't be reconnected to a Connection for 45 seconds. If a Cipher Machines is activated in a Connection, the Connection will become invalid automatically.

"Conductor" Charge

An incident changed the Prisoner's body composition and made him a "Conductor" capable of accumulating electric charges. When the "Prisoner" decodes a Cipher Machine in a Connection, an electrical area will be formed as a result of electrical charges focusing around the Cipher Machine. When Hunters enter such an area for a long time, they will be electrocuted and stunned. With each electrocution, the Hunter's resistance to electric charges is permanently increased so that the stun duration of the Hunter will decrease until it drops to 0. When a Connection becomes invalid or destroyed, the electrical area will disappear with it.

Enhanced Charge

Due to his unique body composition, the "Prisoner" will recharge when he enters the electrical area. Once the recharge is completed, he can release severe electric currents 1 time. The severe electric currents will send an Electric Shock towards Hunters nearby and stun them for 1 seconds.

As the effects of Electric Shock is strong, it won't be affected by Hunter's resistance to eletric charges.

Super Circuit To play it safe, the "Prisoner" set up a connection between the two Exit Gates in advance. While the Exit Gates are opened, the coded lock will connect automatically, allowing transmission of the Decoding Progress between the two coded locks.

As the connection between the Exit Gates is quite complicated, the transmission ratio of the Connecting Passage can only be adjusted by the "Prisoner" within the range of 0% to 48%. At the same time, due to deterioration of the circuit, the transmitted Decoding Progress is lost at a constant 15%.

Obsession The decoding speed of the "Prisoner" is increased by 10% when decoding a Cipher Machine on a connection. Once a calibration fails, his rigid time is decreased by 30%.

However, such obsession also weakens the Prisoner's perception of his surroundings, such that the distance of his detection of the Hunters is decreased by 20%.

Deduction Target

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path

  1. Arc
    Short-lived, dangerous, an illusion as if a blinding sun.
    • Basic Objective: Make 1 cipher connection
    • Advanced Objective 1: Make 2 cipher connections
    • Advanced Objective 2: Make 3 cipher connections
    A diary entry: I found three sketches in Father’s suitcase, the work of a genius, but it looks like there are a few pages missing. That’s alright, though, I’m sure i’ll finish it one day.
  2. Impedance
    The things that make you successful will also get in your way.
    • Basic Objective: Use electric charge to stun hunter once
    • Advanced Objective 1: Use electric charge to stun hunter once
    • Advanced Objective 2: Use electric charge to stun hunter twice
    A torn-up school admittance letter: It is our honor to welcome Lord Luca Balsa into the school. We are certain your family will be immensely proud of you in the near future.
  3. Medium
    The spread of energy requires it to bump against reality.
    • Basic Objective: Stun the hunter with the area around a connected cipher once
    • Advanced Objective 1: Stun the hunter with the area around a connected cipher twice
    • Advanced Objective 2: Stun the hunter with the area around a connected cipher twice
    The record of a successful auction: In the midst of garish and expensive artifacts, a bidder by the name of Alva bought a sketch at an unbelievably high price.
  4. Tuning
    You are merely the owner, and not the creator.
    • Basic Objective: Change current transmission degree once
    • Advanced Objective 1: Change current transmission degree twice
    • Advanced Objective 2: Change current transmission degree thrice
    A rumor: An aristocrat in the city, due to his interest in making investments in new projects that often end up failing, has used up his whole family's wealth; he ended up having to bid his wife's dowry away to make up for his loans, his wife all but dying of anger from the news. His son could not forgive him, and ran away from home.
  5. Coupling
    To resonate intelligence, one needs to find similar souls.
    • Basic Objective: Reunite with teammates once
    • Advanced Objective 1: Reunite with teammates twice
    • Advanced Objective 2: Reunite with teammates thrice
    A flyer: The industrial fair will be held in the city in the next few days. Famous inventors from around the world will gather at the location. The city's great inventor Alva Lawrence will attend as well.
  6. Correction
    Every experiment has their own different calibration standards.
    • Basic Objective: Transmit 20% decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 1: Transmit 40% decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 2: Transmit 60% decoding progress
    A diary entry: I've finally become an apprentice under Lawrence, with one of my drafts as a price. But I'm sure he'll understand one day, that I'm worth much more than those sketches he covets.
  7. Inductance
    Time may not come to change everything.
    • Basic Objective: Use transmissions to prime a cipher once
    • Advanced Objective 1: Use transmissions to prime a cipher once
    • Advanced Objective 2: Use transmissions to prime a cipher twice
    An old photograph: There are two people in the photo, consisting of young Lawrence wearing wearing a work uniform, and the other of a young man in a tasteful dress suit. He looks rather similar to Luca Balsa.
  8. Terminate
    What's the exchange for innate talent?
    • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Open the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 2: Open the exit gate
    The first report to an experiment: Even if both experiments differ in steps, the conclusion still came to failure. The first part was signed Lawrence, the second by Lawrence and Balsa, and the last with only Balsa.
  9. Destroy
    A madman, or a thief?
    • Basic Objective: Escape from hunter once
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape from hunter twice
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape from hunter twice
    A police report: Alva Lawrence claims his laboratory has been broken into, and items lost, aside from some notes on clients. The lost items include private hand sketched drafts. The police suspect Lawrence's rival to be behind the incident.
  10. Polar
    You merely needed an opportunity.
    • Basic Objective:
    • Advanced Objective 1:
    • Advanced Objective 2:
    The second experiment report: The experimenter is Balsa, therefore procedures are all identical to the first. Nothing was written for the results.
  11. Overshoot
    The smallest change, the biggest difference.
    • Basic Objective: Help open the gates with transmissions
    • Advanced Objective 1: Help open the gates with transmissions
    • Advanced Objective 2: Help open the gates with transmissions
    A police warning: An explosion occurred in Lawrence's lab, with three dead, two in critical condition, and one suffering light injury. The police deduce that the original catalyst for the incident might have been Lawrence's assistant, Luca Balsa, conducting illegal experiments.

