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Alias: Smiley Face
Gender: Male
Career: Clown
Clues: 1888
Echoes: 368

Joker, or Smiley Face, is one of 19 Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.

Background[edit | edit source]


Joker was once the star of the circus. His naturally sullen face made him the best crying clown. However, the advantage changed when the handsome smile clown Segi and the glamorous acrobat and actress Natalie joined the circus, and Joker realized it's time for him to change his "professional track". Obviously, after getting his eternal smile, Joker can go nuts in new comedy shows.

External Traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Rocket Modification.png
Rocket Modification Joker can collect Parts scattered around the Map to modify his weapon. Modification is lost after an attack or a Rocket Dash.

Wind Wings

Increases Attack Speed and Rocket Dash Speed.


Survivors take longer time to heal when hit by normal attacks or skills.


Increases the effect of Rocket Dash once, but the weight is also slightly increased, thus decreasing its speed.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

These are two Abilities that are unique to Smiley Face:

Icon Name Description
Ability Rocket Dash.png
Rocket Dash Brandishing a rocket, Joker dashes forward quickly and destroys all targets in his way.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ability Crazed Dash.png
Crazed Dash After multiple intimate collaborations, Joker can dash farther and faster with his rocket.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Deduction Target[edit | edit source]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Heart Rhythm
    Listen hard and you will hear them.
    • Basic Objective: Discover survivors by using Listen 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Discover survivors by using Listen 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Discover survivors by using Listen 3 times
    Smiley Face Polka is my favorite. He reminds me of those blissful days at the circus.
  2. Her "Pet"
    How cute! I don't care if it's an it or a she.
    • Basic Objective: Use a Patroller to bite survivors 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Use a Patroller to bite survivors 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Use a Patroller to bite survivors 3 times
    A photo: The female animal trainer is standing in front of a lion and holding a pair of leather boots.[1]
  3. Her "Lover"
    They look like...a perfect match.
    • Basic Objective: Repair 1 rocket chair
    • Advanced Objective 1: Repair 2 rocket chairs
    • Advanced Objective 2: Repair 3 rocket chairs
    A photo: An intimate photo of the female trainer and the happy Smiley Face at the circus. In the background, a man is crying alone in a corner.
  4. The Audience
    They are fickle and volatile, forever searching for the newest, most exciting show.
    • Basic Objective: Hit survivors with Rocket Dash 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit survivors with Rocket Dash 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit survivors with Rocket Dash 3 times
    Diary: A crying Smiley Face will never become the leading role of the parody. It doesn't matter how tragic the act, if it has been played some ten times it will only seem foolish.[1]
  5. Curtain Call
    The best performers know how to properly end a show.
    • Basic Objective: Wound survivors 3 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Wound survivors 5 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Wound survivors 7 times
    Smiley Face trades his own humiliation or his companion's for the spectator's joy. This inspires that innermost, dark past of his soul.[1]
  6. Laughter
    Smiley Face tried his best to make the audience laugh but forgot to smile himself.
    • Basic Objective: Trample 1 pallet
    • Advanced Objective 1: Trample 3 pallets
    • Advanced Objective 2: Trample 5 pallets
    Laugh, Smiley Face, laugh! Even if your heart is shattered, even if your love can't be reciprocated.[1]
  7. Her "Warden"
    A truth discovered by accident is the one that makes one tremble the most.
    • Basic Objective: Terror Shock 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Terror Shock 1 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Terror Shock 2 times
    Diary: Poor Natalie, her back is covered in scars... I need to have a talk with that fiend! He must stop this.[2]
  8. Cost of Love
    There's a price for every action we take.
    • Basic Objective: Hit survivors with modified Rocket Dash 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit survivors with modified Rocket Dash 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit survivors with modified Rocket Dash 3 times
    Newspaper clipping, Mysterious fire at the circus! The famous comedian had an accident in the lounge and his face was badly burnt and will no longer be able to continue playing the role of a sad clown.[1]
  9. Joke
    Not every joke is funny.
    • Basic Objective: Teleport and hit survivors 1 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Teleport and hit survivors 1 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Teleport and hit survivors 2 times
    Diary: She left, and she didn't even bring with her those "pets". I should have known. You're as stupid as a joke.[1]
  10. New Face
    People often say that there is nothing new while the old remains.
    • Basic Objective: Knock down 1 survivor while detention is active.
    • Advanced Objective 1: Knock down 1 survivors while detention is active.
    • Advanced Objective 2: Knock down 2 survivors while detention is active.
    Thank you, this face is suitable.[1]

