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Lakeside Village Map.jpg

Lakeside Village is one of 9 maps in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. It was added on August 23, 2018. This map can be used for Rank Matches.


This used to be a small prosperous fishing village, but now the waves on the stony beach bring only the wreckage of the past.


On a cold winter night, a hurricane raided the mountainous area near Hujing Village. The tornado threw a hunter on the mountain into the lake. He struggled to swim to the shore, only to find that Lakeview Village was no longer going to see the sun. In the faint moonlight, the thatched cottage swayed, and the hunter did not see the bustling crowd and did not see any signs of life. He noticed a flame burning in the distance, but only found a pot of burnt stew when he inspected it. Whoever used the pot had disappeared without a trace. The warm and lively thatched cottages in Lakeview Village have been replaced by silent silence.[1]

Experienced hunters spend a lot of time in the forest, and all he saw in the Lakeside Village were abandoned boats and unattended fishing tackle cabins. The hunter tried his best to stay calm and eventually walked out of the village with tenacious willpower. In order to understand everything that happened in Lakeview Village, the hunter publicized what he saw. At this time, the nearby villagers suddenly realized the real reason why the villagers in Lakeview Village no longer participated in the market. No one knew where they were going, and no one was willing to step into this unknown village.[1]



The dock is a structure extending out from the shore into the sea, where it connects to an abandoned ship. There are other wrecked boats nearby.

Abandoned Ship[edit]

This large ship is connected to the dock, and has two floors. There are three entrances; on the side of the ship where a large hole is, on the stern connected to the dock, and boards leading to the second floor near the hole entrance. There is a large main room on the ground floor, which has a smaller hallway inside.


This area of the village is a small cornfield. It is easy to lose a survivor or hunter in the stalks.

Basement Spawns[edit]

  • In the abandoned ship, underneath the stairs to the right of the dock entrance
  • In a small cabin near the cornfield

Dungeon Spawns[edit]

  • The pallet area on the left of the ship
  • A distance away perpendicular from the exit gate closest to the ship
  • In the kiting walls area in the middle of the map, far away from the ship





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