After deducing Target 11, Overshoot, Prisoner's Worn Clothes costume.

Full Conclusion


Appearance Decoration

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 11 'Overshoot' to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
The Viper S10 Essence 2 It's time we call the quits, be it this journey or the chill that's been harassing me my entire life. My guide would do anything to get me out of here, yet "she" forced me to make a choice - perform my pledge or remedy my destiny. ([Limited] Costume, only available in S10 Essence 2.) N/A
Electrolysis Memory Sphere Season 13 He made use of the delicate relationship between science and alchemy to complete the performance of "turning stone into gold", yet he has no idea that the real Philosopher's Stone is nothing but a glorified lie. N/A
Boidae N/A Perhaps all shadows love darkness; that's why I like sunset more than sunrise. I've seen the sixth sunset in this forest today. I hope that we... at least I... still have the chance to see the seventh. 318 EchoesEchoes.png or 1188 FragmentsFragments.png
Moldy Bread S12 Essence 3 Is moldy bread edible? That's not a question for the people in prison. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Art of Science Memory Sphere Season 12 Destiny is an irreversible formula, and no exceptional science can determine its value.

Special Effect: Replaces ability effect.

788 EchoesEchoes.png or 2988 FragmentsFragments.png


  • Set up a cipher connection once the game starts. Try to connect two nearby ciphers to reduce the decoding loss.
  • With one cipher left, you can connect your cipher to a teammates' cipher or an almost finished cipher that the Hunter is guarding to decode the cipher from a safe location.
  • The Prisoner's charged stun lasts as long as a regular Enchantress stun. The stun can be triggered even without a Hunter nearby, but will be nullified. Ensure that you do not accidentally press the stun so as to not waste it.
  • You can still set up connections while Tide Turner is activated. You may want to set up a connection for your teammates so that they can use your ability while you are chaired.
  • The Terror Radius of the hunters towards the Prisoner is reduced by 25% - which can shorten the distance between him and the hunter by some meters while he is decoding.
    • Bring Cold to function like a more-reliable terror radius, as well as determining which way the hunter is coming to avoid bumping in the same way to them.
    • If the Hunter has Possessive, pay attention to when it's active as it can alert you that the Hunter is near.
    • When the 2 cipher machine is connected, if the hunter is in some range towards the Prisoner, the string that connect the two connect bars will start to crackle, implying that the hunter is coming to you.

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