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Lockers are props that can be found on each map in Identity V Identity v.png.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lockers are red in color. They have two doors with a small vent on them.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Survivors can hide in a Locker, but Hunters can search Lockers for Survivors. Only one Survivor can hide in the Locker at a time. If a survivor is hidden, the survivor will get a limited first-person view which is blocked by the bars of the vent. If a Survivor is found hiding inside the Locker by a Hunter, they will be instantly incapacitated and tied to a balloon. If a Survivor tries to open a Locker when another Survivor is inside, the Survivor opening the locker will be surprised and close the door on the shivering Survivor.

Survivors can be attacked by Hunters while exiting the Locker. The Hunter's Tinnitus can still detect Survivors in lockers. Peepers cannot detect Survivors in lockers, but can detect the Survivor while the entering and exiting animations of the Locker plays. Crows can still appear above the Locker if the Survivor has not touched a cipher in a long time.

Avoid getting into a locker in most circumstances. The locker's opening and exiting speed is really slow, so even if you want to break sight with the hunter, the animation would still be too long and the hunter can free hit you, or tie into a balloon immediately.

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