Appearance Decoration[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Joker Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Costume Joker Worn Clothes.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 10 New Face to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
King N/A Can you capture an audience with only a wonderful joke? The way to take the stage is with strength! 2888 Echoes or 12888 Fragments
Netherwalker Call of the Abyss III Pickman only took what he saw in the Nether as inspiration, and somehow those fools couldn't get enough of his work. When he discovered that the Vile Blossom's deteriorating erosion can only be transferred and can't be eliminated, he chose to be the container himself. But who can ever replace her as Pickman's model? N/A
Glistening Grin Recharge Accumulation Phase 2 God asked that those who received money from God should always be smiling, yet his life was so miserable that he broke the promise. As such, he was forced to put on a "glistening" smile. Unable to bear the pain, he can only ask for forgiveness by smearing his clothes with laughter and smiles. (Obtainable only with accumulated recharge echoes.) Recharge 75,000 Echoes Echoes.png or 100,000 Echoes Echoes.png
Costume Joker Scarecrow.png
Scarecrow S1 Essence 3 It's a scarecrow outfit found near the exit gate. Although it was on fire, I thought it could be salvaged. N/A
Costume Joker Prisoner.png
Prisoner N/A You have to keep smiling in prison, because joy is something that cannot be taken. 288 Echoes Echoes.png or 1088 Fragments Fragments.png
Singer N/A There is nothing quite like a song from the savage lands of South America to add a bit of joy and laughter during a long ocean voyage. 318 Echoes or 1188 Fragments
Costume Joker Mr. Pink.png
Mr. Pink S1 Essence 5 When he puts on that pink scarf he sings a song for spirits. N/A
Iron Hat Commander Abyss Treasure The desperate formed the Iron Hats, and they regard Steam City as their last shelter. They will live on here no matter what it takes. N/A
Archiver N/A The past is buried and my memory is sealed. I don't know who I am. 318 Echoes or 1188 Fragments
The Mummy Memory Sphere Season 4 Death is only part of the journey, and now everything is just beginning. N/A
Forbidden Forest Guard Memory Sphere Season 5 The Forbidden Forest Guard that has been guarding the forest for generations looks menacing, but is actually kind. Although he is not very good with magic, he does his best to protect his friends. N/A
Forbidden Area Guard N/A There are many secrets hidden in the academy's forbidden area, which many people are trying to steal. The Forbidden Area Guard is therefore always on guard, reminded of his mission. 318 Echoes or 1188 Fragments
"Romani" Memory Sphere Season 5 Don't blink, or you won't be able to tell if it's my ball landing next or... N/A
"Smile" N/A I don't like it when you are too happy. 318 Echoes or 1188 Fragments
Medium Rare Memory Sphere Season 9 Get away from my chopping board, unless you want to lie on it forever. N/A
Train Drier Memory Sphere Season 11 Get out of my way, unless you want to end up like that lord in first-class? N/A
Green Hat S2 Essence 1 As long as no one calls him "cauliflower," Smiley Face is happy to liven things up with his green hat. N/A
Costume Joker Red Face.png
Red Face S1 Memory Sphere B Bruised by constant ridicule, the joker's face is twisted in anger! 108 Echoes Echoes.png or 438 Fragments Fragments.png
Costume Joker Purple Eggplant.png
Purple Eggplant N/A Read along with the joker—"Cheese...!" N/A
Costume Joker Blue Freak.png
Blue Freak N/A Have you ever seen a joker in blue? Never? Never? Hahaha... N/A
Icon Name Series Description
Absurd Decree N/A Proclaiming oneself king is absurd.

Special effect: Special Rocket Dash effect added.

1068 Echoes Echoes.png or3888 Fragments Fragments.png
Powder Keg Memory Sphere Season 2 A powder keg filled to the brim with gunpowder.
Special effect: Special sprint effect
788 Echoes Echoes.png or 2988 Fragments Fragments.png
Hypnotic Device Memory Sphere 9 Don't stare at it. If you're hypnotized, you'll be affected with terrible nightmares.

Special effects: Replace Carry Motion.

