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Logic Points

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Logic points.png

Logic Points Logic points.png are points that are converted to 4-sided die on the Logic Path. Players can roll die to earn Clues Clues.png, Music Notes, Inspirations Inspirations.png, Memory Spheres, Limited Graffiti, Limited Costumes and Current Season Essences through the Logic Path Logic path.png. You earn a four-sided die for every 1000 Logic Points.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Logic Points can be obtained by completing a Diary Deduction.

For every first three wins of the day, the amount of logic points earned in the win is doubled.

Victory = +500 logic points

Defeat = +300 logic points

There is a limit to the amount of logic points you can earn in a week, which is 42000. Any logic points earned past the limit will be ignored.