Accessory Ankle Breaker.png
Ankle Breaker N/A You can tell what happened to Smiley Face's other foot by the spikes all over his body, but Smiley Face has always cherished this companion. 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Accessory Villain Charm.png
Villain Charm N/A Hunter's accessories, Villain Charm 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Accessory Lost Girl.png
Lost Girl N/A Hunter's accessories, Lost Girl 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Bizzaro Detective.png
Bizarro Detective Already Obtained Hunter's accessories, Bizarro Detective N/A
Tambourine Memory Sphere Season 3 Oh, Carmen, let's dance to the beat! 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Jack-In-The-Box Memory Sphere Season 5 I don't know which rascal created the Jack-In-The-Box, but the slightest disturbance causes the Jack-In-The-Box to shake continuously. 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Rocket Pilow Memory Sphere 8 I'm craving for a good night's rest after a long hunt. 258 Echoes Echoes.png or 968 Fragments Fragments.png
Desperate Prayer N/A Willing to endure the darkness to become human. 288 Echoes Echoes.png or 1088 Fragments Fragments.png
Icon Type Name Series Description
Graffiti Muse Mark.png
Graffiti Muse Mark Already Equipped The Graffiti content for all survivors and hunters, Muse Mark
Graffiti Smiley Face Cartoon.png
Graffiti Smiley Face - Cartoon S1 Memory Sphere B Smiley Face's exclusive Graffiti - Cartoon
Graffiti Smiley Face Customization.png
Graffiti Smiley Face - Customization ??? Special Smiley Face Graffiti. The graffiti demonstrates the personality of the character.
Graffiti Smiley Face Silhouette.png
Graffiti Smiley Face - Silhouette Memory Sphere Season 7 Smiley Face's exclusive scribble - Silhouette
Graffiti Chainsaw Grayed.png
Graffiti Chainsaw - Grayed Rank Treasure Chainsaw Graffiti, Grayed
Graffiti Mono-cycle Grayed.png
Graffiti Monocycle - Grayed N/A Monocycle Graffiti, Grayed
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Standby Motion Default.png
Default Already Equipped Hunter's default motion in matching room
Standby Motion Sneer.png
Sneer S1 Essence 1 Smiley Face's exclusive standby motion in matching room, Sneer
Standby Motion Laugh.png
Laugh Memory Sphere Smiley Face's exclusive standby motion in matching room, Laugh
Standby Motion Visit.png
Visit S1 Essence 2 Smiley Face's exclusive standby motion in matching room, Visit. Visible to survivors.
Standby Motion Hunter Snooze.png
Snooze S1 Essence 6 Smiley Face's motion in matching room, Snooze

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His character day is August 4th.
  • His interest are comedy shows.
  • As shown in his birthday artwork, plus evidence from the story, he is wearing the face of smiling clown after killing him. This is shown when in the story he was originally referred to as the sad clown, and the other clown is the smiling clown. However, in-game he is smiling, and it is stated in the story his face was burned by acid. Despite this, in-game his face is shown to not display any damage which means he is wearing the face of the smiling clown.
  • He is skilled in retrofitting.
  • He hates crybabies and sportspeople.
  • He likes acrobats and chainsaws.
  • Smiley Face might have some inspiration from pop culture;
    • He shares some traits of The Hillbilly from Dead by Daylight (i.e. the ability to dash forward with his weapon, which fittingly was previously a chainsaw).
    • Smiley's name and nature may be influenced by the DC Comics villain Joker.
    • Smiley's clothing is similar to Freddy Krueger the famous slasher from "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise (i.e. his finger blades and striped coat).
    • Smiley's deductions are a reference to an Italian play, "Pagliacci".
  • His accessory, "Ankle Breaker", was the reason Smiley lost his left leg.
  • Smiley Face had multiple beta weapons before the public release;
    • Like Hell Ember, his original weapon was supposed to be a chainsaw.
    • Before the first beta version of the game, his weapon was his claws, then they were changed to Hell Embers' old sickle.
    • During the 4th beta version of the game, his weapon had changed to a toy chainsaw.
    • His weapon changed to a toy rocket after the 4th beta version.
  • During the beta version of the game, his Rocket dash could directly incapacitate survivors, and there were blood splashing effects during the 2nd beta version. Both of these settings were removed after the game was officially open.
  • Smiley is part of the Hullabaloo Circus Group.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Playing as[edit | edit source]

  • Try to play Smiley Face on a PC, as the mouse automatically changes the direction of him. (Mobile version requires heavy swiping to make Rocket Dashing change directions.
  • Always start to collect nearby gear, apply them, and make a dash to a cipher machine.
  • When camping, hold down the skill button to make a free cooldown attack.
  • Impact is extremely helpful alongside the slow heal gear.

Counter[edit | edit source]

  • Early drop a pallet. When Joker is approaching, he will have to break the pallet blocking the way.
  • Avoid kiting in large open areas and constantly turn corners.

References[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]

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